Essay On My Pet Dog In English For Student And Children For Student And Children

Essay On My Pet Dog In English For Student And Children Essay On My Pet Dog In English Pets are special, and for their owner, a dog is all the more special. This is due to the fact that dogs exhibit a hundred times more affection to us than we do to them and are devoted companions till the end of their life. My pet puppy is incredibly cute. It looks after the property, is dependable, and genuinely cares for me. With it, I enjoy spending time. Not just me, but every member of my family enjoys it.


Essay On My Pet Dog In English 

Essay On My Pet Dog In English (100 Words) 

Why did I wish to keep a dog as a pet?

Roger is a favourite of everyone in my family. He is a member of our family to all of us. Without him, life is unimaginable. But I can still clearly recall the time when my entire family opposed my desire to keep a pet dog. When I was eight years old, my buddy Aanya had a very adorable little pug. She brought it to the park every time. I always observed her playing with it whenever I went to her home. They both seemed to be enjoying each other’s company and to be very happy.

Essay On My Pet Dog In English (200 Words) 

A pug is my pet dog. It has a petite build and is fawn in colour. It has the name Swigi. It has been around for the past two years. I can still clearly recall the day my father took my sister and me to the pet store so we could bring it home. My older sister Riya, who is practically obsessed with dogs, insisted that we obtain a dog as a pet, despite the fact that I somehow wanted to pet a cat. A adorable little one-month-old pug joined our household that day since other members of my family agreed that keeping a dog as a pet was a better decision.

Swigi is taken care of by everyone in the family, but my sister is particularly picky about Swigi’s hygiene, immunisations, and diet. Twice per week, we make Swigi bath. My favourite time of the week is right now. We bring him out to the balcony and give him a pipe bath. We see to it that it eats on time and takes two daily walks. Additionally, Swigi travels with us everywhere.

Swigi enjoys playing ball and is a very energetic dog. It is a lot of fun to play with.

Essay On My Pet Dog In English (300 Words) 

Barney, my pet dog, is a Labrador. It has a sturdy build and is light brown in colour. Keeping a Labrador as a pet has two benefits. Not only do you get a wonderful friend who is always willing to play with you, but it also serves as a house security guard. Barney is here, and he makes our house a safer place.

taking part in a dog show

Many individuals bring pets home and then neglect to care for them. We are not one of them. Barney receives excellent care, and we enjoy include it in a variety of activities. It has been with us for the past five years, and during that time, we have forced it to compete in three dog shows. It made us proud by taking home awards in all of these competitions after we trained it for these exhibitions. Barney had only been born ten months when the first incident occurred. It won the hurdle race and was really active. The game of bird hunt was won by a 2-year-old during the second competition. It took part in a race again in the third competition and finished third. Barney was 4 at the time.

My pet dog is really watchful.

Barney never stops being on guard. It barks whenever it hears movement close to the house, especially at night. It has a keen sense of smell and reacts suspiciously to any unusual or foreign smell. Dogs are incredibly devoted to their owners and just want the best for them. Barney is no different. It is incredibly protective of our family and always keeps watch over our home.


Barney and I have the best fun together. It helps me let go of all my stress and anxiety. When it’s time for me to get home from school, it waits near the front entrance and wags its tail as soon as it sees me. We are both overjoyed to see one another.

Essay On My Pet Dog In English (400 Words) 

I keep a sweet Dachshund as a pet. Every time we take the puppy out to play, it keeps us on our toes because it is such a vivacious dog. It is in fact our best Buddy, and we gave it the name Buddy. Dachshunds are affectionate and happy dogs. Buddy and our family get along incredibly well and he adores us all. And we adore it with all of our hearts.

Features of My Pet Dog

Dachshunds stand out from other dog breeds thanks to their long, low bodies. This is how my buddy acts and looks:

Buddy has long hair and is a chocolate brown colour.
It is a Dachshund in small form.
It has an extremely powerful odour.
It has a very good mood and is friendly. When our friends, neighbours, and family members arrive home, it makes friends with them all and wants to play with them.
In addition, it is incredibly creative and bold. It is constantly wary of anyone walking along the street adjacent to our house and growls at any suspicious or strange onlooker.
It has a strong sense of curiosity.

Playing with a buddy is fun.

Dachshunds are extremely energetic and eager to play a variety of games. Buddy especially enjoys kicking the ball around. So we let him enjoy in this sport every evening for around 30 minutes. Buddy enjoys it, but my brother and I find it to be a truly fantastic experience as well.

Buddy enjoys travelling as well. Buddy is usually quite thrilled to join us on our weekend excursions, which we do frequently. It is not a hassle to bring it along because of its modest size. It even doesn’t require much food, which makes it quite portable.

Since we brought him home a year ago, our friends and cousins have started coming to see us more frequently. Being such a happy person, everyone enjoys it and wants to spend time with it.

When it is at home, we typically keep it chained. My mother specifically emphasises that Buddy is chained up close to the balcony. This is due to the fact that as soon as we untie it, it races through the home damaging everything in its path.


You can never get bored with a pet dog, especially one that is a Dachshund. In its companionship, every day appears exciting and enjoyable. Buddy is our family’s compass.

Essay On My Pet Dog In English (500 Words) 

We kept a Doberman as a pet when I was little. Even before I was born, it grew to become a part of my family. So I’ve known him since before I was even born. Dobermans have a keen sixth sense and are constantly on guard. However, when they are around young children, you can see their softer side. I have personally seen this aspect of my pet Doberman, Bruno, who we adored.

Why Did My Parents Pick a Dog to Pet?

Soon after their marriage, my parents relocated to Goa. They discovered a rental home. It was a lovely home, perfect for a two-person family. The house’s isolation was the only issue, though. It was a fair distance from the other nearby houses. It was decided to bring home a pet dog to protect my mother’s safety and security while my father went to work. They chose a Doberman because it is a courageous, brave, and strong breed of dog. Doberman dogs are chosen for police and military work all over the world because of their nature.

Since my mother already loved dogs, Bruno quickly became her closest companion in the new city. She took the Doberman for walks twice a day because it needs to exercise daily. My dad was amused by it as well. From the moment I was born, Bruno developed a deep affection for me and always watched over me. Additionally, it amused me.

Why Did We Have to Give Our Doberman Away?

My mother and I had a strong bond with Bruno. My father, however, had an excellent job offer in the United States, so we were forced to relocate there for two years. We reluctantly delivered him to one of our neighbours, who was happy to take it home. We frequently called them to check on Bruno’s welfare.

Why I Discovered An Indian Spitz

After two years, we moved back to India, but this time to a different city. My mother objected when I wanted to maintain a pet dog once more. But it appeared as though God had heard my request and granted it.

When I was returning from school one day, I noticed a Spitz attempting to free its leg from a bicycle tyre. I rushed over to assist it. It was someone’s pet, but it appeared to be lost. I gave it a pat on the head as I assisted it in removing the tyre. Spitzes are reputed to be very affectionate animals. It started to lick my arm. I searched the area for its owner but was unsuccessful. It started following me as I started heading home. For weeks, I continued returning it to the spot where I had found it in the hopes of locating its owner, but I was unable to do so. It has been with us ever since. It has the moniker Jiggles.


Dogs are incredibly devoted and caring. They are devoted to their masters and offer them love. The joy of having a dog as a pet is unimaginable.