Essay On Man vs. Machine In English For Student And Children 

Essay On Man vs. Machine In English Since the Stone Age, when man had to work hard to meet his most basic necessities, humans have fundamentally changed for the better. The era of science and technology is now. Together, man and machine perform tasks accurately and successfully. Man is the creator and operator of machines, yet he also depends heavily on them to do daily activities. The majority of our daily tasks are carried out with the aid of machines. This helps you save lots of time and energy.

Humans invented machines to perform tasks that were insurmountable for a typical human. Machines are operated by mankind to complete a variety of difficult tasks. Machines are capable of performing a variety of activities, including producing straight pins from die-struck iron metal, precisely cutting a metal sheet into complex shapes, drilling exact holes in metal sheets, creating wedges, etc. For a human to complete these tasks would have been extremely challenging, if not impossible. Machines carry out jobs that humans cannot complete with their own hands, even though they are operated and maintained by humans.

Man vs. Machine

Essay On Man vs. Machine In English

Essay On Man vs. Machine In English (100 Words)

People need to interact with one another very much. With machines, communication is not possible. We become angry when a live person does not answer the call when call centres employ IVR (Interactive voice response). Every time we call customer care, whether it be for a cell phone issue, shopping assistance, or to ask a question, we are directed to the IVR. It irritates us since we needlessly have to navigate a lengthy menu and are unable to communicate with the machines. Can we exist in a world when human interaction is limited to interactions with machines? We constantly favour interpersonal communication. With people, we feel at ease speaking, investigating, and solving our difficulties.

Essay On Man vs. Machine In English (200 Words)

Man has created many distinctive and inventive devices over the years. The computer and other devices have started to take over and replace the crucial tasks that were previously carried out by people. Artificial intelligence has become incredibly important to us. However, it is generally accepted that because man created machines, artificial intelligence cannot completely replace human intelligence.

The human brain is more capable of working continuously and effectively to produce and utilise anything. Humans are capable of picking up on, comprehending, and learning new concepts. People are naturally curious and like to create new things. Machines lack diversity of talent, whereas humans do. Human brains can also develop artificial intelligence, however its capabilities are constrained.

Humans cannot match the speed and accuracy of machines. For instance, calculators perform calculations more quickly and correctly than human brains do. The functioning of any type of machine is programmed by the human brain. Human brains naturally grow through observation, experimentation, learning, and discovery, while equipment can only advance when humans feed its mechanical brain. Additionally, machines lack emotional intelligence. Emotions are important for the way the human brain grows.

Therefore, whereas humans are always experimenting, producing, innovating, and learning more, machines have a limited capability.

Essay On Man vs. Machine In English (300 Words)

Man created the first machines, yet he also depends heavily on them. After the industrial revolution, man quickly evolved and advanced. He now enjoys life with ease, convenience, and pleasure thanks to machines and contemporary technology. Everything we want in today’s fast-paced world, from basic calculations to mass manufacture of goods, is made possible by machines.

Which is superior, man or machine?

In comparison to things manufactured by humans, the products made with the aid of machines are finer built and have a better finish. Compared to humans, machines can produce goods faster and in larger quantities. Everything made by machines has a nice finish, whether it be clothing, shoes, or jewellery.

Artificial intelligence helps people save time and energy while also providing amusement. Today’s man finds it impossible to envision his life without devices like smartphones, laptops, music players, televisions, and washing machines. Humans and machines work together for greater production, speed, and precision; they are not rivals. Everything has become quick and easy, from communication to travel. Man uses machines to assist him in all of his endeavours. Machines have various applications. In the modern world, rapid development is a result of machines.

We must remember, though, that man created machines. Man, then, is undoubtedly superior than machines. He has developed some physical limitations as a result of his dependence on machinery and decline in physical activity. Man is a ravenous beast that constantly seeks more. Despite the fact that machines have made life easier for man, he lacks the patience and time to live a peaceful existence.


In a way, I believe that because man no longer has the time or patience to labour hard or appreciate the natural beauty of the planet, machines have made human life both amusing and dull. Though I believe it can have both beneficial and negative effects on humanity, human and machine partnership is the best.

