Essay On My Garden In English For Student And Children

Essay On My Garden In English The garden is unique. They enhance both the outside and interior elegance of the property. They provide much-needed fresh air that is desperately needed in today’s polluted world.

Everybody ought to have a garden. The best feature of the house is it. Gardens with vibrantly coloured flowers are a visual feast. Here, you’ll find essays about My Garden of various lengths to aid you in writing one for your test. You can select any My Garden essay based on what you require:

My Garden


Essay On My Garden In English

Essay On My Garden In English (100 Words)

My Garden’s Gazebo
Due to our suburban location, we enjoy the pleasure of a sizable home and sizable garden. In addition to the lovely trees and flowers that make up my garden, this area also has a lovely gazebo that adds to its charm. My favourite area of the garden is where the gazebo is located. Everyone admires the design that my father chose for it.

The gazebo is a popular gathering place for our visitors when we have gatherings at home. Everybody enjoys relaxing in the Gazebo with their dish of snacks when my parents host barbeques in the garden during the nice weather.

I also enjoy spending some time in my garden’s quiet spot in the evening. I frequently study here too. Compared to other areas of my home, I can concentrate better here.

Essay On My Garden In English (200 Words)

My favourite aspect of my home is the garden. I don’t get bored spending hours in my garden. I just adore how it makes me feel alive.

Our home’s garden is cared for by my mother, who also handles a number of other domestic duties. Despite the limited space, she came up with the idea to create a lovely garden at home because she is a major fan of nature. The majority of the residents in our neighbourhood have covered this section of their home to create a tiny room or transformed it into a car parking area. But my mum decided to create a wonderful garden on this tiny plot of land.

Our garden is bursting with vibrant blooms. On one side, we have a row of roses, and on the other, we have a row of seasonal flowers. Marigolds, petunias, pansies, hollyhocks, asters, alyssum, hibiscus, sunflowers, and lilies are a few of these blooms. It is quite pleasant to observe these flowers in bloom. My mother makes sure that the plants receive manure and water on a regular basis so that they can develop and blossom as they should. I assist my mum in these tasks as well.

I’m grateful to my mum for providing me with such a lovely spot to sit and enjoy the outdoors.

Essay On My Garden In English (300 Words)

I have a lot of fragrant herbs in my garden. I adore assisting my grandfather with his love of gardening. In our garden, we have grown many different kinds of plants. The majority of these are herbs, including lemon grass, aloe vera, basil, mint, and coriander. It benefits in two ways. Natural herbs that have numerous health advantages are also provided, which enhances the beauty of the property.

My day starts right here

My garden is where I start my morning. My immediate response upon waking is to go to my garden. It is the ideal way for me to start my day. I adore everything about this site. The little bench we’ve set up there has already been occupied by my granddad. I approach him and sit close to him. After around 15 minutes of deep breathing exercises, I gaze at the various plants in the garden. The scene is quite calming. I don’t start my daily activities until I’ve spent about 30 minutes in my garden.

My Favorite Way to Spend the Evening

After my evening classes, I frequently go out with my buddies. After a long day at school and the coaching facility, it provides me with a break. Before returning home, we stop at the neighbourhood market for some evening munchies and chitchat. Even though I enjoy this time of day every day, I actually prefer to spend the evenings in my garden. I invite my pals over frequently. While my mother prepares hot soup and snacks, we relax in the garden. It is, in my opinion, the ideal way to pass the evening.


I can’t imagine my life without my garden. My mood can instantly improve at this place. I assist my granddad in maintaining my garden.

Essay On My Garden In English (400 Words)

I simply adore nature. Everything that is natural and organic, including hills, valleys, sunsets, the sea, plants, trees, and flowers, is my favourite. Every time we go to a hill station, I want to stay there indefinitely. Since I feel so connected to the very essence of the locations where nature may be observed in its pristine, unadulterated form, it becomes challenging for me to go back.

