Essay On My Pet Animal In English For Student And Children

Essay On My Pet Animal In English  Pet ownership is popular among people all around the world. While most people stick with dogs and cats, some people choose other animals instead, including horses, bunnies, turtles, snakes, and monkeys. Pets are wonderful to have around.

Pet owners advise the same thing to everyone. The majority of people enjoy animals, but others also care for them because of need, such as for companionship, security, or other reasons. Regardless of the circumstances, pets eventually become a vital part of the family. Here are some essays on “My Pet Animal” with varied word counts to aid you in understanding the subject for your examination or in class. Any My Pet Animal essay can be chosen, depending on your requirements:

My Pet Animal


Essay On My Pet Animal In English 

Essay On My Pet Animal In English (100 Words) 

Bruno’s Physical Description

Bruno is a mature male Boxer who stands about 22 inches tall. It features a flattened face, floppy square-shaped ears, and droopy eyes just like the other Boxers. Its back is robust and sturdy, and its chest is wide and deep. Its toes are arched and its feet are little. Its short, lustrous, black coat sheds hardly slightly. One thing my mum enjoys is this. Maintaining a dog with a hairy coat can be very challenging. One must not only pay closer attention to their cleanliness and hygiene, but also to how much trash their shedding makes around the house.

Essay On My Pet Animal In English (200 Words) 

I keep as a pet a very adorable small spotted cat. It has the name Isabella. It is really hospitable and welcoming. It has been a member of our family for the past two years and has grown to be very significant. I adore it, and so does my sister. We constantly like playing with it.

I’ve always had a strong affinity towards cats. I used to frequently leave a bowl of milk out in the backyard to entice cats to visit our home. Every day, a few cats and little kittens visited our home. I also gave them bread and chapatti to eat. They frequently even slept underneath a chair that was maintained in our backyard. I additionally went to a refuge for animals to feed stray cats. My mother made the decision to bring one home after she saw how much I enjoyed these amiable animals.

On the morning of my seventh birthday, my mother surprised me by bringing me to an animal shelter and informing me that I could adopt one of the cats there. A brown-colored, spotted kitten that was happily napping in a corner caught my attention, so I carried it home. In this manner, Isabella entered our lives.

Essay On My Pet Animal In English (300 Words) 

Pets most commonly kept by people are cats, dogs, fish, and birds. Although they are all gorgeous, only my pet can match its charm. As a pet, I have a monkey. It has the name Chimpu. Many find it strange and even avoid visiting our home because of it. But I adore it completely.

How did I persuade my family to pet an animal?

I’ve always had a thing for monkeys and wanted to pet one. In movies, I frequently saw these as pets. But I had never actually met somebody who kept a monkey as a pet. My parents laughed at the idea when I asked them if I may pet a monkey, dismissing it as an impractical request. But I soon won them over and brought a baby monkey over to my house. My parents grew to love it just as much as I did because it was so cute as a baby.

Maintaining My Pet Monkey

We phoned for help because no one we knew had a pet monkey, and we had no idea how to care for one. At first, Chimpu was being socialised to our habits by a trainer who came to our home once a week. It also gave us care instructions for our pet. We quickly became aware of how monkeys acted. We discovered how to soothe them down as well as what enraged them. He also instructed us on how to keep it clean and what to feed it. We began caring for Chimpu in the same manner from the beginning.


Chimpu is an extremely hospitable individual. It is really attached to us because it has been with us since it was a baby. It also enjoys having visitors over. When we get together at home, it’s fun. Chimpu is a lot of fun to be around.

Essay On My Pet Animal In English (400 Words) 

One such animal that everyone just enjoys is the rabbit. It is adored for its charming appearance and activity. Even though it can be challenging to care for these lovely animals, I still chose to pet them out of pure cuteness.

