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Essay On My Favourite Book In English The perfect life is one with excellent friends, good literature, and a drowsy conscience, as Mark Twain properly observed. To live a happy and meaningful life, one must read literature. Making friends and socialising are crucial parts of life, but reading is just as essential. When it comes to novels, different people have varied tastes. While some people could prefer the romance or crime genres, others might be addicted to science fiction. When it comes to novels, people frequently have personal favourites.

My Favourite Book

Essay On My Favourite Book In English

Essay On My Favourite Book In English (100 Words)

Author Arundhati Roy’s bio

Arundhati Roy was born in Meghalaya’s Shillong. Her mother Mary Roy was a women’s rights activist, while her father Rajib Roy had a tea plantation. When she was two years old, her parents got divorced. She shared a home with her mom.

God of Little Things

In The God of Small Things, a family in 1960s Kerela is the subject of the narrative. The communist system and the wicked caste system are just two of the topics it addresses. It is the tale of Rahel and Esthappen. It describes the pleasures and hardships they encountered as children and how the course of events in their early lives shaped who they became as people.

Essay On My Favourite Book In English (200 Words)

I’ve read a number of novels. But none has captured my attention as much as the Palace of Illusions. Author of the novel is Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni. Chitra is a well-known Indian American author and poet who was born in 1956. Chitra is a Calcutta University and Wright State University graduate who also holds a Ph.D. in English from the University of California.

The story of Panchaali from the epic Mahabharat is told in her novel, The Palace of Illusions. Through Panchaali, her narrator, Chitra has provided a feminist take of this historical saga. The main character in the book is Panchaali. It covers the parts of her life that weren’t included in the other Mahabharat adaptations. It provides a thorough narrative of Panchaali’s life beginning with her birth.

The wealthy king’s daughter, Panchaali, was born. She later wed the five pandavas. The difficulties she endured after being married are extensively described in the book. The work covers a variety of topics, including the difficulties of exile, her interactions with her husband and mother-in-law, and her bond with Lord Krishna.

Panchaali is a bold and dynamic figure. Just reading about her was so much fun. Chitra did a great job at portraying the character and the circumstances.

Essay On My Favourite Book In English (300 Words)

I enjoy reading romance books, and 2 States by Chetan Bhagat is one of the best ones I’ve read so far. I adore the main characters in this book and the way their relationship develops. The book is allegedly partially autobiographical. This book was inspired by Bhagat’s own love story. The book was widely acclaimed, to the point where a movie was made of it.

Two States’ Interesting Story

Krish, a young Punjabi boy, and Ananya, a stunning South Indian girl, are the main characters of the tale. IIM Ahmedabad is where the two study. They get along well and spend lots of time together. They quickly fall in love with one another. They desire to get married but are unable to anticipate the challenges ahead. They introduce their parents to one another, which is when the trouble starts.

The two families have a difficult time getting along because they come from different ethnic backgrounds. Krish and Ananya work incredibly hard to diffuse the circumstance and forge a relationship between the two. They decide to separate ways, though, once things get out of hand. They start concentrating on their individual jobs, although it is difficult. They have a hard time letting go of one another. They reconcile when, at last, events end out well.

I adore how closely Krish and Ananya are connected. These characters have been given life by Chetan Bhagat. They appear to be perfect partners. The story’s other characters all have strong opinions and personalities. Every one of them makes for intriguing reading.


This book is amazing. I’ve read it three times and can continue to read it. Every time I read this novel, I feel as though I’ve been living with the characters for a while. I greatly enjoyed the movie that was made based on this book as well.

Essay My On Favourite Book In English (400 Words)

Vikram Seth’s A Suitable Boy is one of my all-time favourite books. Despite being so long, the plot never drags. One of the longest Indian novels ever to be published in a single volume in English. There are up to 1349 pages in it. Both the topic and the people in this story are wonderful. I read this book over the course of about two months.

