Essay On Littering In English For Student And Children

Essay On Littering In English Essay On Littering In English

Any waste that is dumped in a residential area, industrial area, or other location is considered to be litter. It might take the shape of a liquid or a solid. Whatever its form, littering is bad for the environment and other living things.


Essay On Littering In English 

Defining Litter

Anywhere that litter is dumped, it contains leftover solid and liquid ingredients. The solid waste materials may include discarded paper, plastic bottles, food wrappers, and other solid waste items. The liquid waste is made up of liquid residuals such wasted motor oil, polluted water, decaying fluids, etc.

The impact of littering

The fertility of the soil may be harmed by litter left on open ground. They contain dangerous microorganisms that could cause serious diseases to spread among the local population. Water that has litter mixed in is contaminated and unfit for consumption. It may be made of toxic chemicals and plastic that can last a long time and cause damage over many years. Many land and marine creatures eat them and perish from various diseases.

Getting Rid of Litter Correctly

The right locations can receive the solid waste items for reuse, reduction, and recycling. After hazardous elements have been removed from liquids, they can be disposed of underground.


Even though leaving trash behind is bad, it can be useful if disposed of appropriately. They can therefore be used to generate energy, including electricity.