Essay On Life In A Big City In English For Student And Children 

Essay On Life In A Big City In English Living in a huge city can be characterised as fast-paced, fluid, and largely isolated from nature. Although it provides excellent prospects and cutting-edge amenities, it can also be very demanding and stressful. However, people who reside in large cities are used to their way of life and have a difficult time adjusting to life in a small town or hamlet.

Life In A Big City

Essay On Life In A Big City In English

Essay On Life In A Big City In English (100 Words)

Numerous Possibilities

Big cities unquestionably have a plethora of chances. In contrast to small towns, where the options are restricted, big cities provide a wide variety of employment and business opportunities. As the industrial sector expands daily, more and more workers are needed to cover a variety of professions.

Therefore, individuals with various levels of education and job experience are needed here. In a similar vein, the service industry is likewise expanding quickly. These operators’ offices are typically located in large cities, where there are more job prospects. Many of these workplaces hire individuals with just rudimentary knowledge of the relevant profession and train them while they work there.

Essay On Life In A Big City In English (200 Words)

In a huge metropolis, life moves rather quickly. There is fierce rivalry everywhere. Everyone strives to outperform one another, and they work day and night to achieve this goal.

Children are exposed to competition from a very young age. Every parent wants his or her child to remain competitive. Schools in large cities place an emphasis on extracurricular activities in addition to academics. They take pride in having a good infrastructure and knowledgeable faculty to help prepare the students for the future.

Good career chances are also available in big cities. In a big metropolis, someone with high educational credentials can get a well-paying employment. If someone is truly interested in working, there are countless opportunities. Similar to small towns, large cities offer all the amenities required for a comfortable lifestyle. Earning a nice living with all the amenities of today can, however, be very stressful.

While living in a city can be comfortable, it cannot ensure tranquilly. Many people move from small towns to large cities in search of better paying jobs. The hectic pace of the big cities causes many of them to lose their peace of mind even though they are able to earn well and improve their lifestyle.

Essay On Life In A Big City In English (300 Words)

Students have a lot of options and competition in big city life. Education options are better in large cities. The schools and colleges in this area have excellent infrastructure and all the current amenities to provide a wonderful learning environment.

Since these schools place equal emphasis on extracurricular activities and academics, kids are able to explore their interests from the start. For the children’ healthy growth and development as well as to aid them in determining their areas of interest, a variety of activities are offered.

Better education and infrastructure

The quality of education offered in large cities is fairly high in comparison to small towns and villages. The facilities at the local schools range widely. They offer everything, from modern sports complexes to well-equipped laboratories. These colleges hire highly educated faculty members who are experts in their fields.

The management team here has experience and a strong desire to raise the bar in education. They are committed to securing the students’ futures and put in a lot of effort to do so. The level of competitiveness is strong, and students start to exhibit a competitive attitude at a young age.

Numerous Courses

There are several colleges in large cities, unlike small towns and villages. These colleges provide a wide range of courses with specialisations in various subjects. Most students need to pass an entrance exam in order to enrol in a specialised programme at a reputable college.

Good coaching facilities can be found in large cities, and they prepare students to pass these entrance tests and enrol in the colleges of their choosing. Thus, students who have the chance to attend school in a large city can select from a wide range of courses and pursue the vocation of their choosing. They have a greater possibility of developing a successful career.


Large cities are excellent for higher education because of the wide range of courses offered there. To seek higher education, many students move to these places for this purpose.

Essay On Life In A Big City In English (400 Words)

The urban lifestyle is dynamic and fascinating. For those who live in a large city, there are several opportunities to study and develop. These cities offer the opportunity to advance both personally and professionally. Due to the type of exposure they receive, people who live in major cities tend to be smarter than those who do in small towns and villages. Only individuals with a sharp mental inclination may live in these fast-paced cities.

Personal Development in Large Cities

The opportunity for personal development and improvement is good in large cities. Children who reside in such locations have access to reputable schools and universities that place an emphasis on the holistic development of children rather than just academic achievement. The individuals are given the opportunity to take part in numerous activities and events at these educational institutions to help them discover their interests. In addition, there are many activities one can engage in outside of school that promote personal development.

Professional Development in Major Cities

In contrast to villages and small towns, where the possibilities are restricted, big cities provide fantastic employment chances and lucrative commercial opportunities. There are many businesses and sectors operating here that provide excellent employment prospects to persons with various educational backgrounds. Additionally, these cities provide promising commercial opportunities. An important benefit is how well connected these cities are to the rest of the nation. It aids in business growth and interacting with customers that reside in various cities.

Working professionals can take courses at several institutions in large cities to assist them advance their careers. If a person is prepared to put in the effort, there are tremendous opportunities for starting and growing a business in a large city.

Economic Development and Large Cities

In the major cities, numerous new enterprises are established every year. These companies contribute to the nation’s economic expansion as they expand and prosper.


Although there are great opportunities to learn and develop in big cities, daily living is hectic. There is simply not enough time to sit and unwind because there is so much to accomplish. People rarely even have time to spend with their families since they are so preoccupied with their profession. Many people experience isolation in such a setting. They barely have somebody to celebrate their achievement with as they succeed in life. Nothing worthwhile comes easily, as is often claimed. Although living in a big city may sound appealing, there are costs involved.

Essay On Life In A Big City In English (500 Words)

Living in a large city has many benefits, but there are also numerous drawbacks. Before deciding to move to a big city, people should weigh the benefits and drawbacks of urban living.

Gains from Living in a Big City

The following are some benefits of living in a large city:

Because of the infrastructure it provides, life in a big city is considerably better than it is in a village. Roads, parks, market areas, and other public spaces are in better shape in large cities. To ensure the public’s comfort and convenience, these are carefully planned and maintained.

Facilities for Health Care
Large cities are home to reputable hospitals that provide top-notch medical services. To treat people with various medical ailments, specialised clinics and hospitals have been created here. These come with the newest medical technology. In these facilities, both the medical staff and the support personnel are competent to perform their jobs.

Activities for Recreation
The big cities are filled with malls, shopping centres, amusement parks, restaurants, theatres, and other recreational facilities. Additionally, a variety of events, including live band performances, food festivals, concerts, cultural presentations, plays, etc., are occasionally staged for the enjoyment of the public.

Opportunities for Education and Employment
Large cities have well-developed primary and secondary schools. These schools have highly educated and skilled administrators and employees. They emphasise the pupils’ overall growth and development. In these cities, there are also a number of prestigious colleges. They provide students with specific training so they can pursue their chosen careers.

Life in a Big City Has Its Drawbacks

The following are some drawbacks of living in a major city:

High Living Costs
Compared to a country or small town, life in a big metropolis is far more expensive. Particularly draining on your finances are the dwelling rent and transportation costs. In a large city, maintaining a decent standard of living can be rather expensive.

continual hustling and bustling
The major cities are always busy and crowded. In these cities, people are at work around the clock. Due to the constant movement of the population, there is constant traffic on the highways.

a lot of pollution
The major cities are extremely polluted. In various areas of these cities, there are countless industries and thousands of vehicles on the roadways. They not only contaminate the air, making it hard to breathe, but they also generate a lot of noise pollution.

Strong Competition
In the big cities, competition is present at every turn. It can be quite tiring and stressful to constantly compete with others and feel the need to keep up.


Living in a major city is undoubtedly comfortable, but it also has its share of disadvantages. It provides good prospects and amenities, but getting all of this is not that simple. To live a decent and pleasant life in a large city, one must put in a lot of effort.
Because of the types of amenities it provides, city life appears to be appealing. Many people relocate to large cities from small towns and villages because they are drawn to the lifestyle it offers.