Essay On Life after School In English For Student And Children 

Essay On Life after School In English Up until their teenage years, school has a big impact on a child’s life. A child’s life is spent moving back and forth between home and school, being guided and protected by parents and teachers. However, every youngster must leave school at some point in order to pursue additional education.

The duties and obligations are numerous and varied. This explains why people frequently long to return to their carefree school days and express the desire to do so.

Life after School

Essay On Life after School In English

Essay On Life after School In English (100 Words)

This shift must occur since life goes on and one must move forward in search of better opportunities for growth.

But leaving the secure cocoon of school and entering a totally new world could also be emotionally demanding and difficult. Even if leaving old friends behind is difficult, it must be done. After graduation, there are many chances, challenges, options, and goals to consider. You just need to have the courage to make the initial move. There is much more to life than just school. One can only encounter new friendships, a new curriculum, a new career, marriage, etc. after graduating from school.

Essay On Life after School In English (200 Words)

After-school life is very different from classroom life. For about fifteen years of a child’s existence, they are raised in a specific way before everything abruptly changes. Teenagers frequently become confused by the options and environment they are exposed to after school.

While we are in school, we do not need to make any significant decisions. During school hours, we continue to study and participate in a variety of activities as directed by our parents and teachers. We only need to be concerned about our grades. We are aware that studying deeply is our one and only responsibility; the rest will take care of itself.

But the first important choice we have to make after leaving school is selecting a course. This course needs to be carefully chosen, taking into account a variety of factors, as it will greatly affect our career. In order to enrol in a reputable college and follow a suitable course, we must take entrance tests.

At every stage, the difficulties grow more severe. After that, we must hunt for employment and labour diligently to secure a position at our place of employment. People encourage us to settle in our personal lives as well after we are established professionally.