Essay On Man vs. Machine In English (400 Words)

Machines and people function differently. We are all aware that humans invented machines. The purpose of machines is to simplify human life. There is a new revolution and humans are heavily dependent on machines. A machine is nothing more than a multi-part motorised device. While performing various tasks, machines do not have life as people do.

Machines are a Product of Humanity

Humans have a life since they are made of flesh and blood. Humans experience emotions and sentiments, and at various moments, they express various emotions. Machines have a mechanical brain that is programmed by humans and they operate mechanically. Unlike machines, which are incapable of understanding, humans comprehend the situation and act accordingly. People are innovative and creative.

Machines cannot create or invent new things; only humans can. Humans control and direct machines. While machines have artificial intelligence, humans are endowed with both intelligence and emotion. Language skills, the ability to recognise patterns, and creative thinking are just a few of the many unique abilities that humans possess. Humans are undoubtedly superior to machines when it comes to social interaction, data analysis, and opinion formation.

Employing machines

For a variety of purposes, there are many machines like televisions, freezers, audio systems, home theatres, washing machines, and so forth. The utilisation of these machines has made our lives considerably simpler. Compared to humans, machines analyse information far more quickly and carry out calculations with greater accuracy. Computers can process a lot of information and have a memory that is undoubtedly superior to that of humans.

Machines operate more smoothly and effectively than people do. With the use of machinery, the products may be produced faster and in higher quantities. With cell phones, simple communication is available from anywhere in the world. With the aid of transportation facilities, one can travel at breakneck speeds everywhere in the world. It is now much simpler to conduct research and exchange opinions from anywhere in the world. In contrast to humans, machines are not affected by feelings or emotions.


Therefore, both humans and machines have great power. In some processes, machines unquestionably perform better than people, and vice versa. Humans are endowed with strength and intelligence, whereas machines have artificial intelligence. Although human intellect is by far superior to artificial intelligence, the optimal situation is when the two work together. In the modern world, humans cannot survive without artificial intelligence. For development and a brighter future, the human brain and technology must work together.

Essay On Man vs. Machine In English (500 Words)

We now live in a technologically advanced world where devices like smart phones, computers, and tablets have ingrained themselves into every aspect of our daily lives. Our lives now would be difficult to imagine without artificial intelligence. We wonder what will come next in this line of advancement given the development we have made from mobile phones to smart phones, computers to laptops, cable television to satellites. Even the possibility of artificial intelligence surpassing human intelligence is foreseen. However, the rise of human intelligence led to the evolution of artificial intelligence. Is it possible for artificial intelligence to exist without humans?

How Would I Prefer?

Artificial intelligence is now an essential part of our daily life, whether it is for business, entertainment, education, or simply exchanging ideas. The extent of human and artificial intelligence collaboration has greatly increased. Although they make life easier, machines cannot take the place of people in our lives. Machines are designed by and run by humans. Artificial intelligence cannot create, unlike humans, and is controlled by machines, giving human intellect the advantage over it.

Human Needs and Emotions

We have a machine addiction. What about our emotional requirements, though? Can we converse with a machine? Can we communicate our emotions to the machines? Can humans develop feelings for the machines? Can computers have feelings? Can we just get along without humans? Even if we now spend more time with machines than with people, at the end of the day, we still interact with people. We are gregarious beings, aren’t we? People are emotional beings with a variety of emotional demands. They are also prone to emotional outbursts. They frequently experience stress as a result of many life circumstances. The ability of the human brain to make accurate and rational decisions is obscured by emotions. Never will a human brain be as reliable as a machine. Emotions have a powerful influence on the human brain.

The most important thing to remember is that humans are what matter to us most. We don’t want to communicate with machines rather than people. Although technology allows us to replace our in-person buying with internet shopping, not everyone favours it. Some people like physically going to shopping centres to try on various outfits. We still need to speak with a stress management specialist and not a machine when it comes to coping with stress. Human communication cannot be replaced by anything. Technology is not always going to be a better option or be able to replace people, even though it is readily available.


In order to buy or file a service complaint, I personally prefer speaking to an actual being. I also like being with others over being stuck to the television or my phone. Dealing with human emotions and sentiments is a lot better experience. Humans are governed by both their heart and brain in addition to their brain. The human brain and heart work together to form an emotional whole.