Essay On Mother In English For Student And Children

Essay On Mother In English A mother is a woman who bears children and is responsible for their upbringing throughout their lives. She has a lifetime commitment to her children, one that is unconditional and marked by love, devotion, and care. Mothers are beautiful because of how much they love and give up for their children. Even female animals show a remarkable feeling of love and protection for their offspring.

A mother has a significant impact on a child’s overall development. For a child’s physical and emotional growth, she is absolutely necessary. She not only contributes to a child’s growth and development but also to the society at large by upholding its moral standards. The values that a man or woman’s mother instilled in them as children determine how they behave in society.


Essay On Mother In English

Essay On Mother In English (100 Words)

Mothers are those who take care of their young, feeding, and safeguarding them from dangers outside the home. A mother is the epitome of unconditional love and devotion. She would do anything to protect her child or children, including any amount of penance.

Mother also serves as a mentor or guide for her children, introducing them to the outside world while simultaneously watching out for their welfare. The mother’s love knows no bounds, and it’s startling to see that animals also exhibit a strong maternal instinct. It is also common to refer to a woman as the mother who is not the children’s biological mother but who nevertheless cares for and feeds them.

Essay On Mother In English (200 Words)

The most significant person in our lives is our mother, who always cares for us in accordance with our true nature. She never leaves our side and looks out for us at all times. She endured great anguish and discomfort while carrying us for nine months, yet every time she thinks of us in her everyday life, she smiles. She gives birth to us without even slightly griping. Throughout our lives, we will never be able to match her genuine love and care, but we should always respect and love her. Everyone who has a mother in their life is extraordinarily fortunate and has received a lot of God’s blessings.

A mother is a very normal woman who never puts her own happiness before the happiness of her children. She consistently expresses interest in all of our activities and smiles. She has a warm, generous heart that is filled with love and caring for others. She is a woman with a strong will who constantly teaches us how to handle life’s most difficult challenges. She consistently motivates us to succeed in life by overcoming all of its challenges. She is everyone’s first teacher, and her lessons have consistently been shown to be priceless and worthwhile throughout life.

Essay On Mother In English (300 Words)

The one person in everyone’s life who cannot be replaced in our hearts is their mother. She resembles Mother Nature, who only knows how to give and accept nothing in return. Although we feel her nine months earlier in her womb, we see her from the first moment of our lives when we open our eyes in this world. Every time we speak, mom is the first word we say. She is our very first friend, teacher, and lover in this world. She is the one who makes us grow and develop in her arms because when we are born, we are powerless. She aids in our understanding of the world.

Mother’s Contribution to Our Lives:

A mother cares for her child like God and is always there for him. Our mother is the only God there is on the planet. No one can love and care for us as much or make the same sacrifices as our mothers. She is the greatest lady we have ever known, and no one will ever be able to take her place. She is always prepared for us to do anything, even when she is exhausted. Without ever being late, she gets up early in the morning, makes breakfast, and gives us lunch and a water bottle.


After completing all of the daily tasks, she waits for us at the door in the afternoon. She always considers our preferences and makes a delicious dinner in the evening. She assists us with our projects and homework. She never gets tired of showering people with love and affection, just as the ocean will never run dry. She is exceptional and the only person in the entire universe who cannot be replaced. She is the real answer to all of our issues, small and large. She is one who never criticises her child and always stands up for them.

Essay On Mother In English (400 Words)

Nothing in this world compares to our mother’s genuine love and care. She is the only woman in our lives who genuinely cares about us and loves us in this way. A mother’s child is everything to her. She always motivates us to take on challenging life tasks whenever we find ourselves in a hopeless position. She pays attention to everything we say, good or negative, and is a wonderful listener. She never puts us in any limitations or restrictions. She enables us to recognise right from wrong.

Mom’s selfless love

Another name for a mother—and only a mother can have it—is true love. She cares for and loves us without ceasing from the moment we enter her womb until we are born and throughout the rest of her life in this world. Nothing is more priceless than a mother, who can be blessed by God; as a result, we should always be grateful to God. She embodies genuine love, devotion, and selflessness. By giving birth to us, she transforms a house into a loving home.

Mother: A Child’s First Teacher and Mentor

She is the one who first introduces us to formal education at home and serves as our first and most beloved teacher. She imparts to us sound life lessons and behavioural advice. From the moment we arrived in this world while still in her womb until the end of our lives, she has loved and cared for us. After much suffering and struggle, she gives birth to us, but in return she always gives us love. No other kind of love exists in the world that is as enduring, powerful, selfless, pure, and committed. She is the one who eliminates all the darkness from our lives to bring light into them.


Mother shares with us myths, legends of the Gods and Goddesses, and other historical tales of kings and queens. She is constantly concerned about our safety from strangers, future, and health. She always points us in the right direction and, most importantly, she spreads genuine happiness throughout our lives. She transforms us from a small, helpless child into strong adults who are strong in their minds, bodies, social skills, and intellect. Even when we hurt her feelings occasionally, she always stands by us and prays to God for our health and a bright future. Furthermore, it is true that God couldn’t be everywhere, which is why he created mothers.

Essay On Mother In English (500 Words)

It is a traditional belief that since god could not be everywhere at once, he created mother. The adage is accurate because a mother’s status is equal to that of a god. She is the one who gave us life and taught us how to stand upright. Despite being exhausted, she is the epitome of unselfish love and is always prepared for their children.

My mother is the one I can totally rely on when it comes to her. She is the one who never refuses our requests and who never gets weary of performing our daily duties. She always shows all of our siblings the same amount of love and affection, never letting us know the difference in her devotion. My mother casts out all the darkness and gives us the light of joy and love, just like the sun.

What Makes a Good Mother?

It is seldom simple to sum up a good mother in a few words. But in the simplest terms possible, we may say that a good mother is someone for whom her child is the centre of the universe. I can identify several traits in my mother that make her the best mother in the entire world. She has an unconditionally strong and deep affection for her child. In addition to showing her child her love as a mother, she also shoulders a lot of responsibility for their upbringing.

She is the embodiment of forgiveness since she overlooks every error we make and makes sure we recognise our faults and accept responsibility. A good mother gives her child every chance to be one in a million and forgoes all of her comforts so that they can live happy, fulfilling lives. The most priceless thing in the world that will never be replaced by anything is the unconditional love a mother has for her children.

Characteristics of a Mother

When a woman becomes a mother, some innate traits are already passed down to her. But there are also a few characteristics needed to be a good mother. The following are a mother’s main characteristics:

Being a mother entails a lot of responsibility. One of the most crucial traits of a mother is the duty of caring for the child both before and after birth. She is the one who raises her child from conception and nurtures him until he can stand alone.

Unselfish Love
A mother would always provide her kids unconditional love in no matter what. Regardless of their mischief, she always unconditionally loves her children. Regardless of the age of her children, her love for them never changes.

A mother ought to support her kids at all times. She should always support her kids no matter what happens to them. She should always be present to stand up for her kids’ rights and best interests.

This is the trait that every mother should develop as soon as she becomes a mother. Dealing with children always requires a lot of patience because they are still developing and not yet mature enough to grasp concepts all at once.