Essay On Money Cant Buy Happiness In English For Student And Children

Essay On Money Cant Buy Happiness In English Happiness is a feeling that we, as human beings, discover within ourselves. Happiness lasts a lifetime; an object can make someone joyful for a little period of time. If someone believes that happiness can be purchased, they are not truly happy.

The value placed on money is enormous, and the straightforward things that truly make us happy are frequently disregarded. Love is one of the things that brings happiness. It has no price yet can provide you happiness in life. This emotion cannot be bought. It cannot be exchanged for any currency in existence. In general, people think that money may make someone feel loved or happy, and maybe it does, but only temporarily.

Money Can’t Buy Happiness

Essay On Money Can’t Buy Happiness In English

Essay On Money Can’t Buy Happiness In English (100 words)

Life, Love, and Other Things That Money Can’t Buy

It is obvious that one cannot purchase happiness with money. What else can cash not purchase?

Money can buy lust, arousal, and power, but it cannot purchase love. It is only possible to feel and experience love. It has a personal, sentimental, and enigmatic quality.

Truth: Although money may be able to buy influence, truth is ultimately the most potent force. Sometimes money is used to push ideas or an agenda, and it may even be used to fund skewed research to support a viewpoint.

Time: The time you have invested cannot be refunded. The minutes that have already passed won’t come back. There is no way to turn back time or lengthen life, despite all of the advances in science and medicine.

Essay On Money Can’t Buy Happiness In English (200 words)

Happiness is a word that is challenging to define in general. Everybody measures happiness in their own unique manner. Few people believe that money can buy happiness, yet there are those who don’t. Although having a lot of money will undoubtedly give us lots of methods to amuse ourselves, love and happiness cannot be purchased, in my opinion.

Love is something that cannot be purchased with money, and having supportive friends and family makes life happier. Being with loved ones makes life more fulfilling and joyful. For instance, I recently read an article about a well-known Bollywood actress who passed away alone and from despair. Because of her beauty and acting talent, she had become a very well-known actress. Despite having a sizable income every year, she was unhappy because she had neither a close friend nor family that could look after her. A happier life can be had without money, though, if you are surrounded by people who love and care about you.

Most of the time, people have to work really hard to make a lot of money, which leaves them with less time for social activities. Many businesspeople work six days a week and make decent money, but they are stressed up because they don’t have time to spend it. Even if someone has money, it is useless if they don’t have the time to appreciate it.

Essay On Money Can’t Buy Happiness In English (300 words)

The happiness model is a useful tool for defining this concept. It’s really easy to understand: happiness is a reference to a better performance that may result in better rewards. Observe the Happiness Model as follows:

An analysis of happiness

This concept states that if you are passionate about what you do, it follows that you will want to learn more about it and have a clearer understanding of it. Your performance will undoubtedly improve as a result of your increased clarity, which will ultimately lead to your success and the associated reward.

More comfort, enjoyment, and positivity can lead to improved performance, according to a psychological study. A person who is happy is more likely to succeed in whatever task they are working on. He can now work at a higher level as a result.

It brings what? You get the benefits you’re hoping for from it. Both financial and non-financial benefits may be included. Simple praise and a pat on the back from your boss at work can suffice. However, it could also result in you hitting your sales goal and collecting the incentive associated with it, or it could increase your chances of earning a promotion.

Your performance in your goal will be better the more steady and consistent your happiness and optimistic perspective are.

Someone who approaches work each day with enthusiasm will be more successful and productive in whatever they are doing. This applies to your private life as well.


When you do what you love, you will be rewarded. Generally speaking, you’ll perform better, be wealthier both materially and figuratively, and have a more satisfying and joyful life. The possibilities are endless. Take advantage of your surroundings by going outside.

Essay On Money Can’t Buy Happiness In English (400 words)

Many individuals believe that happiness can be attained with the use of money or that happiness is a necessary condition for wealth. However, a small number of us continue to think that the best things in life are free. There are many free things that can provide us true happiness. Family, connections, and friends are all priceless. Real happiness is about those things, which are not stuff that can be purchased. Many individuals assume that having money or simply being wealthy will make them happy or enable them to purchase the things they need to be happy.

