Essay On Life of Soldiers In English For Student And Children

Essay On Life of Soldiers In English If I were to sum up the lives of troops in one word, I would use the word “patriotic.” But some of you would call it “difficult,” and some of you would even call it “risky.” A soldier’s life is truly a compilation of all three. A soldier’s life is patriotic because s/he is driven by the desire to defend the motherland, even at the cost of his/her own life; difficult because they must spend months apart from their loved ones and do so in some of the most trying circumstances; risky because they guard our borders and are frequently threatened by smugglers and terrorist organisations.

A soldier participates in relief efforts in addition to their regular postings. In truth, military are called in first when the situation gets out of the hands of the local authority. Soldiers are prepared to handle any natural or man-made crisis because to their extensive training and crucial equipment. A soldier’s life is more important even if they are forced to traverse dangerous terrain and risk their lives.

Life of Soldiers

Essay On Life of Soldiers In English

Essay On Life of Soldiers In English (100 Words)

The pinnacle of physical and mental toughness

Physical and mental fortitude is a quality that distinguishes soldiers. They are well-built and the pinnacle of both mental and physical toughness. When deciding whether to accept a person as a soldier, his or her physical strength is taken into account. He is then put through a tough training regimen to improve it and get him ready to fight nonstop.

The training facilities aid in the soldiers’ physical development. A soldier who is committed to serving his country keeps working out to stay physically strong so he can perform at his peak on the battlefield.

Similar to this, a soldier needs to be mentally strong and to have good awareness. The evaluation establishes the candidates’ mental toughness.

Essay On Life of Soldiers In English (200 Words)

A nation takes great pride in its soldiers. They are selfless, courageous, and disciplined. Although they face several obstacles in their daily lives, they always maintain a positive attitude.

Anyone who decides to serve in the military is undoubtedly a great soul. He adores his nation and its people, and he will do whatever it takes to defend them and preserve their honour. A soldier’s personal life or desires are unimportant to them. For them, their country comes first. Those who want to pursue this job are well aware that it will require them to give up their personal lives and spend the most of their lives away from their family. This does not, however, dampen their desire to serve the nation. They eagerly accept this position and put in dedicated effort day and night.

Before being assigned to the front lines of battle, soldiers undergo years of training. The training phase is really challenging. It brings forth their best qualities and gets them ready for the battlefield.

Only because the military are constantly protecting our nation do we have the opportunity to live in peace and focus on our personal life. They constantly make sure that there is peace in the nation. They follow rules and behave appropriately.

Essay On Life of Soldiers In English (300 Words)

The phrase “true heroes” is often used to describe soldiers. They have all the traits we look for in a hero: discipline, dedication, a strong physical build, mental fortitude, noble aims, and love for their countrymen. Soldiers are deeply devoted to their country. They are inspired to enter this profession and serve their country because of their love for it. They are strengthened and refined during the training they receive to become soldiers.


One of the most appealing traits in a person is discipline. In their training camps, the soldiers are first instructed on this. A person cannot assume the burden of defending his country if they lack discipline.

They are instructed on how to value and utilise time effectively. They demand early morning awakenings and physical activity. They must adhere to a rigorous schedule every day. Anyone who doesn’t is harshly punished. All of this is done to teach children to be indisciplined.


Soldiers are incredibly tenacious. They encounter many obstacles, but they overcome them all because they are focused on achieving their objectives. Staying apart from one’s family is one of the first difficulties anyone who chooses this vocation must overcome. The evaluation of their physical strength comes next. They work extremely hard to develop their physical strength. They only go through difficult training because they are committed to serving their country.


Soldiers have a good physical constitution and a strong mind, just like a hero. They are renowned for having the mental and physical fortitude to win significant wars. These characteristics increase their allure.


So, troops exhibit all the characteristics of a true hero. To develop our personalities and lead a fulfilling life, we must emulate them and instil these virtues in ourselves.

Essay On Life of Soldiers In English (400 Words)

The life of a soldier is not simple. They are instructed, nonetheless, to keep going and never give up regardless of the circumstances. They must fight bravely against several obstacles and problems that they must overcome.

