Essay On Life In English For Student And Children

Essay On Life In English We all need to respect the life that the Almighty has given us. In order to create a better life, we should be grateful for what we have and work to become better people every day. As we go closer to our objectives, we will encounter a lot of new things. These will all help us become stronger and wiser. Instead of racing to achieve the objective, we should allow ourselves to see and experience these novel things and learn from them.


Essay On Life In English

Essay On Life In English (100 Words)

Life technically refers to emotions, development, and evolution. Humans and animals have life because they experience sadness, joy, and growth, just as plants have life because they grow.

Life’s road may not always be easy, but we must continue and never lose our optimism. Whatever its shape or appearance, life is the most valuable resource on this planet and must be conserved. Everyone has the fundamental right to live their life whatever they choose, not just humans. God gave humans life as a gift, and any attempt to sabotage or harm it will have unfavourable effects.

Essay On Life In English (200 Words)

These days, stress is prevalent everywhere. Most people lament workplace troubles, marital problems, and increased rivalry in numerous sectors. People are so preoccupied with solving these problems that they fail to notice the true beauty of life. Life is filled with so much more than this. In fact, if we take a close look at life, we will see how exquisite it is. We have an abundance of everything because of God. When we examine the natural world, this is obvious. The energy that exists within us is abundant, just like the trees, plants, rivers, and sunlight are. Life is beautiful in this way.

This does not imply that everything in life is perfect, though. Not at all! The issues and worries that people have are real. Everyone has their own set of issues, whether they are wealthy, poor, educated, uneducated, gorgeous or not so beautiful. Nobody has it easy in life. We must acknowledge that this is just the way life is, though. If everything was simple, we wouldn’t value it as much. In spite of the problems we face, we should try to find reasons to appreciate and embrace the beauty of life.

Essay On Life In English (300 Words)

Obstacles are a natural aspect of life. At different times in our lives, we confront various difficulties. While some people see these difficulties as chances to learn something new, others become discouraged and give in. As we take on various tasks, we learn a lot of new things. These encounters improve us as people. By setting goals, we can overcome a variety of obstacles. Goals offer us the drive to overcome obstacles and achieve our objectives.

Managing Challenges

We must step outside of our comfort zone to meet challenges. These can be challenging to manage. We must, however, face them head-on and with courage. Here are some strategies for overcoming obstacles in life:

Remain calm
Whatever the circumstance, we must respond to it calmly. Only if we maintain our composure will we be able to come up with a solution and take action. We won’t be able to make sensible decisions if we worry about it all the time.

Keep your resolve
No matter how difficult things become, the important thing is to maintain your resolve and press on. We can’t give up too soon.

Obtain Assistance from Family and Friends
Anytime there is a need, there is no harm in asking family and friends for assistance. We must not, however, solely rely on them.

Set objectives to give your life meaning.

Goal-setting is crucial in life. For both our personal and professional lives, we must establish both long-term and short-term goals and diligently work toward achieving them. Having goals gives our lives meaning. Understanding what we want out of life is necessary before creating a plan to get there. We must constantly establish a deadline for completing our tasks.


Goals keep us on track while obstacles push us to learn new things and grow as people. Goals and challenges are both significant aspects of life.

Essay On Life In English (400 Words)

A priceless gift is life. Care must be taken when handling it. We owe God gratitude for placing us here on Earth and providing us with such lovely surroundings to live in. In order to have a healthy life, we must also be grateful to God for making us physically and mentally fit. Not just human life is valuable; the lives of animals, birds, and plants are as well, and we must respect them.

Gratitude and Life Appreciation

We must recognise the positive aspects of our lives and express gratitude for them. Many people are unhappy with the way their lives are currently going. They become pessimistic and criticise practically everything and everyone around them. They must realise how important it is only that they have been given a life to live.

They have a lot to be grateful for, including their good health. Another reason to be grateful is the fact that they can work hard and improve their lives. They must be grateful for what they have and recognise its value. The rest can be done with a little work.

Save Your Life

Bad habits including smoking, drinking, and using drugs are common. The mayhem that results from consuming these may endanger both their life and the lives of those nearby. Many drunk drivers hit innocent bystanders with their car, leaving them dead or seriously hurt. They even cause themselves harm when these things happen. Additionally, the health of a person is adversely affected by all of these factors.

Over time, they develop severe health issues that endanger both their own and their loved ones’ lives. They must realise how valuable life is. We can live a life with meaning and contribute to it, or we can squander it and get into trouble. Many people come to this realisation much later in life, usually following a significant setback. When that happens, it is already too late for them to go back and live their lives again. While there is still time, we must appreciate this gift of life and take the proper steps to take advantage of it.


God has granted us the chance to live and take in the splendour of the natural world. We must all appreciate life because it is a priceless gift. To make the most of this gift that has been given to us, we must be grateful and optimistic. We need to respect the lives of people around us as well.

Essay On Life In English (500 Words)

All around us, there is a frenzied bustle. People are racing around, pursuing different objects, and attempting to complete tasks as quickly as possible in schools, offices, enterprises, and even houses as if they are about to miss a train. They continue to pass on to their offspring their eagerness and restlessness to get there. What place specifically are we aiming for? And what will we think of it when we get there? We must take our time and reflect about these issues.

Life, we must realise, is a journey, not a destination. This means that rather than hurrying through life, we should take our time, appreciate each moment, and make the most of it.

Find joy in the little things.

We frequently ignore the minor things in life in favour of pursuing the bigger ones in the mistaken belief that they will make us happier. While accomplishing our huge desires and goals certainly make us happy, true pleasure comes from the simple things in life. Later in life, these are the things that make us happy. For instance, parents frequently remind their kids to behave well, study hard, and get enough sleep.

All of this is done to instil discipline in them. They want kids to concentrate on their education so they can pick a solid major and have a fulfilling job. They think that doing all of this will help them find a compatible life mate and develop a fulfilling personal life as well. Although parents have the best of intentions, are they truly raising their kids well? No, in a sense, because they are robbing them of priceless moments in their lives that they could be enjoying instead.

Embrace life’s journey and take it slowly.

A person spends the first twenty years of their life memorising passages and striving for high grades. Children are frequently told that after they acquire a nice career, they may enjoy themselves. When they land a decent job, they are expected to put in a lot of effort to advance in the organisation. Then they are informed that once they achieve a particular level in life, they can enjoy it.

They must put forth a lot of effort to hold onto their good positions once they have achieved them in the organisation. It’s also time for them to start thinking about starting a family and handle other duties. They are then informed that once they retire, they can live comfortably and enjoy life. Nobody even imagines that when they become older, they won’t still have the same zest for life, energy, and fire.

Today is a day in life. We must take advantage of the present moment and not postpone living our ideal lives till we are at a particular situation or stage of life.


Setting objectives and making a concerted effort to achieve them are crucial. To accomplish the desired outcome, we must also set timelines for our objectives, maintain focus, and manage our time effectively. We should refrain from advancing on them in a haste.