Rabbits are happier and live longer if they have company, according to my internet study and conversations with the pet store owner. I therefore chose to purchase two adorable baby rabbits rather than just one. My two bunnies are both completely white in colour. They have the names Betty and Bunny. They are my sanity. My mother initially opposed stroking animals, especially bunnies, but she quickly warmed to them. She assists me in providing for both of them.

hygiene and grooming

Betty and Bunny both have white fur. The fur frequently draws dirt, dust, and bacteria. Every three to four days, we gently brush them to assist them get rid of it. For the same, we have a unique wide-toothed comb. We’ve separated the combs for the two rabbits. The combing sessions are a hit with Bunny and Betty. They like this pastime while sitting on my mother’s lap. After every combing session, my mother properly cleanses and dries the combs.

We ensure that their hair is cut to an inch length. When their fur is cut, it is simpler to keep it looking good. Long hair is harder to brush and attracts more germs. To maintain hygiene, my mother also occasionally cuts their nails.

Consumption Patterns and Behavior

Carrots, grass, basil, and various green leafy veggies are all favourites of my pet rabbits. We primarily feed them leafy greens, but we also occasionally give them carrots because of their high sugar content. Every day, we offer our bunnies fresh grass and leafy vegetables to ensure they are well-fed.

Bunny and Betty enjoy being nurtured much like little kids do. They enjoy sitting on my lap and adore being patted or having their heads softly rubbed. They lick me as a way of expressing their love. They enjoy jogging around the house with me as well.

They joyously run around my feet when I go home from school or tuition class to demonstrate their affection.


Bunny and Betty are both very hospitable, outgoing, and social. They are not only loving toward us but also extend a warm welcome to all of our visitors. Our neighborhood’s young children frequently stop by to play with Bunny and Betty. They enjoy playing with children.

Essay On My Pet Animal In English (500 Words) 

I keep a turtle as a pet. Tortilla is the name I gave it. Tortoises are quite simple to handle compared to other pets. But we had just read about this on the internet. We were unsure of what it would be like to pet a tortoise because we didn’t know anyone who kept one as a pet. My folks agreed to let me try it out at home first. They were very explicit that we would retain it if we could take care of it and were happy with how it behaved. If not, we would send it back after a month. Thankfully, Tortilla acclimated to the surroundings quickly and joined our family.

Habitat of a Tortilla

For Tortilla, we packed a big Terrarium. A few plants and stones have been preserved in it. Tortilla enjoys spending time in its cosy home. To maintain cleanliness, we make sure the terrarium is cleaned every week. The habitat has excellent lighting and ventilation, precisely how tortoises prefer it. Tortilla has plenty of room to move around. It enjoys exploring its habitat. Tortoises can exhibit bashful behaviour and require a safe place to hide.

Tortilla retreats to its shell and hides beneath the Terrarium’s plants whenever we have visitors. Since tortoises are native to hot, humid climates, it is crucial to preserve that climate inside the terrarium. As a result, we’ve kept it in a location with direct sunshine. In order to keep Tortilla comfy inside, we also maintain it damp. Tortilla seeks refuge behind the vegetation anytime it craves a cool environment.

Tortilla’s Dietary Patterns

The tortilla enjoys eating a variety of grasses. It enjoys eating green, leafy veggies as well. It is served with a variety of green vegetables. Although it has a special soft spot for cauliflower, cabbage, and spring greens, tortilla loves it when we keep things varied. We also make sure it has access to clean water. To make it easier for it to consume water, we have a shallow water bowl. Each day, we replace the water in it.

Behavior and Activities of a Tortilla

Tortilla enjoys basking in the sun. It is positioned where the sun’s rays are most intense. During the day, it is quite active. When we go home from school, we frequently remove it from the Terrarium. It enjoys playing and being around us. It enjoys kicking a ball around. The ball is rolled in its direction, and it enjoys chasing and grabbing it. Most of the time, it sleeps at night.


Because tortilla is so simple, it is also simple to maintain. It doesn’t make a fuss when you’re eating. Additionally, the habitat is simple to maintain. At home, there aren’t any sanitary concerns like there are when you pet a dog or a cat. Tortilla has lived with us for three years, and we now have plans to bring home a second tortoise to provide it company. My brother and I are both really excited about it and have already begun shortlisting potential candidates.