Money cannot purchase happiness.

People that have been there for us throughout our lives include our family, friends, and relations. They were involved in the creation of all of our memories, and they are aware of the details of all of our spectacular encounters, including our dating adventures, embarrassing moments, and bumps and bruises. There isn’t enough money in the world to cover that. Memories cannot be bought or paid off since they are generated and created. I’ve always prioritised my family, so I can’t understand why some individuals believe that happiness is something that can be purchased with money.

Many of us value our friends highly. A friend is someone who accepts you for who you are and what you are, and who sticks by you even when you lose faith in yourself. We develop strong bonds of friendship with people, and we get emotionally invested in them. Money cannot impede our strategy, nor can it procure us genuine friends. Without friends to confide in and a shoulder to lean on when we need it, we would all be terribly sad as individuals.

I’ve personally observed individuals who purchase items for friends, such as clothing, accessories, food, or anything else. It might work, but only for a short period of time, after which it will simply serve to further prove that money cannot buy happiness.


In fact, the best things in life are totally free. The valuable possessions we own may occasionally be taken for granted. Even if we may not be aware of the importance of love, family, and friends, when we think about it more deeply, we understand that these are actually the best things in life. While relationships formed with the heart and emotions can last a lifetime, materialistic objects and relationships can only be purchased for a limited time. Remember, happiness cannot be purchased with money, but it can be purchased with more money!

Essay On Money Can’t Buy Happiness In English (500 words)

Can you be happy if you live in a large mansion, swim in an indoor pool, or drive a fancy car? Or perhaps it has something to do with relationships, love, self-realization, and liberation. People who believe that money cannot buy happiness fall into one of two categories: those who have a lot of money but are still miserable, and those who have never had a lot of money.

What exactly is joy?

What exactly is joy? Is it enjoyable?

Is there a distinction between pleasure and happiness?

Varied people always have different definitions of what happiness is. The delight of one person could bring bad luck to another. What then is true happiness? You become distinct from worldly pleasures because of it, and you experience constant joy. By being calm, compassionate, and helpful to others, you can increase your happiness. You cannot purchase this type of happiness with cash.

Wants vs. Needs

Life is really straightforward, but we tend to make it complex. “Needs and Wants” is one of life’s fundamental principles. The necessities for human survival include items like food, clothing, housing, and other necessities. In today’s world, having enough money, energy, education, and transportation are also necessities. When a man’s basic requirements are met, he doesn’t stop there; instead, he continues to long for more. When he reaches this stage, he wants even more, such as a global tour, a luxury villa, and new interests like golf, sailing, etc. in addition to a pay raise, a better residence in the city, pricey clothes, and a luxury automobile.

In other words, if one’s happiness depends on these things, then it’s pretty difficult to conceive that one will be happy because they will constantly be preoccupied with collecting more and more. It is admirable to be ambitious, and having money can help one live a comfortable life, but when one turns selfish and greedy, materialistic items start to take the place of one’s ultimate aims in life. Happiness is induced by accomplishment, but only momentarily. We put in years of effort to accomplish something, but it disappears after a few weeks or months.

Does Money Matter?

Saying that money is not significant is incorrect. Imagine yourself travelling with your family somewhere. Your objective in this voyage is the travel itself, not the final destination. Although travelling with family is enjoyable, the cost of the fuel needed to keep the car running during the trip must be paid. You can still drive it on a slope even if the fuel tank is empty, but it will be risky. The same principles apply to human existence; money is required to operate it, and it is quite challenging to thrive without it. When achieving financial success is your sole priority, finding happiness might be difficult.

Comparing joy and pleasure

Money can buy you pleasure, but in reality, you need a lot of money to do so. A intelligent man will not conflate happiness and pleasure, but a common man will mistake pleasure for happiness, and at the end of the day, he may find himself rich yet depressed, angry, or lonely.