Soldiers Face Difficulties

Here are some of the main difficulties faced by troops.

separation from family
For the majority of the year, soldiers must report for service. All this time, they had to be apart from their friends and relatives. One of the most difficult aspects of being a soldier is this. It may cause emotional distress.

Leave is incredibly rare for soldiers. They rarely get to spend a festival or other important family occasion with their loved ones. Even if they find a way to obtain leaves, it is still possible that they will be cancelled. In the event of an emergency, they must promptly report back.

Physical Exercise
To fight in conflicts, soldiers must go through a tough physical training programme. They must engage in a variety of demanding workouts for hours at a time. For new recruits in particular, this can be demanding and draining. Up until they retire, they continue doing strength training routines.

Lack of Resources
Soldiers frequently need to travel great distances on difficult operations. These locations lack even the most basic amenities since they are isolated off from the major cities and towns. Living in such environments is challenging. The soldiers’ lives are made much more challenging by the inadequate food supplies in these places. Despite these challenges, they continue to perform their duties.

Weather problems
Additionally, soldiers are stationed in regions that experience harsh weather. They must fight through torrential downpours, bitter cold, and blazing sun. They had to struggle their way through forested slopes that are blanketed with snow. They are obligated to defend their nation at all times by being on the field nonstop. They may face significant difficulties because of the weather.

Absence of bulletproof apparatus
During battles, soldiers are continuously at risk from gunfire. They must be given shields and armour that resists bullets. However, there is a lack of armor-piercing gear in many nations, including India. For the soldiers, fighting without these is a significant task.


Consequently, there are several obstacles in a soldier’s life. However, they make every effort to overcome these obstacles and see it as their duty to protect their nation and fellow citizens. With a smile on their cheeks, they carry out their duty.

Essay On Life of Soldiers In English (500 Words)

The duty of protecting their nation’s honour is given to soldiers. An ideal soldier puts the interests of his nation before his own. He is obedient, committed, and motivated to protect and serve his country at all times. His duty is the most important thing to him.

The Ideal Soldier’s Duty

A nation’s population can live in peace as long as its army is well-trained and its troops consider it their duty to:

serve the nation sanely
There is no question that a person who chooses to enlist in the military has a deep passion for his nation. He is well aware of the challenges he may encounter while serving in the military, but he still chooses to go down this road.

For years, soldiers must go through rigorous training in order to be prepared to engage in combat. One of the first lessons a soldier learns is to serve his country without reservation. In any circumstance, troops must put the interests of their country before those of their loved ones or themselves. The perfect soldier complies with this. The only individual who can be considered an ideal soldier is one who is able to set aside his personal interests and is prepared to give up everything for his nation.

Spare the honour of the nation
For the perfect soldier, upholding the honour of the nation and the flag is of the utmost significance. He will do everything it takes to keep it safe. He is not afraid to battle in the face of difficulties in order to preserve his nation’s honour and defend his fellow citizens. He wouldn’t even think twice about laying down his life to preserve the honour of the nation. Being able to field an army comprised of such great soldiers is a blessing. They have been incredibly motivating for both the army and the broader people.

Maintain Calm Environment
The ideal soldier sees it as his duty to maintain the nation’s security and tranquilly. Soldiers assist the populace in a variety of emergency situations in addition to serving as border guards and combatants in battle. Soldiers are summoned to address nearly any challenging scenario, whether it be a terrorist attack, flood, or other severe crisis brought on by illegal acts. An good soldier is always willing to assist in any circumstance. He is happy to help the people and see to it that they live in harmony.

The army had been requested on multiple occasions to assist in rescue efforts or civil concerns. The only reason the circumstances are under control is due of the assistance provided by them and the local government.

Keep an eye out
Whether or not a soldier is on the battlefield, he is constantly on duty. An ideal soldier must always be on the lookout for threats.


Being there for his country is a soldier’s ideal responsibility. He is supposed to give his all to his country and be willing to give his life in defence of its honour. We salute such good persons and seek inspiration from them.