My Idea for a Garden

Although I can’t bring hills and valleys with me, I may still experience the alluring scent of flowers and plants by cultivating some at home. I was missing the lush green tea gardens and the lovely flowers in the Assam botanical garden as we were flying home from our trip there. It was as though I had left my heart behind. The thought of starting my own garden came to me at that point. When I told my sister about it, she shared my excitement.

We didn’t have a suitable space that could be converted into a garden because we live in a flat. However, we could absolutely cover one of our balconies with various flowers so that we might smell their fragrance inside our home.

Our parents consented to the plan after hearing about it from us and on the condition that we handle everything on our own.

Visit to the Nursery by Us

The following weekend, my sister and I went to the neighbourhood nursery. There were many flowers in the area, making it challenging to select just a handful. Picking out the plants we wanted to bring home took close to two hours. We choose rose, marigold, pansy, and aster from the flowering plants. Asparagus, an areca palm, a spider plant, aloe vera, and other plants were also brought home. The nursery manager gave us advice on how to care for various plants so that they stay green for a long time.

The planters were chosen by hand. The majority of them were identical-sized white plastic pots. To put all the plants in the pots, we hired a gardener to come to our house. We then carefully placed the pots so that they covered the entire balcony after this was complete. It seemed lovely.

We frequently go to the nursery to add new plants to our collection. Seasonal flowers fade quickly, so we like choosing new ones to take their place.


I give each and every plant in my garden my special attention. We frequently get compliments from friends and neighbours about how lovely our balcony turned garden is.

Essay On My Garden In English (500 Words)

I’ve always wanted to have a garden at home, but it never seemed feasible because we were living in a small apartment in Delhi. At my friend Riya’s house, there was a lovely garden, and every time I went there, I wished we had one here as well. We moved to Chandigarh, the hometown of my father, shortly after my prayers were answered. The house in this location was large and had adequate room for a garden.

Engaging a Gardener with Experience

Fortunately for me, my mum enjoys flowers and plants just as much as I do. As a result, I did not need to persuade her to plant a garden because she was already motivated to do so. We made the decision to turn the arid area of our property into a garden once we had moved in and settled. Since the house had been empty for many years, the garden’s soil was not suitable for growing grass or plants right once.

So my mother made the decision to hire a qualified gardener. He worked on the land for nearly a week, giving it regular waterings, digging with various instruments, and applying manure. He soon after planted some plants and grass. The blossoming of our tiny garden made us happy.

Building a Garden

My mother and I made the decision to go to the nursery to purchase various plants for our yard. The nursery was ablaze with pink and white lilies, vivid hibiscus, roses, pansies, sunflowers, and bougainvillaea in the summertime. It was very challenging for us to make a decision because we loved them all so much. We finally settle on a few seedlings of hibiscus, bougainvillaea, lilies, and roses after deliberating for more than an hour.

We carefully placed the saplings we brought in various locations across the garden. The climber-type bougainvillaea was placed close to the fence. It expanded over the barrier within a month and climbed it. It has gorgeous clusters of pink blooms that were a visual delight. We made the decision to grow related flowers together. So, a corner was chosen to plant the roses. Close by, a row of lilies was placed, and in the other garden corner, hibiscus flowers were planted. Everything appeared to be very gorgeous. The plants quickly established roots in the garden, and little buds started to sprout. Every time I spotted a bud, I was overjoyed. Flowers quickly began to bloom in our garden. Our home was flooded with the floral scent.


My garden has been established for three years and is currently teeming with various flowering and foliage plants. Every so often, we keep bringing various flower varieties. But you can always find roses, lilies, and bougainvillaea in my garden. A row of basil has been added as well. The scent of basil is quite calming. We routinely use it in our kitchen as well.

The same expert gardener who works hard and takes excellent care of my garden is still working for us.


Having a garden at home is quite fantastic. I’m glad we moved to Chandigarh since it gave me the opportunity to have the luxury of having a garden.