Essay On Intolerance In English For Student And Children

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Essay On Intolerance In English 

Essay On Intolerance In English (100 Words)

The refusal to accept the ideas, actions, or customs of a different individual that are related to their caste, religion, or customs is referred to as intolerance. It could lead to a high amount of prejudice, hate crimes, and hate speech in society. The ability to refuse, disallow, or deny something occurring against one’s will or practise is a quality that is born in every person’s mind and heart. People are not permitted to live in a society that upholds social rights like freedom, equality, or nondiscrimination. Generally, caste, culture, gender, religion, or any other intolerable practise is the cause of intolerance in a society.

Essay On Intolerance In English (200 Words)

Tolerance is regarded as a man’s best trait and is crucial to the formation of any civilization. However, intolerance causes the worst catastrophe for a person, a group of individuals, or a society. History and mythology both include several horrifying examples of bigotry in action. Because of something as basic as someone being unable to accept the importance of their loved ones in the eyes of the most successful person, people begin to feel envy and eventually intolerant. Aurangzeb slaughtered numerous Hindus under the feet of elephants as he grew intolerant of Hinduism, among other historical acts of intolerance. Some people fight because they can’t stand one other’s actions, viewpoints, or customs. Due to their unwillingness to consider the opinions of others, intolerant people find it difficult to make the best decisions for others.

A terrible quality known as intolerance can ruin a person, a society, or an entire nation. People who are tolerant, on the other hand, may coexist in society on an equal basis despite having various backgrounds in terms of race, religion, viewpoint, and practise. By listening to and considering other people’s differing points of view, tolerance gives people the power to act justly. Tolerance is a necessary characteristic in democracies. The ability to tolerate any unpleasant circumstances in the environment is a result of tolerance. Every Indian citizen has a unique culture that includes tolerance.

Essay On Intolerance In English (300 Words)

People of many groups may experience intolerance as a result of the current political climate and low economy. People find it difficult to accept folks who are different from themselves in such circumstances. Everyone is negatively impacted, but most crucially the country. Where there is intolerance, there may also be racism, repression, dehumanisation, and violence.

Defining intolerance

The situation of intolerance is the division of unity, which leads to hostility, rejection, and conflict among members of distinct groups. While tolerance fosters understanding of how people can live in harmony despite their differences (India is the best example) Tolerance is the capacity that fosters in people a favourable attitude toward persons who follow other religions, practises, viewpoints, nationalities, customs, etc. Intolerance is a failing state that drives people to object to the customs, viewpoints, and beliefs of those who belong to another group. For instance, there is a lot of hostility between Israeli Jews and Palestinians. Inter-group violence in society is a result of intolerance.

Intolerance in Indian Society: Causes and Effects

There are several reasons why intolerance develops in society. Religious intolerance is a common social problem that tears the country apart. Because it pits neighbours against neighbours, it creates the conditions for war. People may become intolerable to one another when they lack common experiences. Typically, they base their judgements of one another on presumptions that are quickly swayed by the beliefs of their closest or most powerful associates.

Individual sentiments toward other people of different groups are extremely easily impacted by their media images. Ineffective educational systems that are built on myths can also dehumanise children toward individuals from other cultures rather than fostering tolerance and knowledge of cultural variety. The trait of tolerance inspires people to live happily and respect the rights of others.

Essay On Intolerance In English (400 Words)

To be intolerant means to reject the views, opinions, and practises of members of other groups. Growing social tolerance fosters a sense of denial among various groups, dividing them. The division of black and white South Africans in South Africa is the best illustration of intolerance in the society. These two groups are extremely socially distant from one another, which contributes to the antagonism and resentment between them.

Regarding intolerance

To prevent it from spreading in society, intolerance must be repressed as it is a negative and dangerous trait. By turning people against one another, it undermines any nation’s rising might. People who live in intolerant social groups may engage in violent behaviour as a means of expressing their opposition to the beliefs, customs, and actions of others who belong to different social groups. Whether it be religious, racial, or of another kind, intolerance has a negative impact on the growth and development of the country. Due to the disparities in people’s beliefs, cultures, traditions, and mentalities, this issue affects the entire world. It is the primary reason why people or nations go to war. The problem of intolerance can be greatly reduced by employing a good educational system, fostering tolerance, and promoting agreement.

People that are intolerant would never accept someone who is different, which has been a major problem throughout history. People of different castes and religions become quickly enraged and violent toward one another when it comes to things they cannot tolerate in any manner due to intolerance. They are able to control their intolerance because of a good educational system and tolerance.

What Intolerance Does

People, society, and the country are concerned about intolerance because it leads to violence amongst members of various groups. When non-Muslims live in a Muslim state or vice versa, it results in the exclusion of people who are different and intolerable. People who are intolerant become narrow-minded and are unable to think positively about everything that is happening in a different way in their culture or country. It is highly destructive and poses a serious threat to the country in question. Therefore, it is preferable to prevent it from expanding in any culture or nation than it is to lower its percentage.

Dealing with Intolerance

Tolerance should be promoted among people, and intolerance should be discouraged. There are several ways to encourage tolerance. Intergroup intimacy improves interpersonal interactions and lowers intolerance. It should continue to be intimate inter-group contact if it is to be productive and beneficial. Mechanisms for dialogue can also improve communication on both parties.