Essay On Issues and Problems faced by Women In India In English For Student And Children

Essay On Issues and Problems faced by Women In India In English For the benefit of school children, we have compiled a collection of essays and paragraphs on the concerns and problems encountered by women in India. All of the essays and paragraphs are designed specifically for school pupils utilising straightforward language throughout.

Essay On Issues and Problems faced by Women In India In English

Essay On Issues and Problems faced by Women In India In English 

Essay On Issues and Problems faced by Women In India In English (100 Words)

India’s culture and heritage, where people used to worship a variety of female deities, saints, and poets, is regarded as being ancient and great around the world. India is a strong country that is known for having the greatest democracy in the world. However, due to societal difficulties, limitations on women’s rights, and other factors, women’s backwardness in Indian society is also quite apparent. Women from lower and middle class families experience more hardship than women from higher class families. In general, women in Indian society struggle with issues including dowry system, high rates of illiteracy, female infanticide, and sex discrimination.

Essay On Issues and Problems faced by Women In India In English (200 Words)

In Indian society, women have always been viewed as less valuable than men. They have to deal with a variety of concerns and problems in their lives as a result of this kind of inferiority. To establish their equality with men, they must do more effort than do males. Women were never allowed to walk outside and engage in social events like men did because people in the middle ages saw them as the key to ruin. Women still confront a lot more challenges in the modern world, and they work very hard to build successful careers. Many parents still prefer to have only boy children and to let boys attend school. Women are merely a medium for them to maintain a happy and healthy household.

If a woman is in a love marriage or an intercaste love marriage, the likelihood of an honour killing increases and she is subject to more social contempt. Due to the patriarchal nature of Indian society, the traditional roles of motherhood and caring for the family, deeply ingrained cultural standards, etc., women confront many difficulties. In India, women do not enjoy the same levels of social freedom, mobility outside the house, and autonomy that men do. Due to their home responsibilities, culturally and socially prescribed roles, etc., women encounter a number of issues.

Essay On Issues and Problems faced by Women In India In English (300 Words)

Women in Indian society often encounter a number of obstacles and difficulties. Below are some of the issues that are highlighted and explained:

Female infanticide and selective abortion are two practises that have been increasingly popular in India over the years. In these practises, a female foetus is aborted in the mother’s womb following sex selection and sex determination of the foetus by medical personnel.
Sexual harassment: This is when family members, neighbours, acquaintances, or other relatives sexually exploit a girl kid in various settings, such as the home, streets, public places, transportation, offices, etc.
Another issue that typically affects women from lower- or middle-class families during or after marriage is dowager and bride burning. Boys’ parents demand large sums of money from the bride’s family in order to become wealthy all at once. Brides are burned by the groom’s family if the dowry demand is not met. Approximately 6787 dowry death cases were reported in India in 2005, according to records from the Indian National Crime Bureau.
Education disparity: In the current era, women still have lower levels of education than men. In rural areas, where over 63% of women are illiterate, the rate of illiteracy among women is higher.
According to a woman and child development official, domestic violence affects about 70% of Indian women, making it an endemic and pervasive disease. The husband, a relative, or another member of the family handles it.
Girls will never have the same property rights as boys.
Child marriages: The early union of girls by their parents in an effort to avoid paying dowries. In rural India, it is very prevalent.
Poor Nutrition: Women from lower middle class and lower income families are particularly affected by poor nutrition in their latter years.
Domestic abuse and position in the family: This refers to violence or abuse directed towards women.
Women are not permitted to join the military because they are viewed as less than men.

Essay On Issues and Problems faced by Women In India In English (400 Words)

In the past, women had to deal with issues including child marriage, the devadasi system, restrictions on widow remarriage, sati pratha, parda pratha, and widow exploitation. However, practically all of the long-standing social problems have slowly faded away, giving way to brand-new challenges. Despite having greater ability, talent, originality, self-respect, personality, and efficiency than men, women continue to struggle with a variety of issues. Even though the Indian Constitution grants them the same chances and privileges as men, they nonetheless experience difficulties in their day-to-day lives. Following are a some of the significant issues that contemporary women continue to face:

Violence against women: The prevalence of violence against women is causing social unrest on a daily basis. As crimes against women rise, more and more women are becoming victims of violence (according to the report of Crime Record Bureau of the Central Home Ministry). Every 44 minutes a woman is kidnapped, every 47 minutes she is raped, 17 dowry deaths occur every day, etc. They may experience violence from both inside and beyond the family (such as dowry-related harassment, murder, marital rape, wife-battery, sexual abuse, deprivation of wholesome food, female genital mutilation, etc). (kidnapping, rape, murder, etc).
Gender discrimination: Women are given less priority and are viewed as belonging to a weaker social class than men. Children who are girls are increasingly being discriminated against. The patriarchal framework of Indian households also results in inequality of power and employment for men and women. The fall of the female population, jobs, public life, health, education, and other areas are all impacted by gender discrimination for women.
Female education issues: Women are discouraged from pursuing higher education, such as professional and technical education, which contributes to India’s low percentage of educated women, particularly in rural areas.
Problems associated with unemployment: Women are having more difficulty finding acceptable jobs. They become more vulnerable to harassment and exploitation at work.
Their supervisor deliberately gives them additional work and challenging assignments. Periodically, they must demonstrate their commitment, earnestness, and sincerity towards their work.
Women with less education are more likely to get divorced or have their spouses leave them at any point of their lives. They must endure living in constant fear of getting divorced. Some people are forced to end their lives due of intolerable circumstances.
Another significant issue for women in society that is getting worse daily is the dowery system. Due to the lack of a dowry at the time of marriage, women experience violence, murder, and suicide in addition to being mistreated, manhandled, humiliated, and tortured.