Essay On My School Picnic In English For Student And Children

Essay On My School Picnic In English Picnics at schools are a lot of fun. The memories of school picnics are ones to be treasured for a lifetime, just like our school friends and the experiences we had while in school. I’ve had the good fortune to attend several school picnics and create many memories.

Our level of enjoyment at school picnics is unsurpassed. No other outing can compare to how much fun we enjoy here. You can use the various lengths of the essays on My School Picnic provided here to prepare for your exam. Choose any My School Picnic essay based on your requirements:

My School Picnic

Essay On My School Picnic In English

Essay On My School Picnic In English (100 Words)

To Kidzania for my school’s picnic

At nine in the morning, we began our day at Kidzania. I was astounded by this amazing location, which was essentially the city of our collective dreams. It has everything a well-developed city should have, including clean, orderly buildings, well-maintained roads, factories, police stations, grocery stores, and trees. The Kidzania theme song was played to welcome the children and their parents as the day got started.

Every nation has its own money, and Kidzania is no exception. Its currency is called Kidzos. Each child receives a check for 50 Kidzos upon entry, which he or she may cash out whenever desired to participate in the Kidzania world’s activities.

Essay On My School Picnic In English (200 Words)

The announcement of the school picnic for this year was made in class on the first day back at school following the first term examination. Since then, everyone has been anticipating. The picnic for this year was scheduled to take place in the Vananchal resort in the Jambughoda jungle. We were prepared to go from the day of the announcement since, fortunately for me and my friends, getting permission from our parents has never been an issue.

The school bus left at precisely seven in the morning on a chilly winter morning. The nearly two-hour drive to the resort seemed to take only a few minutes as we played amusing games with our students. Around nine o’clock we arrived at the resort, where we were all given welcome beverages. When we went on a nature walk, we noticed many different kinds of trees and birds. It was time for the picnic’s most thrilling part after the nature walk.

Yes! Unfortunately, pool time couldn’t endure the entire day. The problem with swimming in a pool is that there is never enough time. After lunch, we engaged in some enjoyable activities including zip-lining and rappelling. We didn’t even notice the day was ended because it went by so quickly. I will remember this day with great affection.

Essay On My School Picnic In English (300 Words)

Every student in the school looks forward to “Picnic” day with anticipation all year long. The location of this year’s school picnic was Splash Water Park, which was three hours away from our school. Everyone from my class attended the picnic, with the exception of one of my friends, Kashyap, who was regrettably out of town on the day of the picnic to attend a family event.

Water park picnic for students

We arrived at school earlier than usual on the day of the picnic compared to other days, evidently out of excitement! There were four groups of ten pupils apiece in our class. One leader was assigned to each group to keep an eye on the members of each squad. Our team’s captain was me.

We were given 30 minutes to gather our swimsuits, take a shower, and get ready for the actual fun after arriving at the venue at 10 am. Amazing water coasters including Demon’s Hole, Lazy River, Amazonia, Free Fall, Loop Hole, and others could be found at the Water Park. My favourite games were Amazonia and Demon’s Hole. Amazonia was a massive water slide that brought us through an artificially manufactured jungle and gave the impression that we were going through streams in Amazon rain forests, while Demon’s Hole was a dark cylindrical water slide with incredibly thrilling twists and turns.

We had wonderful Punjabi food for lunch along with gulab jamuns for dessert. Then came a wave pool, which was next to a stunning man-made waterfall. At five o’clock in the evening, we left the park and arrived back at our school at eight.


We were all exhausted by the time the day was up, so I hardly recall anything about the return trip. Due to tiredness from ascending those steps to the slides, our legs were hurting and we were nearly all dozing off in the bus on the way back. The day had been thoroughly used.

Essay On My School Picnic In English (400 Words)

My go-to spot for a day out has always been an amusement park. To my delight, the location of this year’s school picnic was Essel world. This picnic had special significance for us because it was our tenth grade and possibly our final year of schooling together. My pals and I will be in different streams next year. We had high hopes that this would stand out so that we could say goodbye with a wealth of fond recollections.

Picnic in a theme park for students

A restless sleep has always been a sign of impending picnic for me. Because I was always thinking about how beautiful the next day would be, I could never fall asleep until late the night before a picnic. We performed silly charades and truth or dare to kill time on the somewhat lengthy trip from school to the amusement park.
After being transported off by bus, we had to board a boat in order to go on to the theme park. We could see the Shot-N-Drop rollercoaster from the boat. We could hear people shouting as they enjoyed the voyage and felt the excitement in the boat itself. We had to make the most of today because it might have been our last day with our people. We hurried into the park to make the most of it, so we didn’t even waste a moment.

Today, I don’t remember every ride we went on, but I still recall the butterflies in my stomach when the Thunder ride swung us all from side to side, the exhilaration and fear we felt when Shot-N-Drop sent us plummeting, the goosebumps we felt when Top-Spin spun us around, the silly laughter we had when our speeding cars crashed into one another, the relief we felt when we finally made it out of Alibaba’s mirror maze, and the ting

The joy we found in the little things in life, the joy we felt after pulling practical jokes on our classmates and the brief rage of the victim, the exhausted but happy faces at the end of the day, and many more thrilling moments are the memories to keep forever.


The memories of this day will always have a warm place in my heart and the hearts of all of us. I still have a secret longing to return to this day and experience it all over again with the same individuals.

Essay On My School Picnic In English (500 Words)

When my school planned a picnic at the Kamla Nehru Zoo near Kankaria Lake in Ahmedabad, I was in third grade. As a little child, I was quite eager about the picnic. I went to a local shop with my father the day before the picnic to purchase some food. I purchased a bag of chips, a bag of cookies, a bag of soy sticks, and several bags of chewing gum.

My School’s Zoo Picnic

Probably for the first time ever, I packed my things the night before this day since I didn’t want to arrive late for the picnic. I called a group chat with my buddies after getting ready. We talked about how eager we were to go on our picnic. The time that we would make up lost time the following day was set.

I was unable to fall asleep until late at night, but I was up before the alarm. I arrived to school a half-hour before reporting time, at around 7 a.m. We were required to form pairs on this particular day, and because Manan’s roll number was directly next to mine, I was fortunate to partner with him. Up until we arrived, we travelled the route while singing, dancing, and playing. As soon as we arrived, ice cream was brought to us. Each of us was eager to enter the zoo.

We had to start with the bird section, where we observed a variety of interesting and lovely birds. Among the birds we observed were the albatross, a fine white and black bird with an aquatic environment, the kingfisher, a small bird with the brightest colours, the hornbill, a beautiful bird with a horn-like object on its head, and the toucan, a black and yellow bird with a wide beak. Along with these animals, we also saw bear, hippopotamus, fox, wolf, alligator, crocodile, wild ass, and many others. But our favourite ones remained, so we had to go there after lunch.

Finally, after lunch, came the moment we had all been waiting for: a chance to view the cheetah, the country’s mascot, as well as the tiger and, of course, the lion, king of the jungle. We also spotted a leopard and a jaguar. The teachers decided to take us all to Kankaria Lake to take a look around because we had time till 5 p.m. after we finished the zoo at around 3 p.m. It was a lovely location.

There, we boarded a miniature toy train that took us on a trip around the lake. After everyone had finished the ride, it was almost five o’clock, which meant it was time to head back home. Once the teachers began counting the children, they realised that one student from our class had been missing. After a desperate search that lasted ten minutes, Hussain, the misplaced student, was eventually located.


Today, going to the zoo for a picnic might be all that makes me happy, but when I think back, I realise how happy these little things used to make me.