Essay On My Best Friend In English For Student And Children

Essay On My Best Friend In English A person who never leaves my side and never turns away from me is my best friend. We are in the same class and have essentially the same opinions on most topics. My best friend always encourages me academically and supports me emotionally. He approaches me for assistance whenever I’m upset or feeling down. Because of the proximity of our homes, we are able to meet for an evening walk or a walk after supper. Our relationship has deepened and evolved over time. We will likely continue to be the best of friends for the rest of our lives.

My Best Friend

Essay On My Best Friend In English

Essay On My Best Friend In English (100 Words)

Archana is my closest friend from my time in school. We have remained close friends since we were young. She is an intelligent young lady with a fair complexion and chubby cheeks. She is a lovely girl, and I really like her. I vividly recall how we met in kindergarten and quickly grew to be close friends. She has a very jovial, entertaining, and helpful personality. She really does get me and is always willing to assist me in good or bad times. We are classmates and frequently hang out together. Every day, my friends and I travel together to school, and we play sports on the field next to our home.

Essay On My Best Friend In English (200 Words)

I have a special friend with whom I can express my entire range of emotions. It’s Raghav. He is my neighbour and we both reside in the same colony. On the first day of the nursery class, we were introduced to one another. We all share everything in the classroom while seated together and without any issues. We are quite familiar with one another and are aware of one another’s needs. He has a leadership style, is tall, fair-skinned, attractive, and intelligent. She performs exceptionally well academically and is polite to everyone. He pays close attention to both his classwork and homework. He is the teacher’s favourite student because he is always on time and observes all manners.

At lunch, we all share the same tiffin. He constantly supports me and respects my feelings. We have a lot in common, including similar hobbies, likes, and dislikes. We enjoy watching cartoons, playing carom, and listening to music at home. In the classroom and on the playground, we look out for one another. When one of us is absent from school, we lend each other copies and assist each other. In our spare time, we enjoy creating artistic drawings of scenes. Every winter and summer vacation, our entire family goes on a trip and picnic.

Essay On My Best Friend In English (300 Words)

Although I have many childhood pals, Rushi will always be my best friend. She and her dad reside in the apartment next to my home. She is a sweet girl who is naturally helpful. We all need genuine friendship to move forward and find the proper path in life. Finding the best and truest friends in life is really difficult, yet some people are lucky enough to do so. Among all of my pals, she is the one with whom I can communicate my entire being. She is very kind and willing to assist everyone. She is a class monitor and is adored by the class’s professors. She excelled in both intellectual and athletic pursuits. She is friendly and loves to assist those in need.

She greets everyone warmly and has a very friendly disposition. She inspires us constantly with her cheerful outlook. She always converses with me and others in a very polite manner. She is polite and never tells lies. She is a very hilarious lady who enjoys making us laugh anytime we are feeling down. She is a kind buddy who constantly looks out for me. She is capable of overcoming any challenge in her life, and I constantly admire her for both minor and significant accomplishments. She is a well-liked student at the school due to her abilities in academics, sports, and extracurricular activities.

She consistently receives great marks on both the class exams and finals. During exam time, she makes any subjective topic seem very simple to understand. She is skilled and good at observation. When a teacher explains something in class, she picks it up quickly. She excels at football and has participated in numerous contests at the district and school levels, where she has also won awards.

Essay On My Best Friend In English (400 Words)

Ashutosh is the best friend I’ve ever had. He is a great person in my life who supports me through every challenge. He is the one who led me in the proper direction. Even with his hectic schedule, he always makes time for me. He lives next door to me, which is why we often hang out together after school. Every time we have a school holiday, we all take a picnic together. We all celebrate the festivals with each other’s families. Together, we visit the Ramlila fair and have a great time there. We consistently participate in all extracurricular activities offered by the school. At home, we enjoy playing carom and cricket. He is more than just a mentor to me because he always helps me make the right choices whenever I face a challenge.

I could never do anything in my life without him since he is so important to me. He never compromises with bad behaviour and is constantly in a good mood. He always acts morally upright, inspiring each of us in the classroom to follow suit. Even in his toughest moments, he always has a smile on his face and never lets it show. He loves to explain everything and is an excellent counsellor. He looks after his grandparents, parents, and other relatives. He consistently obeys them and other elderly members of society. We initially connected when I was in fifth grade, and now we are in the same section of eighth grade.

He stands out from my other classmates due to his height. I once experienced severe anger due to a financial issue. I was unable to afford all of the class six textbooks. I answered his question by telling him what had transpired. He claimed that despite the issue being minor, you had been depressed and anxious for a few days. He laughed and assured me that we could share all books at home and at school. For the duration of the year, you don’t need to purchase even one book. He then continued to make me laugh with jokes and stories. I’ll never forget the time he came to my aid, and I’ll always be prepared to do the same for him. He never juggles his personal and business lives because he is so pragmatic. He always assists me when I am having trouble with a math assignment. Despite the fact that our tastes diverge, we are the best of friends.