Essay On My School Life In English For Student And Children

Essay On My School Life In English Enjoy yourself while you’re still in school, we’ve always been told, since school life is the finest life. Make as many mistakes as you can while you are in school, and other sayings of the sort that lead young people still in school to question why adults are making such a big deal out of this. However, as soon as students leave school and enter the working world, they realise how accurate their elders were.

My School Life

Essay On My School Life In English

Essay On My School Life In English (100 Words)

Children should make the most of their school years. Later in life, they will miss these times because they will never be able to live thus carefreely again. A successful school career leaves behind friends and memories to treasure forever. You can use the various lengths of the essays on “My School Life” below to prepare for your exam. You can choose any My School Life Essay based on your preferences and requirements:
In high school, one cannot have a carefree life. The pressure of studying is great. We must strike a balance between our studies and extracurricular interests while simultaneously getting ready for the upcoming competitive exams.

Essay On My School Life In English (200 Words)

According to legend, school is a temple of knowledge and was where you first learned about the outside world and, more importantly, about yourself. The memories I appreciate the most are those from my time in school. The pleasure, friendship, all the extracurricular activities, and the way it helped me discover my hobbies are all in my memory. I owe everything to my time in school. I am who I am today because of it.

Over the years, I’ve had a variety of experiences in school. It provided me with several opportunity to develop not only my academic skills but also my artistic and athletic side. It helped me with my athletic endeavours and introduced me to a wide range of people. All of this contributed to my understanding of social behaviour and to the development of the personality I possess today.

School life is the best time of one’s life for a variety of reasons. All of this ultimately results from the fact that we are still young enough to make mistakes repeatedly before realising them, stupid enough to act without considering the consequences, curious enough to learn everything we can, and most importantly, uncontaminated by the negative emotions of this world. And as a result of everything, we develop our unique personalities.

Essay On My School Life In English (300 Words)

My Educational Experience

Up until that point, the day at school had been routine. I was playing football with my classmates about the time of recess. My brand-new Liverpool FC soccer ball was accidentally booted out of the school grounds and into the tiny lane that ran directly behind our school ground one day when I was playing in the field by a boy named Stephen Francis, who also served as the captain of our school’s football team.

Our school had somewhat tall, walled walls, and just like at other schools, it was completely forbidden to leave the grounds. In order to get a better look at the ball, we partially scaled the wall. We then waited for a real person to walk by so that we could beg him to return our ball.

We had to wait for a while until a man who appeared to be nearly our age passed by. While quite a distance away, he noticed the ball and moved in its direction. We observed him attempting to flee while carrying the ball. So, without second thought, my friend and I sprang over the school wall, but before we could get across it, he was already sprinting after our soccer ball.

We started chasing after him when my friend crashed into a bike and suffered serious injuries. I probably had to release my grip on the soccer ball so I could check on her injuries. That wound required three stitches for her. Teachers and the principal reprimanded us for this, and as a penalty, the next day our parents were summoned to the school to address the severity of the issue.


Since then, my friend and I have engaged in a number of antics that have made my time in school memorable.

Essay On My School Life In English (400 Words)

Every stage of a person’s life is crucial because it fosters personality development and growth. But because we are learning everything at school for the first time, one can never learn as much from that experience as they do from it. Now is the period when we can make mistakes and not be penalised. We don’t give a damn about the people around us and are eager to try anything. From our mistakes and experiences, we create our distinct personalities.

What Makes School Life the Best Life?

Here are some arguments in favour of school life being the ideal lifestyle:

While in school, one may dislike wearing a uniform, but as adults, we come to understand how challenging it may be to choose what to wear each day.
Holidays: This is the main benefit of school life that we yearn for the most after it is over. While at school, we enjoyed a number of holidays that were stress-free and carefree. We asked them to stay at our house in addition to visiting our cousins and other relatives. We don’t receive as many vacation days as we used to as we gain jobs.
Friends: Friendships formed in school have been known to last for years. This is mainly because we can trust people more readily now. We are also eager and intrigued to make new friends, experience new things, and get to know new people.
Teachers: We recognise how crucial it is to always have a guide who treats us as though we are still children and explains everything to us in that way. After we have finished our education, we cannot find a mentor or advisor like that.
During our time in school, we tried countless innovative ways to avoid doing our homework, but it was truly entertaining. Without it, school would not have been the same.
Rewards and sanctions: The best punishment used to be being made to sit out the entire period, leaving class, or visiting the principal’s office, while the finest reward was being appointed as the class monitor.
First Experiences: Too many things were our firsts at the time, whether it was our first crush, first heartbreak without even being in a relationship, first argument, or first kiss. It was a period when we were permitted to make mistakes.


Even as we get older, we still value each of these events greatly. They helped me develop into the person I am today and have taught me a lot.

Essay On My School Life In English (500 Words)

A school is a structure designed to house classrooms and a teaching environment. Everyone misses the building they spent the most of their youth in once they’ve finally moved out, and that was also true in my situation. An all-boys Christian missionary school called Don Bosco High School Vadodara is where I attended school. It may be difficult for others to accept, but attending an all-boys school has advantages that only students there can appreciate.

My recollections of elementary and secondary school

Since kindergarten to my tenth grade, I have attended Don Bosco. I left higher secondary school after the tenth grade to attend Rosary High School, which was essentially a makeshift dummy school for students in the science stream. As a result, I have little memories of my time in higher secondary school. As a result, the setting for my wonderful school recollections is my junior year in high school.

I used to ride in a school van to school, just like the average student. I would get up at half past six in the morning, get ready, put on my school clothes, organise my bag according to the daily schedule, and eat a short breakfast by six forty, as my school van would be right in front of my house at half past seven honking. The next half-hour until we arrived at school was spent chatting and talking about the homework that had been given to us the day before.

The Daily School Activities

We would get at the school at 7:30 am, or about 15 minutes before the bell. Before the bell rang, we had to be in our respective courses. After the national anthem and a lengthy period of school prayer that lasted till eight, normal class sessions officially started. This went on nonstop for four periods until the 10:30 a.m. recess bell rung. The lunch break felt more like a time for games during recess. During this time, everyone could be seen engaging in a variety of activities. The activities one participated in were determined by the class he was in.

We used to play a variety of games in the school garden when we were in the primary grades. We played a lot of basketball, football, running, and hide-and-seek. We started to sit in the canteen when we got to the secondary classrooms to talk about various topics and eat delectable food. We had four more sessions to go to after the break. Though not every class was so dull; I found algebra, PT, art and craft, and value education to be intriguing.


Everything from school feels so dear to me now, perhaps because, aside from this regimented schedule, gossiping with friends, loitering at the canteen, sneaking out of class to use the restroom, fear of punishment when we forgot to turn in our homework, notes in the handbook from teachers when we got into trouble in class, the anxious ride from home to school on result day, and everything from immature fights to innocent laughter.