Essay On My Favourite Teacher In English For Student And Children

Essay On My Favourite Teacher In English Everyone understands the importance of a teacher in their lives. The students value and value and respect each teacher equally. Even though we value all of our teachers equally, there are times when a particular teacher has a significant impact on us due to certain traits. It could be anything, such as his or her consistently calm, cooperative, and caring attitude or an exceptional academic record. That teacher ends up becoming one of our favourites.

Additionally, I have a favourite teacher who occasionally astounded me with his intellectual prowess and unique capacity to treat every one of his students equally. He had never faltered even slightly while responding to a question, at least not that I can recall. Additionally, he has the extraordinary ability to treat every student equally. He literally spoke to everyone while giving lectures, including those sitting in the back. That simply demonstrates his objectivity and how seriously he takes his work.


Essay On My Favourite Teacher In English

Essay On My Favourite Teacher In English (100 Words)

Rajani Mam is one of my favourite teachers. She also teaches my class and checks attendance each morning. Despite being a strict teacher, she has a great sense of humour and compassion. She is really organised and reliable. She completes all of her class-related tasks and assignments on schedule, without running behind. She tries to teach us excellent things in very simple ways, which is why I admire her so much. Her class is fun, too. She instructs us in English. She entertains us while she teaches by cracking numerous jokes in between. Additionally, she provides excellent guidance for us in every intra- or inter-school dancing, sports, intellectual, etc. competition. She teaches us to share items in the classroom with our classmates, like meals or other necessities.

Essay On My Favourite Teacher In English (200 Words)

In the entire school, Ms. Geeta Goswami is my favourite teacher. She instructs me in EVS when I am in class in the fourth grade (Environmental Studies). She is a capable educator. She genuinely cares about us and educates in simple ways. She doesn’t take studying too seriously and engages us in fun activities while instructing. She never misses a class and always arrives at the proper time. We thoroughly enjoy her classes because she makes us smile as well. She adores me a lot because I am the most obedient and perfect pupil for her. I always do my classwork and homework in a tidy manner per her instructions.

In her class, I’ve never been absent or late. She inspires us to always choose the correct course in life, even when we have to deal with extremely challenging circumstances. She advises us to be hopeful amid trying circumstances and look for simple solutions to get out of them. She also advises us to always think positively because what we think and do always come to pass. She provides excellent descriptions of all the EVS topics. In her class, she wants us to speak only English. She rides in the school bus with us as we enjoy singing songs and reciting poetry as we travel to her home.

Essay On My Favourite Teacher In English (300 Words)

My favourite 6th grade teacher at the school is Mrs. Rashmi. In the classroom, she instructs us in Hindi and computer science. She is really distinctive in personality. She is peaceful despite being quite overweight. On Teacher’s Day each year, I always send her a card. I also wish a happy birthday and luck. She is accustomed to telling jokes in between lessons to make us laugh and get our attention focused on studying. I do really well in the computer subject but am not that great in Hindi. She is a big assistance to me as I work to get better at Hindi. She always provides students with a few questions to learn from and ask the following day.

To help us understand computers better, she brings us to the computer lab. When she is teaching, she wants the class to be silent. Her less capable students are never left in the dark about what she has taught. In her class, she encourages us to ask questions and makes sure that everyone is completely aware on every subject. She doesn’t go on to the next subject until we have all fully absorbed the previous one. As she looks out for every student in the class, she has a very loving and caring nature. In her class, there are no fights or disputes. She rotates the students’ seats once a week to ensure that no one is weak or uncomfortable. All of my friends enjoy her classes and come every day.

By giving some struggling pupils more time outside of class, she helps them. She aids us in resolving issues that are unrelated to the study. She encourages us to participate in the school’s organised sports and other contests. She looks attractive with her cheery demeanour and helpful personality. She assists us in preparing for events like Independence Day, Republic Day, Gandhi Jayanti, Teacher’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc. that are celebrated at school.

Essay On My Favourite Teacher In English (400 Words)

My science teacher is one of my favourite professors. She goes under the name of Sanjana Kausik. She resides close to the university. She is the best teacher at the school and well-liked by all of my friends because of how well she teaches. Everyone in her class is engaged because she also makes jokes. I appreciate her in-class teaching methods. She requests that we study the material she will cover in class the following day at home. She explains the subject to the students and asks numerous questions to ensure understanding. The following day, she asks more questions on the same subject. This helps us understand a particular subject in great detail. After covering two or three topics, she takes a test. She teaches us with passion and enthusiasm because she adores her job as a teacher.

She treats us with a lot of friendliness and never instils fear in us. Without hesitation, any student in the class or her cabin may ask her any question about the topic. While instructing the class, she keeps an eye on every student’s activity and corrects the misbehaving ones. If you truly want success in life, she advises us to focus on our studies and always do as your teacher instructs. She never shows bias in the classroom between the weak and talented students. She gives her weaker students a lot of support and asks her brighter students to do the same for their weaker classmates. She advises us to be passionate about our academic pursuits and life goals.

She is a very motivating teacher who encourages us in both academics and extracurricular activities. She congratulates each student who excels at school, whether in academics or extracurricular activities. She offers her weak students an hour of free tutoring at her house. Each student performs exceptionally well on both class tests and exams in the scientific field. She serves as the school’s vice principal as well. She therefore does a great job of carrying out all of her duties. She looks after the school’s grounds’ cleanliness and vegetation.

She always has a smile on her face and never seems serious. She looks out for us at school like her own children. During any celebrations or competitions that the school hosts, she oversees all of the preparations. She addresses every student with extreme politeness and is adept at handling any challenging circumstances that arise at the school.