Essay On My Hobby In English For Student And Children’s

Essay On My Hobby In English: I enjoy doing my hobbies anytime I have free time or whenever I get the opportunity. In all honesty, I even find time for my hobbies. It is something that improves my physical endurance and brings forth joy, serenity, and tranquility. Everyone needs a pastime to pass the time productively and to enhance their cognitive and physical abilities.

Essay On My Hobby In English

Essay On My Hobby In English For Student And Children’s

Essay On My Hobby In English (100 Words)

Depending on their interests and tastes, different people have various hobbies. Some people enjoy dancing, and swimming, and others would rather read a book alone. I enjoy taking peaceful and silent walks in the woods. I suppose you could say that is one of my hobbies.

I enjoy taking walks as near nature as I can. My heart always yearns for a stroll through a forest, park, or any other scenery that has been spared from human interference because it just feels so good. I get a new lease on life when I go for a walk because it fills my lungs with pure, fresh air.

Essay On My Hobby In English (200 Words)

My preferred pastime is cooking. I enjoy cooking on vacation. I enjoy experimenting with new and distinctive foods from all over the world. In addition to enhancing my understanding of the local flora and dietary preferences, it also enlightens me on the region’s vegetation types.

Typically, I like to cook fresh veggies with sauces and other ingredients because they are nutritious, simple to make and present well when served. In addition, I enjoy cooking a variety of desserts from around the world rather frequently.

Mexican corn tortillas with avocado and salsa; Italian white bean peasant soup are a couple of the noteworthy dishes I’ve made. You only need to get the knowledge from the internet—which is a wealth of information—as well as all the items needed to cook a wonderful and fresh meal.

We enjoy engaging in our hobbies whenever we have free time. It is occasionally an activity that our hearts yearn for as well. I like to read for fun. Don’t misunderstand me! I’m not referring to specialized literature; rather, I’m referring to novels in other genres, including fiction, thrillers, action, etc. When it comes to reading books, one of my favorite categories is jungle adventure.

Essay On My Hobby In English (300 Words)

A hobby is anything you like engaging in during your free time or as a pastime. When you are bored, it is the first thought that comes to mind. I also enjoy engaging in my pastime of drawing whenever I have free time.

Since I was young, I’ve been drawn to sketching. I enjoy making sketches and bringing colour and life to a blank sheet of paper. I’m not sure what made me start drawing, but it’s one of my favourite pastimes and hobbies.

Along with helping you become a better artist with each new sketch you create, sketching has many other positive effects on the mind. As your mind constantly juggles with the ideas of creating new figures and filling it with colours, it enhances your imagination.

You must maintain mental attention when drawing a sketch in depth, blocking off any outside distractions. All of your creativity and focus will be needed to achieve the level of detail you incorporated into the drawing. Your capacity to focus while performing one task carries over into other tasks as well.

Drawing is beneficial for brain and hand-eye coordination development. Your eyes, brain, and hand will work in unison as you continuously think of new things to sketch and then begin giving them shape on paper. In my opinion, everyone should take up drawing as a pastime activity, if not a full-time hobby, as it is a beautiful interest that may be enjoyable.

I have almost finished reading all of the books Jim Corbett, a renowned hunter, adventurer, and conservationist, has written. Corbett spent decades hunting and tracking man-eating pests in northern India. Even after reading several of them twice, I was never bored.

I would like to do that while on vacation. Nothing compares to enjoying a nice book while lounging in a chair with the sun on your face.

Essay On My Hobby In English (400 Words)


Everyone has a pastime; some people enjoy reading books, while others enjoy watching movies, playing video games, going on walks, etc. Though it might seem a little unusual to some, I also have a pastime. Swimming is my pastime. It is a low-cost activity that requires no financial obligations and may easily be done in swimming pools, rivers, or ponds.

Swimming Is My Passion

Benefits of Swimming for Health

Swimming involves the movement of every muscle and body part, which is highly good for your physical health. Your body becomes more tough and its endurance is increased as you swim against the water’s resistance.

