Essay On My Neighbour In English For Student And Children

Essay On My Neighbour In English A blessing is having good neighbours. They share joys and sorrows and aid one another in times of need. Good neighbours make life much more enjoyable and joyful. We also feel safe because of it. People who live distant from their relatives will find this to be especially true.

My Neighbour


Essay On My Neighbour In English

Essay On My Neighbour In English  (100 Words)

The Elderly Woman in Our Community

After I was five, we moved to Lucknow. I adored the location a lot. I have some pretty wonderful recollections of that place because we lived there for three years. I loved our one-story home with a tiny front lawn, I enjoyed the local cuisine, I loved our weekend getaways, but what I loved most was how my family and I became close to the elderly woman in our neighbourhood. She went by Mrs. Shukla.

She resided right next to our home, and we got along great with her. On the first day we moved, I vaguely recall her visiting our home. She welcomed us to the neighbourhood and made tea and snacks for us. We immediately felt at home. Winter afternoons found her knitting sweaters while sitting on her front lawn.

Essay On My Neighbour In English  (200 Words)

Living in an area with friendly and upbeat neighbours feels safe, secure, and enjoyable. In my neighbourhood, there is a lively family. Grandparents, parents, and two children make up their family of six. Each team member is friendly and cooperative. Since we’ve been residing in the same neighbourhood for nearly ten years, our neighbours have grown to be an integral part of our lives.

Throughout these years, there have been numerous instances where they have shown to be a huge assistance and support. I can still picture the day my grandmother and I were alone at home. When my grandmother’s ankle twisted while she was doing some housework, she fell to the ground. She couldn’t stand up by herself. I was just seven years old at the time, therefore I was unable to assist her in standing. I was so close to crying. My neighbours responded quickly to my plea for assistance. I felt incredibly grateful to them. This is only one instance. There have been several instances where they have aided us in this way. They receive assistance from our family anytime they require it. We invited them to stay with us for a few days last year while their house underwent renovations.

Together, we have experienced many highs and lows in life, and we hope that our relationship continues for a long time.

Essay On My Neighbour In English  (300 Words)

Our family is a nuclear one. My mother is a teacher, and my father is employed by an IT company. We don’t have any family in the city, neither do I have any siblings. We only go see my grandparents and cousins over the summer.

When we first moved here, I felt rather alone. But I soon met my new neighbour Meera. I was ecstatic to learn that she shared my age. Then, we were both eight years old. She and I got along great right off the bat. We had a great connection, and I immediately felt much better. I was no longer depressed or alone.

Relationship with New Neighbor

My mum got along with Meera’s mother much like I did when I met her. Mother of Meera works as a housekeeper. She frequently joins my mum for evening tea. Such days are anticipated by us since they allow us to play at each other’s homes. We have the opportunity to play with a variety of toys and activities. We visit the park together on other days. We enjoy playing a variety of outdoor games, swinging, and other activities. We enrolled in the same summer camp during our previous vacation as well. On weekdays, the camp ran for three hours each day. During this time, we participated in a variety of activities, including board games, dance, music, and arts and crafts.

We both adore creating art and crafts. Even after we got back from summer camp, we worked together to create a number of crafts. Every year over the holidays, we go to the malls together as well. We have been neighbours for three years, and it has been a lot of fun.


I really appreciate God for providing me with such a wonderful neighbour. Simply put, Meera is the finest. Her family is also incredibly welcoming. I’m happy that our mums get along with one another.

Essay On My Neighbour In English  (400 Words)

One of the first persons we can turn to in an emergency circumstance is a neighbour. Those who have friendly neighbours feel secure in their daily lives. On the other hand, people who do not get along well with their neighbours may struggle in a time of crisis.

