Essay On Internet Addiction In English For Student And Children

Essay On Internet Addiction In English The internet is a wonderful invention. It provides a wealth of amusement and knowledge. But despite how helpful it is, it is also proving to be dangerous. It has become an addiction for many people all over the world, who are now experiencing its harmful effects.

Internet Addiction

Essay On Internet Addiction In English

Essay On Internet Addiction In English (100 Words)

Young People and Internet Addiction

Among young people, internet addiction is more prevalent. They are constantly compelled to utilise the internet. They frequently browse numerous websites, view random videos, talk with friends online, shop online, and engage in a variety of other online activities. They start to become less interested in things in real life as they become addicted to the internet. They favour engaging only in online activities.

They become socially awkward as well as losing mental toughness. Nowadays, a lot of kids struggle to interact with others. They stay away from social gatherings and prefer to connect with people online. They frequently experience social anxiety.

Essay On Internet Addiction In English (200 Words)

Internet addiction is a modern addiction that has been known to engulf people everywhere. This addiction has impacted a number of individuals from various age groups, though it is most common among young people. People use the internet to find comfort, pass the time when they’re bored, and have fun. But before they realise it, they become dependent on it.

The internet is a great source of entertainment, and it can be difficult to avoid the very addicting content it provides. To avoid developing a dependence on the internet, it is crucial to monitor your usage. This is due to the fact that this addiction has serious repercussions, much like other types of addiction. It significantly affects how well a person’s brain functions. Many internet users who become addicted experience anxiety and sadness. People disregard their task and lose track of time. This prevents them from growing professionally. Their physical condition also declines. They develop health issues like hypertension, obesity, and heart disease.

They often neglect their loved ones because they become so glued to the internet. They like communicating with people online and form strong relationships with them. They become unhappy as a result, and their personal connections suffer.

It’s crucial to avoid such addictions if you want to live a happy and healthy life.

Essay On Internet Addiction In English (300 Words)

Every day that goes by, more and more people throughout the world are using the internet, and this includes internet addicts. The internet is a very seductive place. A person can lose themselves for hours in video games, chat rooms, social media platforms, amusing videos, captivating web series, and fascinating blogs. Many people start using the internet as a way to deal with their boredom and loneliness and quickly develop an addiction to it.

Internet addiction is increasing as a result of the introduction of smart phones.

Internet usage was quite low a decade ago when it could only be accessed on a desktop or laptop. Many individuals remained dependent on it. They browsed the internet for several hours in front of their computers. Cyber cafés were commonly used by many people to access the internet. But things weren’t as horrible as they are now. Many people now have access to the internet thanks to the invention of smartphones. One of the main contributors to internet addiction in the modern day, according to some, is smart phones. Even when they travel or attend a social function, people might be observed hooked to their computers.

Internet addiction has developed as a result of the advent of various web series. It is both a simple and very addictive kind of entertainment. The practise of binge viewing web series is widespread throughout the world. Internet addicts neglect to eat, finish necessary duties, and pay attention to their loved ones. All they need is a gadget to access the internet and a fast internet connection. Both their professional and personal relationships are being strained by this.


Internet addiction is a severe illness that impairs one’s capacity for rational thought. Internet junkies do not put out much effort to kick their addiction, despite being aware of the negative effects and starting to feel the heat. Serious issues including sadness, anxiety, and other mental health illnesses are frequently the result of this.

Essay On Internet Addiction In English (400 Words)

An impulse control problem called internet addiction has been discovered. The addicts’ physical and emotional health are both being badly affected by it. People become addicted to the internet for a variety of reasons. It’s critical to recognise the symptoms of internet addiction and work to recover from it.

Internet addiction warning signs

The following are some indicators of internet addiction:

Everything is Online
Internet addiction is evident when a person prioritises the internet over other activities like job, study, play, and relationships. Most of the time, internet addicts are online. Even eating and sleeping are forgotten.

Unease and a sense of emptiness
When they are unable to access the internet, internet addicts experience restlessness and a sense of emptiness all around them. They are constantly compelled to browse the internet and engage in various online activities.

Screen time in excess might cause mental haze. A similar effect can be produced by spending several hours online engaging in pointless activities. It then results in lightheadedness.

Continual mood swings
Internet junkies frequently experience mood swings. It affects both their professional and personal relationships and makes them feel exposed.

Internet addicts engage in a variety of pointless internet activities. They are unable to act productively despite knowing that they ought to. They put off studying, finishing work assignments, doing duties around the house, and other crucial responsibilities.

Internet addiction causes

The majority of people start browsing the internet for hours as an escape from their daily problems. Many people are shy and unwilling to strike up conversations with others. In the real world, they can’t make friends. They use the internet to connect with people and create friends. It gives them the emotional support they lack in their everyday lives. Similar to how many people start watching viral videos and web series, others turn to gaming to spend their time.

They have no idea that the things they are using as comfort would eventually make them uncomfortable and difficult to get over. While the internet calms our minds and is a helpful diversion from our everyday troubles, it may be fatal if we become hooked to it.


There are several reasons why internet use becomes addictive. You need to assist a friend or family member who is exhibiting the early symptoms of internet addiction if you notice them. It is simpler to recover from an addiction with the help of family and friends.

Essay On Internet Addiction In English (500 Words)

It’s common to compare pathological gambling and internet addiction. Despite not including the use of drugs or alcohol, it is just as harmful. Internet addicts spend the majority of the day glued to their computers. They entirely disconnect from the actual world and engage in a variety of activities online. The internet addiction is challenging to overcome, just like any other addiction. But if one is forced to leave it, he or she will eventually be able to go past it.

Solutions for Internet Addiction

Here are a few strategies for overcoming internet addiction:

Determine the cause
You won’t be able to discover a solution to your internet addiction unless you know what is causing it. You might spend the majority of your day online to kill boredom, find emotional support, find company, or divert your attention from an issue. You must pinpoint precisely what it is. You will be able to kick your internet addiction as soon as you start to address that issue.

assistance from family and friends
Your family and friends will always be there for you. Tell them about your growing internet addiction and how you plan to kick the habit. They will be more than happy to assist you in solving this issue. More family time should be spent together. To take your mind off the internet, engage in conversation with them, lend a hand with various jobs, and engage in enjoyable activities with them. Similarly, as you work to overcome your online addiction, call or visit your pals frequently. With their assistance, you will be able to beat this addiction over time.

Practice Physical Activity
Exercise is a fantastic way to unwind and feel good. Exercise should be substituted for using the internet to reduce tension and anxiety if you have been hooked to it. Your body produces endorphins during exercise, which help you feel happier. You no longer feel the need to depend on the internet to achieve that euphoric feeling.

Get Professional Assistance
Professional counselling is available from knowledgeable therapists who can assist in overcoming internet addiction. It is advised to contact one of these for assistance. You will be guided through a set of stages to overcome this addiction. The Center for Internet Addiction has sufficient details about this condition. It also provides efficient methods for treating internet addicts.

Your Subconscious Mind Must Be Reprogrammed
Our behaviour is greatly influenced by our subconscious mind. If you have an internet addiction and are unable to break free from it, you should first retrain your subconscious mind. Put yourself at ease and tell your subconscious mind to cut back on its internet usage. Continually practise this with trust, and watch how it helps you solve the issue.


Addiction is simple to get into but very challenging to get out of. To overcome internet addiction, you will need to put up a significant amount of effort and maintain your resolve. The important thing is to persevere even when things appear difficult.