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Essay On Man In English We all know what a man is (Plural – Men). It is a well-known and frequently used phrase. But do we actually understand the origins and historical development of man or the human species? The evolution of man into the species we know today occurred over millions of years. The most intelligent species on earth, according to some, is man. It makes sense given all the innovations he has made to improve the quality of life.


Essay On Man In English

Essay On Man In English (100 Words)

There is no longer any region on Earth that man hasn’t visited; he has now colonised every part of it. Intelligence is among a man’s most valuable traits. Man has distinguished himself as the most influential species on the world thanks to his outstanding capacity for thought, judgement, and decision-making. Additionally, men dominate communities and family structures.
The most amazing creation of God is man. Man is unique from other living things because the Almighty endowed him with the capacity for thought and reasoning. By utilising the many resources that are accessible on earth, man not only exists but also lives his life to the maximum.

Essay On Man In English (200 Words)

Monkeys and apes are the ancestors of the human species. Since the prehistoric era, man has significantly changed. The earliest humans were enormously built, subsisted on raw food, lived in caves, and dressed simply in animal skin and leaves. After the invention of fire, people started roasting their food before consuming it. With time, several inventions were created. The human race left the caves and began to construct homes. Villages quickly developed, followed by towns and cities. Various other things emerged together with the means of transportation. Therefore, a lot of things were basically invented together with the evolution of man, and they changed over time as well.

Today, man has advanced in many aspects of existence. To make his life enjoyable and pleasant, he has created a variety of inventions. In any case, the ecosystem has suffered because of him. The once-clean and fresh air has since turned contaminated. This has caused a number of plant and animal species to go extinct and has given rise to a number of diseases.
Man has always chosen to live in communities. Since the prehistoric era, man has lived and travelled in groups. He felt safe and was able to protect himself from the wild animals thanks to this. This is one example of a human behaviour that hasn’t altered significantly over time. Socializing is still very popular. For the male, society, family, and culture are of the utmost significance.

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A social animal, man.

Watch what happens to a man if you leave him alone for a month. It will cause him to experience loneliness, depression, and physical and mental health problems. A man is unable to live by himself. A sociable animal, man has always been one. He enjoys socialising with others. He feels alive and a sense of belonging when he spends time with his friends and family, shares his opinions with them, and engages in various activities with them.

Indians used to live in joint families in the past. The joint family concept offered a number of benefits. The kids’ overall growth benefited from it. Additionally, it was found to benefit the elderly. But recently, there has been a cultural change. The younger generation is segregating itself and, for a variety of reasons, wishes to live alone.

The younger generation does not feel the need to be alone, even though they value their privacy and want to go their own way. They do this in their own unique ways. The social media sites and social networking applications would not have become as well-known if it weren’t for this.


Although the human mind and intelligence are always improving, one thing that hasn’t changed is man’s need to feel safe and secure. Maintaining contact with our loved ones helps us feel secure.
God made all men in the same image. It also produced a setting that was conducive to human survival. However, both of these have been tampered with by man. Men established barriers and made a number of distinctions based on things like economic rank, caste, religion, and other factors. He enjoys mingling with peers of a similar stature and despises those who are beneath him. Man-made technological improvements have interfered with the environment’s ability to function normally, and as a result, it is in danger of being destroyed.

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Culture and Man

Culture has a significant impact on a man’s upbringing. It has a significant impact on how a person’s mind and overall personality develop. People from various cultures have distinct perspectives for this reason. To someone from a different culture, something or someone’s behaviour could look entirely natural. The Indian populace holds their culture in the highest regard. Indians value deference to and submission to authority figures. In India, unlike in other countries, children stay with their parents until they are adults.

Indians respect the religious and cultural beliefs of others and extend a warm welcome to everyone. Here, people from many classes and religions coexist peacefully. People from various cultures also uphold the principles that have shaped their personalities and worldview.

The environment and man

Although the quality of human life has improved and been strengthened in many ways, this development has also had certain unfavourable effects. Its effect on the environment is just one of these. The industrial revolution turned out to be extremely beneficial for society. To make man’s life more comfortable, many workers were hired and a number of new items were created. Since then, several industries have emerged.

Every day, several things are produced for our use. These sectors generate both commonly used things and luxury items to improve our quality of life. The quality of life on earth is declining as our way of life improves. Pollution of the air, water, and land is a result of expanding industry and vehicle populations.

The environment is being harmed by this pollution. A number of additional human activities also contribute to the pollution. It has affected biodiversity and is responsible for a number of illnesses in both humans and other animals.


Man needs to pause and consider where he is going. The ecosystem needs to cease being polluted, and it’s time to return to our roots. This course of action would render our world uninhabitable.
The most intelligent species is generally agreed to be man. Man, unlike other creatures on the planet, engages in a wide range of activities that both benefit his physical health and help him develop psychologically. Man has been endowed with intelligence, which he has fully utilised to improve the quality of his life.
Ancient Man

Early human life was very dissimilar from modern human life. Around 2 million years ago, during the Stone Age, man lived with wild creatures in the rainforests.

Essay On Man In English (500 Words)

He had a hard time getting meals. To satisfy his appetite, he hunted wild animals, fished fish, and ate birds. In order to obtain fruits, veggies, and leaves, he also climbed up trees. Thus, the term “early man” also refers to hunters and gatherers. He used animal skins and leaves for clothing and lived in caves. Like contemporary man, early man liked to reside with his kin.

Early humans frequently migrated around in quest of food, settling in locations that were close to rivers or water streams. His main reason for moving from one location to another was when his food supplies at one location ran out. Birds and animals frequently move from one location to another. Animals were the primary source of sustenance for the early man, therefore he followed them wherever they went. In addition, various plants and trees produce their fruits and vegetables at various times of the year. So, early man also travelled in accordance with the seasons. He moved in groups because it made him feel safer.

While early man first travelled large distances on foot, he eventually invented wheels and built bullock carts. He also made a lot of implements out of wood and stone.

Ancient Man

Man emerged from the caves and began to construct homes as the human race developed. Different human civilizations arose quickly. Man’s attention switched from gathering food for survival to creating newer, better items to improve life. The men of this time were known as mediaeval men since it was the start of a new era. When compared to what it was like in the Stone Age, both the physical characteristics and the degree of human thought had greatly advanced.

Post-modern and modern men

As man’s way of life, culture, and other facets continued to advance, he became known as the modern man. The term “post-modern man” refers to this stage of human evolution. When compared to early man, the postmodern man is very different in terms of appearance, behaviour, and mental capacity. This transformation was brought about by a number of natural processes as well as some human intervention in the same.


The way that man once lived has changed dramatically over time. In comparison to the current man, the early man was unquestionably physically stronger and more fit. However, it has significantly improved over time in terms of the mental component. Intelligence in humans has increased and is continually increasing. The inventions we are creating are a blatant example of this. The way that people in the Stone Age lived is unimaginable to us now.
Evolution took place over millions of years to produce man as we know him today. We are but a tiny portion of this vast world, which has its own strange ways of holding everything together and occasionally bringing about changes.

Development of Man

According to theory, an apelike predecessor gave rise to man. Our nearest relatives are thought to be chimpanzees and gorillas. There has been a tonne of research on how man evolved, and several scholars have developed various ideas that are essentially the same.