We Need Reliable Neighbors

Why we require decent neighbours is as follows:

Good neighbours help us out in times of need. They are available to assist us should any issues arise.
We may confide in them because they are kind and pleasant if something is upsetting us. It is an effective technique to lessen our stress and workload.
They improve the neighbourhood and make it a happier place to live.
The children are safe in a neighbourhood with kind neighbours.
If their neighbours are friendly, elderly people are taken care of and do not feel lonely.
Good neighbours are there for one another at all times. They are considerate of one another’s requirements.
Festivals and other important occasions are shared by good neighbours. When individuals share in such unique occasions, the joy is multiplied.
Children who grow up in welcoming communities are more likely to have pleasant personalities. They also pick up caring and sharing skills. Neighborhoods in the past

People who live in cities rarely make an attempt to get to know their neighbours well or to keep up a friendly connection with them, despite the importance of doing so. They frequently attribute this to their stressful lifestyle. This is really dissimilar from how people from previous generations behave.

People used to value their neighbours highly in former times. They tried to establish relationships with their neighbours. Their lives were deeply influenced by their neighbours. They frequently extended invitations to their neighbours. They regularly got together in the evening. After lunch, the neighborhood’s senior men gathered for conversation. They stayed out together till late at night and only went back home for dinner.

In the early morning or late at night, the elderly women travelled together to the temple. Additionally, they sat down to talk to one another in the neighbourhood park. On the other side, the kids spent hours playing with one another. The neighborhood’s women frequently travelled to the market together. They assisted one another with housework. They coexisted as a single, loving family. Even today, Indian villages still follow this custom.


If we want to be treated equally, we must be good neighbours to those around us. In the presence of nice neighbours, our life becomes more fulfilling and healthy.

Essay On My Neighbour In English  (500 Words)

We are a part of society. On each floor, there are eight families. In modern culture, there are several towers with multiple floors. As a result, it is a large neighbourhood. Our society’s residential welfare association is quite active. They see to it that we all participate in communal events. Numerous festivals host big events. This helps the neighbours get along and brings them closer together. I’ve had some really positive experiences in this neighbourhood, but there have also been some negative things that have happened.

Some Positive Encounters with My Neighbors

The majority of the families who reside on our floor get along well with us. My parents make an effort to get to know their neighbours because they recognise how important it is to keep a friendly relationship with them.

My grandmother and one of the women that lives on our floor are really close friends. In the evening, they both go to the temple. They sit in the park and knit on winter afternoons. My mother frequently extends an invitation to her so the two geriatric women can interact. Additionally, I have two excellent buddies who live next door. Every night we visit the park together. While our mothers converse with one another, we play together. We play at each other’s homes as well. I appreciate having excellent neighbours, especially since it makes vacation time much more enjoyable. My parents both have jobs. They leave for work in the morning and don’t get back till the evening. I spend the day with my grandparents.

They can’t play with me because they are too old. However, they do let me contact or see my neighbourhood pals for a few hours after I’ve studied for a while. My neighbourhood buddies’ companionship makes my holidays really enjoyable and intriguing. In the evenings, I accompany them on bicycle rides and swimming excursions. We go for similar things with the mother of one of my neighbourhood buddies.

On the occasions of Diwali and the New Year, we share presents with our neighbours. To commemorate these events, we also share a meal together at lunch or dinner.

Some negative encounters with my neighbours

Even though some of our neighbours are incredibly kind and support us through good and terrible times, we regrettably also have some problematic neighbours. When it comes to neighbours, we have experienced our fair share of negative things. On our level, three females have booked an apartment. Throughout the late evening hours, they frequently play loud music. Our sleep is disturbed by this. Additionally, it is difficult for us to study at this time.

We have repeatedly asked them to keep the noise down. However, it appears that they are unconcerned with others. Our next-door neighbour is also extremely strange. The family consists of their parents, two children, and them. We’ve made an effort to speak with them and make friends with them. It appears, though, that their parents would rather they keep their distance from us. They frequently act impolitely and do not get along with anyone on the floor.


Good neighbours are wonderful. But not everyone enjoys this benefit. I’m happy to be in a neighbourhood with some genuinely wonderful folks.