Your heart benefits greatly from it and is kept strong and clear of disease. Swimming is a great stress-reliever that, of course, also makes you happy and healthy. Your muscles become stronger and more resilient as you try to stay afloat on the water while moving all of your limbs.

Your lungs’ health is continuously improved by the deep breaths you take when swimming. Swimming also aids in weight control and guards against obesity and the problems that come with it. Your entire body is in some ways rejuvenated and toned after swimming.

Other advantages of swimming include increased flexibility and balance, as well as better balance and body coordination.

Guidelines for Swimming Safety

Despite the fact that swimming is a fascinating sport, it is crucial that specific safety guidelines be followed at all times. The following are a few safety precautions to adopt while swimming:

  • Try to swim alongside someone whenever you can so that, in the unlikely event that you need assistance, you can obtain it.
  • It is preferable to swim in areas of water that have lifeguards on duty to handle any emergencies.
  • It’s best to abandon the thought of swimming if you already feel worn out or drained.
  • Avoid swimming in the water if it seems unpleasant or unclean.
  • In the event of a storm, rain, or lightning, stay out of the water.
  • Swim safely away from boats, rafts, other swimmers, and other objects.
  • Additionally, swimming should be avoided at all costs near boat ramps.

Conclusion :-

Swimming is the best kind of training for your body and mind because it strengthens your reflexes and opens up all of your muscles. However, while swimming, it is imperative that all appropriate safety precautions be taken.

Essay On My Hobby In English (500 Words)


Everyone has a pastime that they would want to pursue whenever they have the time. It increases physical activity and mental toughness. I also enjoy playing cricket during breaks or whenever I get the time.

My Hobby – Cricket

Cricket Playing Benefits

Playing cricket has a number of health advantages, and it’s also fantastic for boosting happiness and mental fortitude.

Cricketing enhances your physical endurance, sharpens your reflexes, and enhances your agility and general physical fitness. Regularly playing it fosters confidence, teamwork skills, coordination, leadership qualities, and other traits in addition to being good for your body and mind.

Cricket is a team sport in which you compete against your opponents and can either win or lose. For this, you must maintain a constant state of alertness while strategizing with other team members and keeping an eye on their positions and movements. Your personality is subsequently enhanced by the leadership characteristic this brings about.

Securing a Cricket Contract in India

The Conventional Method

The conventional process for you is to start out by playing in your school or club level cricket team if you are a regular player hoping to be selected in the India Cricket Team one day. Additionally, you need to stand out by competing in nearby events and attracting attention. You will be chosen for your district’s under-13 cricket squad if you do well enough. Recall that all of this must occur when you are in your early teens.

After being chosen for the District under-13 team, you must keep up your form and be chosen for the under-13 state team before moving on to the under-16 and eventually under-19 teams. The state under-19 teams that compete with one another are used to determine the Indian under-19 cricket squad.

There are a lot of variables at play here, including your luck, your skills, and the competition.

The Alternative Method

There is still hope if for any reason you are unable to join the cricket teams through the above-described traditional routes, but I must remind you that this method is extremely challenging, and no one has ever been chosen this way that I am aware of.

You start by joining a reputable cricket club in your city or town and putting in exceptionally extensive practise hours. In actuality, practising is what you should be doing nonstop, and money shouldn’t be an issue for you either. Your fitness and game should be your only priorities.

Therefore, if you perform well in club cricket, upper-division teams should take note of you. If you’re fortunate, the squad might ask you to join them. The rest is up to you, and if you perform very well, you might have a chance to play for a state side or in the Indian Premier League (IPL).


One of the most popular sports in the world, cricket provides a unique professional path. However, the secret to becoming a successful cricket player is to practise frequently and to begin at a young age. Your chances of being chosen for the under-19 Indian cricket team one day are better if you love cricket and are still in your early teens.