Essay On Loss of Biodiversity In English For Student And Children

Essay On Loss of Biodiversity In English The term “biodiversity” refers to the abundance of different species of animals on Earth. Nature on Earth provides biodiversity, which supports the maintenance of the life cycle. We can benefit from biodiversity in many different ways.

Loss of Biodiversity

Essay On Loss of Biodiversity In English

decrease in biodiversity

The extinction of biodiversity means the end of life on Earth. The growing human population is one of the key causes. In deep forests, most living things can be found. They are no longer in their homes since humans have cleared the forest. Additionally, we have slaughtered them to meet our demands for food, skin, trunks, and other body parts. In addition, pollution caused by humans has caused a loss of biodiversity around the world. In addition to these, there are other other factors that have contributed to biodiversity loss.


Only by restricting our population and planting more and more trees will we be able to restore the lost biodiversity. The greatest method to restore lost biodiversity is to avoid killing the animals and to conserve them so they can reproduce. The establishment of numerous reserves and sanctuaries for animals and birds by the governments has also helped to the sector.


Biodiversity is crucial to our survival because it gives us access to a wide range of essential materials. They should always be protected by us, and we should never do them any damage. Our very existence depends on them.