Essay On My Favourite Subject In English For Student And Children

Essay On My Favourite Subject In English The subject that I can study for hours on end without becoming bored is my favourite. I eagerly anticipate learning about it both in class and at home. Over the years I’ve studied, it hasn’t always been the same. It has undergone a few changes.

Everybody has a particular set of interests, and that determines what their favourite subject is. While some students enjoy studying mathematics, others find it to be excessively challenging and dislike it. You can use these essays on “My Favorite Subject” of various lengths to prepare for your exam. To suit your needs, pick any of the following My Favorite Subject essays:

My Favourite Subject

Essay On My Favourite Subject In English

Essay On My Favourite Subject In English (100 Words)

My favourite subject is math.

Since our kindergarten teacher first taught us about numbers, I have been a huge fan of mathematics. My mother assisted me in learning how to count up to 50 although my teacher had only taught numbers up to 10. I quickly started learning addition because I was so interested in and eager to grasp this subject. My mother taught us addition in enjoyable ways using various objects like spoons, oranges, and soft toys. With the help of such creative techniques, I also learnt subtraction.

My mother quickly forced me to enrol in an abacus class after noticing my enthusiasm in the subject. I went with her to the toy store as well so I could get an abacus for myself.

Essay On My Favourite Subject In English (200 Words)

I’ve always loved general knowledge, and I still do. I’ve loved it ever since first learning about it in first grade. In first grade, we were taught typical general knowledge topics like monument names, identifying athletes and celebrities, identifying national flags, and similar things. As I discovered many new and fascinating things, I thought it to be quite interesting.

The general education lesson at school was something I always looked forward to. As I became older and started in higher levels, I didn’t just study the general information textbooks the school assigned; I also checked out books from the library to broaden my knowledge. Dad decided to get a subscription to a monthly general knowledge magazine after seeing how interested I was in the topic. Every month I anxiously anticipated it, and I read the entire magazine in about three days. I read it several times so I could remember the details.

At school, at home, and among my friends, I receive praise for my grasp of this topic. This motivates me to read and learn more. When there were GK quiz tournaments, my lecturers would invariably suggest my name. I have participated in a lot of these tournaments and have also garnered many awards for my school.

Essay On My Favourite Subject In English (300 Words)

I’ve loved drawing ever since I was in pre-primary school. I simply enjoyed colouring in my drawings of various objects. In school, I always eagerly anticipated the drawing lesson. My favourite time of the day was then. I also enjoyed drawing after I got home from school. My parents purchased me a variety of crayons, pencils, and water colours, among other things.

A Passion for Drawing

Actually, my mum was the one who inspired me to colour and draw. She made an effort to do so in order to divert my attention away from the television as she engaged in housework. But ultimately, drawing took over as my favourite subject. I made a concerted effort to carefully sketch and colour many sceneries and other objects. My mother promptly signed me up for sketching lessons to help me improve. In my drawing lesson, I picked up a lot of new drawing techniques. I learned many colouring methods from my drawing teacher as well. It was enjoyable. I routinely attended the drawing classes for over two years. Even though I am in the V standard, I continue to take art and craft workshops over the summer. Additionally, I’ve studied glass painting and sketching.

An additional favourite subject is environmental studies.

When I was advanced to standard I, a few additional subjects were added, and one of them was environmental study. In addition to drawing, I also enjoy studying the environment. This is so that we can learn about all the things that are going on in the world. Through this subject, we learn about a wide range of things, including plants, animals, air, and water. What I admire most about this subject is how the information can be implemented in real life.


My favourite topic is sketching, but environmental studies is a close second. I love learning about both disciplines, so I never get tired of doing either of them.

Essay On My Favourite Subject In English (400 Words)

I have a lot of life preferences, including friends, cuisine, and activities. Most individuals in my vicinity think my selections are rather unusual and distinct. The topics I choose to write about also differ greatly from others. I found the subject, which most students find boring, to be rather fascinating. I simply adore history. My favourite subject is the one.

The Most Interesting Subject Is History

When I tell people that History is my favourite topic, they frequently make fun of me and inquire about my decision. But I’m curious as to why pupils don’t enjoy such an intriguing subject. We learn so much from history as it transports us to other times and locations. For me, it seems a lot like time travel. It links us to our heritage and provides our lives greater significance. It’s all really fascinating to me.

I enjoy reading about the many kings and queens, as well as their treatment of the regular people. There have been many monarchs throughout India’s history who were cruel on the common people, but there have also been others who were quite friendly to them. They contributed to the improvement of living conditions for those residing beneath them. In addition to the chapters covered by the syllabus, I make an effort to find books on other historical events to understand more about them.

I’ve read extensively about the British invasion of our nation and their establishment of its rule. These true stories are much more captivating than any fictional works.

The status of women in various dynasties and ages is another issue in this subject that I find interesting. In the past, women had to deal with a lot of unfairness. They were prohibited from working outside and were primarily limited to household chores. Their entire and only responsibility was to serve their family by taking care of the housework. They had no right to contest or challenge the man of the house’s wishes. Another unsettling aspect was that while queens were expected to remain faithful to their spouses, kings were permitted to marry as frequently as they pleased and to be in a relationship with each of their wives at the same time. It demonstrates how far we’ve come in terms of gender equality since then.


History and its artefacts have always captivated me. I enjoy reading about the history of many nations, not simply Indian history.

Essay On My Favourite Subject In English (500 Words)

English is one of my favourite subjects. I believe that this is a subject that I can easily learn. In fact, studying English for me feels more like engaging in a pastime than anything else. I also enjoy studying geography and computer science since I find them fascinating. But I’ve always put English at the top of my list. The English chapters are accessible to me anytime, wherever.

Why Do I Enjoy English So Much?

I enjoy reading fiction, and English provides me the opportunity to read a lot. This is one of the main reasons I love it. When I was a little child, my mother would always read me a story before night. Soon after, she handed me some novels to read on my own. We developed the practise of reading before bed to help us fall asleep. I read picture books while she spent around thirty minutes reading a novel or magazine. I also got into the practise of reading every chapter in my textbooks before we finished them in class, and I still do. When those chapters are finished in class, this makes it easier for me to understand.

I’m also a talented writer. English is all about writing essays, articles, letters, long and short answers, and other such works, therefore it comes easy to me. This is just another factor in why English has always been one of my top academic interests.

Getting high marks is simple.

In my class, I am an average student. On average, I get approximately 70% on my examinations. I do, however, perform the best in terms of my English score. Even the class’s sharpest pupils don’t perform as well as I do. When it comes to this topic, I also fall short of the top rank holders. Many of them even come to me to get a better understanding of the issue. This helps me feel good about my knowledge of this field. For me, it serves as motivation as well. I work to improve my abilities even more. I am equally adept at providing answers to all exam questions, whether they pertain to English grammar, essay or article writing, or the question-answer section.

I think that everyone’s interests are important. We devote our entire mind and soul to anything that piques our attention. The outcomes will then undoubtedly be superb. I am able to score so well in English because of this.

My Inspiration: My English teacher

My English instructors have thus far been outstanding as well. I love my present English teacher very much. She has extensive expertise on the topic. In addition to giving us the curriculum-required lessons, she urges us to read novels and short stories to enhance our English. I frequently ask her for book recommendations because I enjoy reading. She is my role model, and I want to learn the subject as well as she does.


As I become older, I hope to become an excellent writer in the English language. My parents and I have talked about this plan, and they have given me their full approval.