Essay On Moral Values In English For Student And Children

Essay On Moral Values In English Moral values are the righteous principles that our parents and instructors instil in us. These include, to name a few, being truthful and kind, respecting others, offering assistance to those in need, being loyal to one’s relationship, and working with others. A person becomes a good human being through ingesting good moral values. A person is said to have good character if they uphold their moral principles.

Moral Values

Essay On Moral Values In English

Essay On Moral Values In English (100 Words)

Society’s Changing Moral Values

Nuclear family systems evolved from joint families.

Depending on the society one lives in, moral ideals can vary somewhat. Additionally, they vary from generation to generation. One such nation that takes pride in its deep-rooted culture and wealth of moral principles is India. The first and most important lesson we learn in life is to respect our elders. Our parents have emphasised its significance to us since we were young. Speaking poorly of the elderly is offensive, whether it be our parents, grandparents, relatives, or any other elderly person. Indian joint families are well-known worldwide. In our nation, children remain to live with their parents and siblings even after getting married. Up until a recent few years, this was more of a tradition. People were supposed to keep together and live under one roof regardless of how small the house was or whether there were conflicts among the family members.

Essay On Moral Values In English (200 Words)

Moral principles include excellent deeds like kindness, charity, honesty, politeness, perseverance, self-control, and respect. People with these traits are seen as being valuable members of society. They not only live a disciplined life but also contribute to the improvement of people around them. Everyone respects their commitment to their jobs, sense of self-control, and helpfulness.

Every parent wants their kids to grow up to be morally upright people. When it comes to instilling moral standards, many Indian households are very rigid. They emphasise how important it is and work to instil the value in their children from a young age. However, with time, society’s moral standards are deteriorating.

When it comes to moral principles, there are two opposing schools of thought. According to one, a person must uphold strong moral standards, even at the expense of their happiness. The other, on the other hand, contends that one should not be overly strict with oneself and that moral standards may be modified to some extent if they become a source of stress. The modern youth has a stronger tendency to favour enjoyment over moral ideals. The expanding impact of western society may be to blame for this.

Essay On Moral Values In English (300 Words)

Honesty, kindness, respect for others, assisting others, exercising self-control, treating everyone equally, and assimilating other positive traits are examples of moral principles. Such characteristics are indicative of someone who is morally upright. On the other side, the society despises those who lack these qualities.

To adopt moral values and practise healthy practises, one must be committed. Not everyone has the same level of resolve to maintain these practises. But we need to make an effort to practise these. Moral Principles in the Workplace

People are attracted to those who have high moral standards. During a job interview, one of the things the interviewer looks at is whether the potential employee has strong moral principles. Every firm has a set ethical code of conduct that employees are expected to abide by in addition to the fundamental moral principles. Compared to organisations where these fundamental aspects are not organised, those with disciplined personnel who uphold strong moral standards operate more methodically. In such a setting, corruption is reduced and everyone has an equal opportunity to develop. This is the reason why employers pay extra attention to this trait when choosing an employee.

Sadly, today’s kids do not place much significance on moral principles. One of the factors contributing to the decline of these values nowadays is the increasing competition. People aren’t afraid to lie, cheat, or engage in other unethical or immoral behaviour in an effort to advance their careers. The workplace is agitated by this. Because of this, the morally dubious workers get to the top while the qualified ones remain in their positions for life.


For our society to thrive and grow in the proper ways, we need more people who have strong moral principles.

Essay On Moral Values In English (400 Words)

The moral standards by which society evaluates a person’s character are called moral standards. On the basis of these ideals, a person is deemed to be good or bad. The moral principles that an individual holds influence their choices and decisions in life to a great extent.

The Importance of Moral Values

The boundaries between good and wicked are established by moral principles. People can comprehend how to behave in society in order to live peacefully thanks to these well defined rules. Making decisions becomes easier in some ways as a person is aware of how his actions would be judged based on the moral standards he has been taught since he was a young child.


Our moral ideals give us a purpose in life. If we have strong moral principles, we are anchored in reality and motivated to help people around us. Good moral principles include things like helping others, showing concern for those around us, making informed choices, and not hurting people. The best parts of us are brought forth by these values.

Indian society’s moral principles

Indian culture and society place a high priority on moral principles. People are expected to act in a way that is morally righteous from a young age. They are instructed in the socially acceptable notions of right and wrong. One of the earliest skills we learn is to treat others with respect, especially the elderly, and to speak patiently and lovingly to those who are younger than we are. Additionally, one is instructed in upholding morality. In Indian society, especially among women, engaging in vices like drinking, smoking, and other infamous pastimes is practically prohibited. It is viewed as being contrary to Indian society’s customs and traditions. Family ties with those who choose the morally wrong path have been known to be severed in India.

However, because of the shifting times and people’s growing love to western culture, many people are disobeying these established moral standards. These days, everyone wants the freedom to live their lives whatever they choose, and stringent moral standards frequently get in the way of their enjoyment. In their pursuit of independence and happiness, many people rebel against the social order.


Despite the fact that people should uphold moral principles, they may seem unrealistic. Moral standards must be adjusted to reflect these changes in attitude and manner of life, but they shouldn’t be overly rigid.

Essay On Moral Values In English (500 Words)

To assist people live a disciplined life, moral values are the positive principles that are taught. Moral values are positive practises like being truthful, helpful, morally upright, deferential, in love with others, working hard, and being kind.

Moral Values in Students’ Lives: How Important Are They?

There are several challenges in a student’s life. A person learns a number of lessons every day at this age since they are developing. We carry with us throughout our life the lessons we acquire while we are in this age bracket. Therefore, it is crucial to support the pupils in ingraining morally upright principles. Indeed, they represent the nation’s future. Morally upright kids grow up to be responsible young adults. Those without morals endanger society as well as their own lives as they age. They also ruin their own lives.

Developing Students’ Moral Character

To assist pupils in developing moral principles, both parents and instructors must make extra effort. A lot of kids are quite perceptive. Observing their teachers, parents, and older siblings is how they learn most things in life. Instead of listening to what is told to them, they pay greater attention to how their elders act and behave and imitate it. If youngsters witness their elders speaking truth, for instance, they will be motivated to do the same. However, kids will be motivated to lie if they are prompted to say the truth regularly but witness their elders doing otherwise. Therefore, it is the duty of both parents and teachers to act in a manner that exemplifies positive values and encourages the inculcation of the same in the children. They need to provide the children the motivation to accept responsibility with joy, be kind to others, speak the truth, and be polite.

Additionally, rather than simply lecturing kids on moral principles, schools must put more of an emphasis on teaching them through the use of instructive stories and lectures. For the sake of the pupils’ safety, evil customs and harmful behaviours must be opposed. As crucial as teaching pupils other subjects is instilling in them strong moral principles.

The current generation and moral principles

People’s attitudes are evolving as well with the passage of time. Going against one’s morals and roots is not a good thing, even though it is good to adapt to the times. Unlike prior generations, today’s youth are less concerned with upholding moral and ethical standards.

Their attitude about life is different. These days, it’s usual to see people acting frivolously, lying to their advantage, and using drugs, alcohol, or both. Young people today engage in this without any inhibitions, when it was once thought to be forbidden. The impact of western culture can be credited for the majority of this. Parents today are also so busy living their lives that they scarcely have time to spend with their kids and educate them what is good and wrong.


Good moral qualities like honesty, altruism, goodness, decency, and self-discipline must be possessed by a person. The society benefits from having people like these.