The Compelling Narrative

India, which recently won its freedom from British rule, serves as the setting for the story. Four families’ stories are told in it. The protagonist of the novel, which is located in the fictional village of Brahmpur, is Mrs. Rupa Mehra, who is avidly seeking a match for her younger daughter, Lata. The book reminded me of Pride and Prejudice as I started reading it.
Mrs. Rupa Mehra’s persona resembled Elizabeth’s mother in the book. The main idea seems to be similar as well. A Suitable Boy, which is set in India and is more relatable, is what I prefer more, though. However, Seth reveals that the Chinese novel The Story of the Stone by Cao Xuegin served as a major inspiration for this work.

Lata’s character was quite charming to me. She is a brave young lady who prefers to make her own judgements. She disregards her mother’s expectations of her and her brother’s judgement. It’s interesting to see the challenges she encounters throughout the story and how she strives to overcome them. I am motivated to advocate for what I believe in by her character.

The novel is made more intriguing by the post-partition politics, caste and class conflict, and other historical backdrop elements.

The author’s bio is Vikram Seth

Indian author and poet Vikram Seth was born in 1952 in Calcutta. He comes from a prominent and well-educated Indian family. The first Chief Justice of the Delhi High Court was his mother, Leila Seth. Seth is the author of a number of intriguing books and poems.

His articles have received a great deal of appreciation. For his efforts, he has received several major honours. These include the Pravasi Bhartiya Samman, the Padma Shri, the WH Smith Literary Award, the Sahitya Academy Award, and the Crossword Book Award.


I adore Seth’s depiction of how family values and relationships have changed in independent India. The social and political problems that the nation faced after gaining its independence have been skillfully integrated throughout the story to establish its tone.

Essay My On Favourite Book In English (500 Words)

I’m a big reader. It is my preferred pastime. I read books by a variety of authors, but my favourites are those by the well-known Indian author Ruskin Bond. Since I was a kid, I’ve read his books and have always adored them. The Room on the Roof is one of my favourite books.

The Narrative

Rusty, an orphaned Anglo-Indian youngster, is the protagonist of the novel The Room on the Roof. The two of them share a home. They live in a colony of Europeans in Dehradun. Mr. Harrison desires that Rusty mature into a cultured Englishman. He makes an effort to keep him away from the local Indians because of this.

Contrarily, Rusty adores playing with his Indian pals. He truly relishes their company. Rusty flees to live with his buddies because he can’t stand Mr. Harrison’s strict rules and authoritarian behaviour. He moves in with his friends and starts relying on them for daily requirements.

As Rusty starts to live independently of Mr. Harrison, he learns a great deal about India and the Indian way of life. He adores his newly discovered freedom. But he quickly understands that he cannot continue in this manner forever. He is aware that he must work to support himself.

Soon after, he starts teaching Mr. and Mrs. Kapoor’s son Kishen Kapoor English. He receives lodging and food in exchange for his assistance. Starting now, he resides in a room on their roof. He ultimately learns that Mr. Kapoor is a drinker. Meena, his wife, is 20 years his junior. Meena senses Rusty’s infatuation, and he feels the same way towards her. The two get quite close. Rusty feels happy for the first time in his life.

His joy, however, is short-lived since Meena perishes in an automobile accident. Both Kishen and Rusty are inconsolable with the news. Following this incident, Rusty is left alone as Kishen moves home with his aunt. Rusty resolves to relocate to England in order to move past his pain and rebuild his life. Rusty meets Kishen before departing for England. He finds out that Mr. Kapoor has remarried and that Rusty has turned into a burglar. He sees it as his duty to assist Kishen in leaving the shadowy world of crime. He counsels Kishen to live a moral life.

I adore the book’s protagonist.

Rusty was a fantastic character. I experienced an emotional roller coaster while following his path. I was sorry to hear of his son’s condition. It breaks my heart how Mr. Harrison treats him. I adored his sensation of independence when he escaped from Mr. Harrison’s home. I especially enjoyed the comparison of Meena and Rusty. However, Meena’s passing away and Rusty’s state near the end made me sad once more.

Ruskin Bond, The Renowned Author

Indian author Ruskin Bond is of British ancestry. He is a resident of India’s Mussoorie. He has authored many books. Some of the best children’s novels are acknowledged to have been written by him. For his efforts, he has garnered a lot of praise. He received the Sahitya Academy Award for his literary accomplishments.