Essay On My Father My Hero In English For Student And Children

Essay On My Father My Hero In English For their children, fathers are always special, but for some, they serve as a constant source of motivation. By the way they live their lives, they go on to become role models for their children.

Every child adores his father, but not every youngster can declare him to be their hero. Those who have a parent who motivates and inspires them and whom they look up to are fortunate. You can use these essays on “My Father My Hero” of various lengths to prepare for your exam.

My Father My Hero

Essay On My Father My Hero In English 

Essay On My Father My Hero In English (100 Words)

Always Willing to Assist Others

My father is always willing to assist anyone in need, just like the heroes in Bollywood films. I still recall the time when one of my father’s coworkers became gravely ill, and my father provided his family with unwavering support. The family of his colleague was not a wealthy one. He was the only family member who made money. Along with being financially dependent on him, his parents and wife also had no idea how to deal with hospital formalities and other issues. In their time of need, my father assisted them.

He also secured funding for his colleague’s medical care. He made whatever contribution he could and asked his fellow office coworkers to do the same. Others found inspiration in him.

Essay On My Father My Hero In English (200 Words)

My father is a wonderful man and a wonderful father. He is my hero in my eyes. He has been the family’s linchpin of strength. My grandmother frequently remarks on how submissive he was as a youngster. He always followed his parents’ instructions and put in constant effort to meet his academic objectives. He excelled in sports as well. Additionally, he was constantly willing to assist other students. In his free time, he also assisted my grandmother with housework. His commitment to his work and friendly demeanour motivate us to strive to be better people.

His character hasn’t changed at all even today. He is respected for his diligence and has made significant contributions to his department. His employer and other coworkers are usually complimentary of his commitment to his work. He shows the same consideration for chores around the house. He assists my mother with household duties. He also assists us with other tasks, like schoolwork. Every chance he gets, he plays with us, and he frequently brings us out to have fun. In addition to this, he is always willing to assist our family members and neighbours in times of need.

Another attribute that my father has is that he supports a holistic approach to living. By eating well, getting enough sleep, and exercising, he takes the utmost care of his physical well-being and mentors us in doing the same. A healthy body creates a healthy mind, after all.

Essay On My Father My Hero In English (300 Words)

My father is my best friend, my mentor, and my hero. He has supported me in all of my decisions and been there for me through every stage of life. He has given me a lot to learn and keeps bestowing wisdom through his words.

My father thinks that living simply is important.

My dad advocates living a simple life. Even yet, he makes a good living and can buy a fancy automobile and a spacious bungalow. He nonetheless continues to reside in a modest apartment. He has very few needs, and he has taught us the same principles. He thinks that a significant portion of his income should go toward social service. He is a member of a nonprofit group that works to feed and educate children from disadvantaged backgrounds. He visits these kids every Saturday and gives them fruits and other food items.

Additionally, he offers these youngsters free math classes at the charity school sponsored by the group. He includes us in his travels frequently. He has shown us the value of caring and sharing. This value has been passed on to my sister and me from him. We also contribute to putting a smile on these kids’ faces. We are quite happy right now. No amount of gifts, vacations, or dining out can create such a happy sensation.

Like my father, I enjoy keeping things straightforward. I am aware that “needs can be satisfied, but greed cannot.” I don’t like to frequently purchase new bags, outfits, and accessories. I never buy something until I absolutely need it. I enjoy going with my father when he travels for his charitable endeavours, and when I’m older, I’d like to join a similar nonprofit.


I’m pleased with my father. He has a good heart and is devoted to helping people. His principles and beliefs motivate me to advance as a person.

Essay On My Father My Hero In English (400 Words)

I have a lot of respect for my father. He is exceptionally skilled and committed to his profession. His commitment to his family is just as great as it is to his work, and this is the aspect of him that I appreciate the most.

The Best Advice Comes from My Father

I am aware of who to ask for advice whenever I need it. It is my dad. Children are more intimate with their mothers and typically confide in them about all of their secrets. But in my case, things are different. My father and I are quite close and I rush to him for advice anytime I am unsure of anything in life. He has a distinct outlook on life and is adept at bringing order to my jumbled thoughts. I know who to ask whether I’m having a conflict with my friends, having trouble focusing on my studies, or having trouble deciding which co-curricular activity to participate in. He has extensive knowledge about the world and me, so when he offers counsel, he considers both my personality and his own experiences.

The Foundation of Our Family: My Father

My father is well aware of his obligations and never tries to get out from under them. He takes care of every duty in our family and is always there for us. He serves as the foundation of our family. He is always by our side, supporting us no matter what, from meeting our financial demands to taking care of the emotional upheavals. This mindset of his has taught me a lot. He has shown us how important it is for each of us to take responsibility for our actions and to do so cheerfully. My brother and I follow in his footsteps by giving our best effort to every assignment and responsibility given to us. Everything will continue to be well-coordinated if every family member takes their duties diligently. Relationships would be more enjoyable, and there would be less stress.

As opposed to when people need to be reminded of their obligations multiple times before they actually fulfil them. Children suffer the most in these families. A hostile environment is caused by the ongoing disputes among family members. I am fortunate to have been raised in a home where everyone is responsible and has instilled in us a sense of responsibility.


Yes, my dad is my hero. He has given us positive ideals and helped us to be our best selves. He is more than just my dad. My best buddy and hero, he is.

Essay On My Father My Hero In English (500 Words)

We all adore our parents, but I am fortunate in that I also learn from them. My father is someone I look up to and who inspires me. In the truest sense, he is my hero. I am inspired by his devotion to his job, love for his family, and concern for the community.

commitment to enhancing the environment

True nature enthusiast, my father. We converted our terrace into a garden because he has a passion of plants. On the terrace, we used to only have a few pots maintained apart from one another, but now there are plants all over the place. His love of nature, however, extends beyond domestic gardening; he also takes part in efforts to better the environment by continually establishing new trees and plants in the neighbourhood. He has joined a non-profit group that promotes a clean and green environment.

He joins them every weekend, which helps the group further its purpose. Every week, he and his staff pick a location and make every effort to remove the waste and dried leaves from that location. They work as independently as they can while also hiring a sweeper to assist them. Following the cleaning effort, they plant trees and plants throughout the region at strategic locations. He frequently brings us along for support.

He was also invited to my school to educate the pupils about the need of maintaining a clean and green environment. To help the students grasp the significance of this topic, he presented a lecture on it. For me, it was a time to be proud.

confidence in Woking as a unit

My father is a firm believer in teamwork. He does not anticipate my mother doing all of the household duties and the children by herself. At every turn, he assists and stands by her. To make our home a better place to live, they both collaborate. When we need to work on a task we are not very familiar with, my father assists us as well. He gets involved in the process rather than just giving us directions and assessing our performance from a distance in order to aid our learning and comprehension of the activity.

Many of my acquaintances have told me that their parents give them instructions for specific jobs and anticipate that they would carry them out correctly. They don’t assist in the procedure and may even reprimand them if the job is not completed correctly. They also have established definitions of the duties that are only required of the female members of the household and those that fall to the male members. I’m fortunate that my father does not have this mentality. He taught us the value of teamwork, which has been useful to us throughout our lives.


Two of my father’s best attributes are without a doubt his commitment to making the world a better place by doing his part to improve the environment and his idea of teamwork. These have taught me a lot.