Essay On My Dream In English For Student And Children

Essay On My Dream In English: Everyone has some sort of ambition. We occasionally become captivated by different things as children and wish to accomplish them in our adult lives. Even as we mature and strive to fulfil them, some goals and aspirations never fade. Having a dream or goal in life is crucial because only when you have aspirations for something do you feel driven to put forth the effort necessary to make it a reality.

Essay On My Dream In English

Essay On My Dream In English For Student And Children

Essay On My Dream In English (100 Words)

Everyone aspires to achievement and wealth. Although I am still unsure of the career path I will take, I also dream of succeeding in the industry I select. But I’m confident that any path I take, I’ll work hard, keep on task, and succeed.

I also want to contribute to my nation in some way. The nation faces several issues, including casteism, poverty, and illiteracy, to name a few. Our nation previously had a great cultural legacy, but it has been completely destroyed. The nation’s crime rate is at an all-time high, and so are a number of other challenges. We cannot entirely pin the blame for these issues on the government, even though there are many flaws in the Indian political system.

Essay On My Dream In English (200 Words)

We should all do our part to advance the development of our nation. I firmly believe in the one-to-one teaching philosophy and have been tutoring my maid’s child for the past two years.

I want to work for an NGO when I’m older to help the underprivileged and needy. I will make every effort to work toward my goal of ending social inequity and poverty in our nation. If we all work together, we will undoubtedly be able to rid our nation of these ills.
“Miracles start to happen when you give as much energy to your dreams as you do to your anxieties,” is a well-known proverb. Dreams are important. You can only attain greatness if you dream large and with all of your heart. As students, we aspire to acquire high grades, make nice friends, have family support, and succeed in life.

Like many others, I have fostered a career aspiration since I was a young child. One day, I hope to create and publish a novel because I want to be a well-known author. When it came to verbal communication, I was never particularly good. It is ingrained in who I am. Even when someone says anything to me, I try to be nice and avoid being rude or direct.

Essay On My Dream In English (300 Words)

I decide to keep quiet in these circumstances. It’s not that I am unable to respond; rather, “I choose” to do so because I value tranquilly. Due to my introversion, I find it difficult to trust people. However, holding onto your sentiments and emotions is not a smart idea because it can make you stressed out and emotionally draining. It’s not that I am unable to respond; rather, “I choose” to do so because I value tranquilly. Due to my introversion, I find it difficult to trust people. However, holding onto your sentiments and emotions is not a smart idea because it can make you stressed out and emotionally draining.

I quickly discovered that writing is a fantastic way to let these sentiments out because I always had the want to yell them out loud and get rid of them when I was by myself. I started writing and discovered that I’m actually pretty good at it. While it is difficult for me to express my emotions in words, it comes naturally to me when I write them down. Writing for me has evolved into a way of life; I continue to keep a journal of all my emotions, which helps me stay organised. I now want to make it my profession because it has grown to be more of a passion for me.

I enjoy writing stories as well as short articles on the events in my life, and I’ll soon write my own novel. My family is fully supportive of my desire to pursue a job.

Children are encouraged to dream of succeeding professionally from a very young age. They are taught the value of having a prosperous career. Everyone they encounter enquires about their goals in life, and for the majority, careers take precedence.

Essay On My Dream In English (400 Words)

They create goals and work hard to accomplish them. While building a career is crucial, many people overlook the fact that it’s equally necessary to devote time in relationships, health, and other facets of life. So why not dream of having a fantastic relationship and good health too? If you can dream of having a rockstar career, why not?

Job Objective

Everyone has a dream job in mind. When I was little, I also wanted to be a scientist. As I got older, I was attracted by Bollywood performers and wanted to be one too. However, it wasn’t until I finished my 12th grade that I realised I had a technical mindset and opted to pursue engineering. It’s okay to have high dreams, but make sure you pick your path carefully, taking your potential and other factors into consideration. Don’t make irrational career aspirations.

Goals for Health and Fitness

Your health comes first and foremost. Only when you are in good health will you be able to put your attention on other aspects of your life. So instead of merely dreaming about having a big automobile, a spacious home, and a six figure job, why not also dream about being healthy? Everyone should aspire to excellent health and make efforts in that direction. Exercise should be a daily habit that you must fit into your schedule. Make it a point to eat healthy foods that include all the necessary micronutrients.

Goals in Relationships

We place a great value on relationships in our life. Whether it be with our parents, spouse, children, siblings, relatives, or friends, every relationship in our lives is important. However, because of the rat race, our relationships frequently suffer. Most people disregard these connections while their lives are going well and only become aware of their importance when they need someone to lean on when things go wrong. Spending time on these relationships is crucial to fostering them. Set goals for your relationships the same way you would for your profession, and see how much love and adoration you receive in return.


After a certain point in life, just having professional aspirations and success may not be enough to keep you happy. Thus, setting fitness goals and having meaningful relationships in your dreams are equally as vital as achieving professional success. Work just as hard to fulfil these as you do to realise your professional goals.

Essay On My Dream In English (500 Words)

Create your life according to the greatest, loftiest vision you can, because you become what you believe. Yes, if you believe in them and put up the effort to realise them, your thoughts and dreams have the capacity to become your reality. Dream of having plenty of love, success, and money, and you will.

Draw the Life of Your Dreams

Do you realise that you can make your desires come true? You must have experienced it at some point in your life. Remember the time you were dying to get your hands on those delectable candies, but when you got home, you discovered that your father had already brought them without you even notifying him? Or perhaps the moment you saw that stunning garment, your heart began to race, and without your having mentioned it to your buddy, she gave you the very same dress for your birthday the following year. It was what? Those things came into your life on their own. You did, in fact, literally! That is the power of dreams and thoughts, and the Law of Attraction theory supports it.

According to the belief, anything we imagine and think about can come true. The cosmos aids us in making our dominating thoughts into our reality. When your heart sincerely desires something, the universe works with you to make it happen, as Paulo Coelho once remarked, “simply because it is a desire that emanated from the spirit of the world.”

According to some, the law of attraction operates as precisely as the law of gravitation. It is believed that whatever desires and dreams we feed into our subconscious mind manifest. People frequently cast doubt on the veracity of this hypothesis, claiming that everyone would be wealthy and content if only their dreams could make them millionaires and attract all the happiness in life.

The catch, though, is this! The distinction between the positive and the negative is not recognised by the subconscious mind. It approaches both the good and the bad in the same manner. Dreaming of wealth, influence, or love would have a similar effect on your reality. Similar to this, you will draw negativity into your life if you doubt your goals and desires, are afraid to dream large, and focus on it. And this is where the majority of people fail. Most people have lofty goals but mistrust their abilities. They aspire to great heights but believe they are just regular individuals who cannot do so; as a result, they believe they are ordinary, which becomes their reality.

Always keep in mind that you must have entire faith in yourself in order to achieve your goals.


When was the last time someone urged you to put your dreams on hold in favour of your work? Now that you have this theory to support your response, the next time someone says such, inform them about the power of dreams. Having said that, you must work hard in addition to dreaming in order to achieve your goals at the same time. Continue to dream, have confidence in yourself, and work as hard as you can to make your dreams come true.