Essay On Kindness In English For Student And Children

Essay On Kindness In English Nowadays, kindness is a quality that is hard to come by. Nowadays, people are preoccupied with satisfying their own needs and wants that they neglect the needs and wishes of others. For the majority, showing kindness to others is impossible.

Being courteous and attentive of others is a trait that characterises someone as kind. Not everyone possesses it, though. There are very few persons in the world who possess this talent, and those who do are blessed by their presence. For your exam, you can find essays on kindness of varied lengths here. Depending on your needs, pick any of the Kindness essays from the list below.


Essay On Kindness In English

Essay On Kindness In English (100 Words)

various perspectives on kindness

In the past, compassion has been characterised in various ways by learned people and in various religious texts. Confucius, a Chinese philosopher and teacher, once said: “Of neighbourhoods, kindness is the most lovely. When given the option, how can a guy choose kindness instead of doing wisely? He exhorts people to “repay generosity with compassion.”

According to the philosopher and scholar from ancient Greece, Aristotle, kindness is “helpfulness toward someone in need, without expecting anything in return or for the benefit of the helper himself, but for that of the person aided.” Kindness is the language that the blind can see, the deaf can hear, and the stupid can speak, according to American author and comic Mark Twain. The major work of Rabbinic Judaism, the Talmud, states that “acts of kindness are equivalent in weight to all the laws.”

Essay On Kindness In English (200 Words)

Being kind simply involves being considerate of others around us. It can be accomplished by treating them with respect, providing them with emotional support, providing financial assistance, improving their morale, or just by being kind to them. Our nice words and deeds are not only a blessing to the one we are doing them for, but they are also a blessing to ourselves. We get a sense of satisfaction and excitement when we assist others with their duties, are courteous to them, and perform other such acts of kindness.

Different religious texts and works of literature have characterised kindness in various ways in the past. But they all share the same idea. They all support the idea that people should be kind to other people and other animals. We must act courteously, amiably, and helpfully. Although we should be helpful to others, we shouldn’t do it with the expectation of receiving something in return. Being kind is a selfless deed.

We must be kind to others and offer assistance in every way we can if God has been gracious enough to give us the things we need. A kind heart, kind words, and a life of service and compassion are the things that revitalise humanity, as Lord Buddha once remarked.

Essay On Kindness In English (300 Words)

A kind person is one who has a positive outlook on life and cares about other people. These folks have empathy for other people. They are always willing to go above and beyond to make those around them smile. They assist those in need whenever they arise.

Small acts of kindness can have a significant impact.

Being kind to others does not always entail going above and beyond for them. Even something as simple as showing courtesy and providing emotional support for another person counts. It can be as simple as smiling at the elderly woman who sits alone on her balcony and watches people go by or giving the sparrow that tweets on your terrace every day a small piece of bread. Such deeds of compassion require little effort but have a tremendous impact on the recipient’s life.

You don’t need to be rich to help others and be kind to those around you. All you need is a pure heart. We all have something to offer the world. We simply need to identify what it is. In addition, we must comprehend the importance of showing kindness to others around us. We must realise that if people are friendly to one another, the world will be a lot better place.

Being kind to others makes us feel good on a deeper level in addition to helping them and putting a smile on their face. It makes you feel satisfied.


There are very few decent people in the world. In fact, when we think about it, are we being kind? Even while we can feel the suffering of those around us, how often have we actually reached out to them to offer assistance? We must first develop this habit in ourselves if we want others to be kind to us.

Essay On Kindness In English (400 Words)

As it is properly said, “If you are kind at least once, you will never have a truly horrible day.” It is incredibly joyful to be nice and sensitive toward others. Giving brings considerably more satisfaction than receiving does. Kindness brings deep tranquilly and draws us closer to God.

Good Deeds Are Always Noticed

While we must engage in selfless acts of kindness without anticipating payment, it is also claimed that no act of compassion, no matter how tiny, goes unappreciated. God is always keeping an eye on us, which explains why. He is also renowned for treating everyone fairly.

As opposed to the moments when we argue, pass judgement on others, or raise our voices, being nice generally by being polite to others maintains us in a pleasant mood. Similar to this, helping someone even in minor ways makes us feel good about ourselves. We feel immediately satisfied when we help and are kind to others. And we receive abundantly in return for everything we contribute. The law of Karma is another name for this.

However, it is not considered to be an act of kindness if we help someone out with the hopes of receiving anything in return. Instead, it is a selfish act.

consideration for animals

We must show kindness to animals in addition to humans. The street dogs and cows are frequently pelted with stones to drive them away. It is OK if done as a self-deprecating act, although lots of individuals do it for amusement only. We should instead treat them with kindness. One of the ways to be kind to animals is to feed them and treat them with respect. Nowadays, we waste a lot of food. We dispose of our leftover meals in the trash. We must set aside some time to give it to the cats, dogs, and cows who wander nearby our house as food rather than discarding it in this manner. Adopting them is another way we can be kind to them. Similarly, we can provide food for the birds by mounting bird feeders on our balcony or yard. Not only will these little gestures of compassion benefit these creatures and birds, but they will also boost your self-esteem.


More contented than those who solely work for themselves are those who participate in charitable activities and assist others with a variety of large and minor jobs.

Essay On Kindness In English (500 Words)

Kindness is revered as a fundamental attribute in many civilizations. It is claimed to be one of the seven fundamental virtues that make up moral intelligence. Conscience, respect, tolerance, self-control, fairness, and empathy are among the other qualities. Kindness entails being kind, sociable, and helpful to others around us.

Being kind is a Rare Quality

Even while it is important, kindness is not a quality that is often present in individuals today. People have grown incredibly self-absorbed in modern society. They just have thoughts of themselves. One of the main causes of people becoming this way is the increasing competition we face at various periods of our lives. Everyone nearby is preoccupied with improving themselves and demonstrating to the world how much better their life is compared to others’. To get what they want, they have no qualms about hurting others who stand in their way. While there is nothing wrong with improvising, one must realise that life is much more than themselves and that it is not always about them. People have lost their sense of gratitude and do not realise that because God has shown them kindness, they too must show kindness to others.

Even though the majority of people do not naturally exhibit compassion, it is possible to instil this virtue in them. This can be accomplished by emphasising its significance from the outset. Kindness must be emphasised in the classroom. Children must be taught the importance of being kind to others through workshops and lectures. This subject has to be taught in schools as a core subject. It is crucial to continuously underline its value from the start in order for people to comprehend and internalise it.

Being kind is crucial in relationships.

What quality do people most frequently want in a partner? Kindness is all that it is. Nobody like hanging around with rude, pompous, cocky, selfish people. People who are courteous, sensitive, kind, and generous are liked by everyone. Although it is true that charity begins at home, we must begin by being good to those who are close to us.

Many people are kind and courteous to their neighbours, acquaintances, and coworkers but unpleasant to their wives, parents, children, and siblings, who make up their personal family. They reprimand them, show them little attention, and argue with them frequently. No matter how courteous they are to strangers or how much charity they provide, such people cannot be described as kind. If they are not kind at home, they are only putting on a front to project a positive image to others. They are actually angry within, and their anger manifests itself at home.

If a person truly has kindness in his heart, he will show it both inside his home and outside it. Inner peace and contentment result from showing kindness to others without expecting anything in return. It improves living quality.


Being kind doesn’t take much effort. The ultimate goal of everyone of us should be to show kindness to those around us. Try it out for yourself to see how it might be among the happiest events of your life.