Essay On My Father In English For Student And Children

Essay On My Father In English As the most significant guy in our family, my father greatly influences my behaviour and conduct. He is the one who makes an effort to feed and educate the family. He not only provides our family with stability financially, but also psychologically. All the family members feel secure and emotionally at ease when he is around. Additionally, he serves as a guide when needed and a moral instructor. My father gives me advice on matters pertaining to my friends, life, and education. His judgement is highly important and has never been wrong.

Essay On My Father In English

Essay On My Father In English

Essay On My Father In English (100 Words)

The ideal person in my life is my father. He is both my true hero and my all-time best buddy. He is a great help to me in every situation. He manages internet marketing for a New Delhi-based limited corporation. Because of his kindness and civility, he has great fame both in his workplace and in society.

He is a very wise man who constantly aids others in their difficulties. He is the head of my family and gives each member guidance and orders. He finds solutions to neighbours’ issues. Every PTM, he drives me to school and talks to my teacher about how I’m doing.

Essay On My Father In English (200 Words)

My father is an extremely devoted and kind man. He has a rich life, and I continually learn from him. He shares with me his entire life’s struggle and his achievements. He is the one who instructs me in manners, humanity, and ethics. Every morning, he assists me in getting out of bed and assists me in getting ready for school on time. My mother makes my lunch and breakfast, but my father assists me in getting ready.

Every evening at six o’clock, he leaves the office full of joy and happiness. He joins us in playing badminton right after leaving the office because he is a very active person. He brings confections, fruits, lovely toys, children’s books, comedies, clothing, footwear, and other school supplies.

Every Sunday morning, he takes us outside to the park or another favourite location to make our holiday enjoyable. Every Sunday morning, we enjoy a delicious breakfast before spending the entire day engaging in various activities as a group. We sometimes take the entire family on extended picnics or trips to well-known tourist destinations. My father takes my sister, mom, grandparents, and I to hotels, seaside resorts, and hill stations during my winter and summer breaks so we can relax or have fun.

Essay On My Father In English (300 Words)

My father is both my actual idol in life and my best friend. Typically, I refer to him as Dad. In my life, he is the most unique individual. He excels in both sports and the arts. In his spare time, he paints, and he encourages us to do the same. He advises us to engage in extracurricular activities like music, singing, sports, painting, dance, cartoon creation, and other pursuits since they keep us occupied in our free time and promote inner tranquilly. He works for a small corporation in New Delhi as an internet marketing manager (software engineer).

He is constantly willing to assist those in need, especially the elderly, and never considers turning away from them. He listens to all of my problems and is my best friend. In order to help me understand what I am doing correctly or wrong, he brings me to the top floor, has me sit by his side, keeps his hand on my shoulder, and asks me why I’m upset. He then walks me back down to the bottom floor.

He imparts wisdom on life’s morals, the value of elders, and the passage of time. He advises us to never intentionally cause the misery of another person and to constantly lend a hand to those in need, especially the elderly.

He always takes good care of my grandparents, and he always tells us that the elderly are like the most valuable possessions in the house; without them, we would be like children without their mothers and fish without water. He consistently provides excellent examples to help us understand everything. He takes us to the park for a picnic every Sunday, which is the weekend. There, we all have a great time playing sports and engaging in outdoor activities. On a regular basis, we play carom board indoors and badminton outdoors.

Essay On My Father In English (400 Words)

My wonderful father is the only person I have ever admired. All of my father’s childhood recollections are still fresh in my mind. He was the true source of my delight and happiness. Since my mother was usually working in the kitchen and taking care of other home duties, it is because of him that I am who I am today. My father also enjoys spending time with my sister and I. I know he is a very special father in the world. I feel incredibly fortunate to have such a father in my life.

He is a really kind and calm man. He never reprimanded me, accepted all of my mistakes with ease, and gently guided me toward understanding them. He always lets me know about the setbacks and successes in his life. He has his own web marketing company, but he never pressures me to work in the same industry or draws me to his company. Instead, he constantly encourages me to pursue my own goals. He is a great father not just because he looks out for me but also because of his wisdom, fortitude, willingness to lend a hand, and most importantly, his manner with people.

He constantly shows his parents, which are my grandparents, respect and takes good care of them. My grandparents used to talk to me when I was little about how mischievous my father was as a youngster, but they also encouraged me to emulate him since he was such a lovely person. My father is the one who always asks how to make everyone in the family happy and consoles them when they are down. When my mother grows weary of handling all the household chores, he advises her to take a break because he loves and cares for her. My father is an example to me; he is always willing to assist me with my schoolwork and even attends every PTM to discuss my conduct and academic performance.

My father was raised in a very low-income home, but thanks to his perseverance, diligence, and generosity, he now ranks among the wealthiest residents in the city. My friends frequently tell me how fortunate I am to have a father like that. My father laughs when I make statements of this such and tells him that what they are saying is untrue, but the truth is that I am extremely fortunate to have a son like you.