Essay On My Mother In English For Student And Children

Essay On My Mother In English Relations between Teachers and Students A nursery student and his or her teacher have a magical relationship. Most of you will likely concur with me that there is no clear-cut relationship between a nursery student’s teacher and him or her. I can sum it up in an one word: magical. There was no way I could refuse her if she asked me to do something. Do you like me, Madam? I innocently questioned her once. She said, “Of course,” to this. I felt such joy on that day.

I remember getting upset one day and refusing to eat anything at home. My parents tried every method they were aware of, but to no avail. I was finally requested to call my teacher when my dad called her on the phone. “Dheerendra” was all she said. Yes, lady, I am not at all upset, and I will eat my food now and will also complete my schoolwork, I immediately said. Her charm lay in that.

My Mother

Essay On My Mother In English 

Essay On My Mother In English  (100 Words)

My mum is a role model. She inspires me in some manner with everything she does. She inspires me with her dedication, perseverance, love, devotion, and mannerisms toward others as well as with her relationships with her family and friends.

Her Motivating Love

She is the pinnacle of sincerity, truthfulness, and love, which she lavishes on her family and other people. Her example has always motivated me to acquire similar virtues. I am motivated to show others the same affection after observing how she looks out for the family and me.

Her compassion is not limited to her own family; it extends to strangers and even to animals. She is incredibly smart and sensitive to everyone’s feelings, including animals. This trait of hers has always motivated me to show compassion and love to all other living things.

Essay On My Mother In English  (200 Words)

For daylong daily home duties, my mother has unwavering physical endurance. She provides for everyone in the family without ever having to use all of her physical might. She faithfully carries out her daily obligations, which include rising before dawn, preparing three meals per day, maintaining the louse’s cleanliness, and doing the washing. Additionally, she offers the family the crucial emotional support. Without My Mother, I sometimes ponder whether life would have been this simple.

What motivates her is a question that has long baffled me. What endows My Mother with the stamina both physically and emotionally that she exudes? The solution was found in Love! She was motivated by her love for my sister and other family members. True, unadulterated, unselfish, and committed love. She can overcome all of her physical exhaustion and keep the clock running round-the-clock simply because she has unadulterated love in her heart.

My mother’s love and devotion to her family never ceases to astound me. In tough times, the love she had for my family and myself gives her tremendous strength, and if a circumstance like this ever arises, she becomes courageous and brave enough to save our skin.

Essay On My Mother In English  (300 Words)

The most significant person in my life is my mother. She is more important to me than anyone else in my life, and I am aware that I cannot survive a single day without her support.

My mother’s emotional importance in my life

The most significant person in my life, in my opinion, is my mother. Without her, I would have been like a calf wandering aimlessly through the wilderness without his mother. My life would not have been as simple or as carefree as it appears to be today.

You can tell how important my mother is by looking at the various roles that she plays in my life. She is my principal confidante, my most devoted carer, and my closest friend. Despite this, My Mother always offers the essential emotional support whenever I am going through one of my less than ideal moments.

The Value of My Mother Physically in My Life

It seems as though she has accompanied me through every phase of my life since I was a young child. It’s difficult to picture waking up one morning and discovering My Mother gone from the house. This kind of situation gives me the goosebumps just thinking about it, and it makes me wonder what the day will be like.

Even without my mother actively participating in my daily concerns, I simply cannot picture a day without her. I always need more than just her presence to get going than anything else.

Since I was a young child, I have depended so much on her that I find it challenging to complete my personal tasks without her.


There is no arguing that a mother is the most significant figure in a child’s life and that she experiences similar, if not more powerful, emotions. In fact, my mother is the most significant person in my life, and I would never want to be without her.

Essay On My Mother In English (400 Words)

Although I have made numerous friends during my life, my mother is the one who I love the most. She had remained by my side throughout the good times and bad, helping and taking care of me as needed. We’ve also shared happy moments together, just like best friends do.

My Friend is in Trouble

A best friend is a partner who sticks with you no matter what. In difficult circumstances, s/he never disappoints and goes above and beyond to ensure your comfort. No one else, in my opinion, is more suitable for this position than my mother. We both have a pleasant friendship that has endured the test of time, and she is my best buddy to date. She is aware of all of my darkest secrets, and I am aware that her one real wish is for me to be content.

When I was going through difficult circumstances, I have witnessed times when my ‘best friends’ abandoned me, but my mother has always stayed by me. Through illness, sadness, depression, failures, and all the ludicrously imagined hardships of life, she had lifted my spirits. The person who literally carried me through the night till dawn was my mother.

My Mother is still my best friend and comes in first on the list with the highest points even though I still have a lot of friends whom I interact with, play with, and spend time with.

Favorable Time Together

Don’t you think it was fun to hang out with your best friends? of course! Best buddies are like that. Because we enjoy one other’s company, I might also claim that my mother is my best friend. We sometimes dislike interruptions since we love being together so much.

We talk about everything else in the world, just like best friends do, when we are together and having the most fun.


It’s nice to have a best friend, but it’s much better to have your mother as your best friend. The nicest thing is that she never gets tired of spending time with you and that she never forgets to call you, even while you are apart. My mother and I have an enduring friendship that we share through playing, singing, chit-chatting, and sharing secrets. And then it dawns on us both that we have found a friend for life.

Essay On My Mother In English  (500 Words)

My mother has always been the best teacher I’ve ever had. She’s taught me everything from social skills to academics to life skills over the course of her life. She is without a doubt the best and most sincere instructor I have ever had since she was always there to impart her priceless lessons. Even though she was quite busy, she always made the time to help me out whenever I needed it or she believed it was essential.

My first teacher was my mother.

She had been my best teacher ever since the day I was born, and even after all these years, she never ceases to wow me with how well she can impart knowledge. After I was born, my mother started working as a teacher. She was the one who introduced me to the frantic activity of the city and the calming chirping of birds.

Even though I was unable to speak, she wasted no time in introducing me to my family. I was able to call each person by name as soon as I could, thanks to my mother.

As My Career Counselor, My Mother

All of my professors from elementary school through college were superb and did a fantastic job of defining my moral principles and professional goals. They had all worked beside me for a set period of time, instructing the designated subjects, following which we all moved on with our individual lives. But there is one person who has been and still is my best teacher: my mother.

I’m pleased I gave in to her advise since it’s never failed me when it comes to my profession. When I was confused about my job, she was able to successfully guide me using her life and people experiences.

taught me how to move and communicate

She was the first to grasp my finger while showing me how to walk, and it was only after her tenacious cajoling that I managed to pronounce my first words. When I first started to crawl, she was the one who taught me to walk, and once I learned to walk, she taught me how to run.

The most important skills a child learns in the first few years following birth are walking and talking. However, the mother is the only person who can help the child learn and hone these talents.

When I was a child, my mother didn’t just assist me with my homework and tests; she also gave me invaluable life lessons about relationships. Even now, what I do, how I interact with others, and how I behave myself in public and elsewhere are all reflections of her beliefs and ideals.


My mother possesses all the qualities that make a good teacher; in fact, she exceeds the standards that are typically set for a good teacher. The best teacher for each child is their mother, who assumes this responsibility from the moment she gives birth to them. A mother, in my opinion, excels at teaching her children socialisation skills, fundamental survival skills, and career recommendations.