Essay On Indian Politics In English For Student And Children

Essay On Indian Politics In English As a result, Indian politics are more complex than those of western democracies with a single dominant religion and culture. In India, gaining the support of all castes, religions, and cultures is necessary for a politician to be successful. Even the most skilled politicians find India’s politics difficult and the environment there to be pretty difficult.


Essay On Indian Politics In English

Essay On Indian Politics In English (100 Words)

India, home to more than 133.92 billion people from a variety of cultures and religions, is the largest democracy in the world. India’s north and south have entirely different cultural features. Similar to how the north east and far west are radically different, central India has its own unique cultural and linguistic history. Given India’s immense cultural and religious variety, it makes sense that each area has a separate political representative.

Male dominance has always predominated in Indian society. For decades, women could only perform domestic tasks. However, they are currently receiving an education and investigating several fields. Indian politics is one of the many fields in which women in our nation are establishing a name for themselves.

Essay On Indian Politics In English (200 Words)

A democratic nation is India. In India, elections are used to elect political parties and leaders. Indian people who have reached the age of 18 are eligible to vote and choose their government officials. But even though it is a government of, by, and for the people, the average person nonetheless endures a lot of hardship. This is due to the high level of corruption in our nation’s political system.

The majority of our political figures are notoriously dishonest. Their dishonest behaviour frequently makes headlines, yet they are rarely held accountable for it. Our politicians’ attitudes and actions are negatively hurting the nation. This has a significant negative impact on the nation’s development and growth. The country’s average citizen is suffering the most as a result of the corrupt Indian political system. The ministers, on the other hand, are abusing their position and authority to pursue their own agendas.

The general people is subject to a significant tax burden. Corrupt politicians are putting this money in their own bank accounts rather than using it to advance the nation. We haven’t advanced as much as we ought to since our independence because of this.

To affect constructive societal change, the Indian political system must be permanently altered.

Essay On Indian Politics In English (300 Words)

India has a democratic system in place that allows the populace to cast ballots and choose their leaders. Even though this form of governmental structure is solid and has laws that are well established, India has had corrupt politicians prey upon it from the country’s founding.

The Demand for Education among Ministers

In India, virtually anyone can run for office and win. The candidate for the elections must be an Indian citizen and at least 25 years old. More than this, there aren’t many other straightforward provisions for running in elections in our nation.

It seems odd that our country has no minimal education requirement for running the government. Ironically, the country has seen a number of uneducated, undeserving politicians advance to more powerful positions in politics solely on the strength of their financial resources and physical physique. When such people hold the reins of power, we cannot expect our nation to develop in the proper path.

For the prosperity of our nation, it is imperative that educated candidates be chosen as lawmakers. If none of the candidates for office are highly competent and deserving of the job, we may exercise NOTA.

The scourge of Indian politics is corruption.

The majority of politicians are dishonest. Instead of helping the nation, they abuse their position of authority to pursue their own agendas. There are occasionally reports of illicit activities and fraud involving ministers and their family members. Being in positions of authority allows them to act without fear and get away with crimes.

The average person is suffering as a result of these dishonest politicians and their unethical behaviour.


India as a country can only advance if our political system is strengthened. Politicians that are educated, truthful, and dedicated to serving our nation rather than their own interests are what we need.

Essay On Indian Politics In English (400 Words)

India is a democratic federal parliamentary republic. It is regarded as the largest democracy in the world. When India gained independence from British rule in August 1947, this political system was born. Soon after, the Indian Constitution was drafted and adopted on January 26, 1950. Since then, it has undergone numerous modifications. After much thought, these adjustments have been implemented for the benefit of society.

The Indian Political System

In our nation, the Prime Minister is in charge of the government, whereas the President of India is in charge of the state. There is a lower house called the Lok Sabha and an upper house called the Rajya Sabha. Members of Parliament are the individuals who make up these houses (MP). Here is a quick summary of these legislative houses:

In Lok Sabha

The Lok Sabha is made up of 545 people in total.
The country’s electorate chooses 543 members of the Lok Sabha through elections. The country’s president directly elects two members of the Lok Sabha from among the Anglo Indian population.
The age criterion for membership in the Lok Sabha is 25 years old, among other criteria.
Maj. Senate

The Rajya Sabha is made up of 245 people in total.
The 233 elected Rajya Sabha members come from the States and Union Territories. The President proposes 12 candidates for membership.
A candidate cannot run for the Rajya Sabha unless they are at least 30 years old.
The Indian Parliament’s members are a crucial component of the country’s political system and have the authority to make a variety of decisions collectively.

Political Parties and Government Formation

There are many political parties in India that run for office. The party with the majority of votes wins the election. India’s government is established for a period of five years.

The Indian National Congress and the Bhartiya Janata Party have long been the two major political parties in the nation, fiercely competing with one another in elections. But now they are competing against the newly founded Aam Aadmi Party, led by Arvind Kejriwal.


Corruption plagues the Indian political system in considerable part. Even though the provisions in our country’s constitution are clearly specified, most of them do not apply to ministers. They carry out their own agenda, and as a result of their dishonest methods, the general population suffers. To ensure the country’s appropriate growth and development, major adjustments to its political system are required.

Essay On Indian Politics In English (500 Words)

When discussing the Indian political system, the phrases “politics” and “corruption” can be used interchangeably. The political system in India is utterly corrupt, and this is not an exaggeration.

Governance and Corruption

Indian politicians are notoriously dishonest and only care about making ever-increasing sums of money through unethical tactics. Instead of working for the good of their nation, they strive for their personal interests. Numerous instances of Indian politicians being involved in various scams have come to light, and these incidents serve as evidence of how they deceive the nation’s citizens in order to further their own self-serving interests.

Before assuming office, our leaders make a number of commitments to the public, which they then break once they are in position of authority. Every election has this issue. The unscrupulous ministers consistently con the uninformed populace. They cast their votes for the politicians with the expectation of a brighter future based on the promises they make. They are constantly discouraged, though. Their issues go unresolved, and they carry on living in misery.

It’s time for change.

The Indian people need to wake up and understand that as long as they tolerate corruption in the political system, it will persist. They must understand that they are always being duped by the dishonest ministers. The entire society is suffering as a result of the unscrupulous actions of the ministers. The surge in the cost of gasoline, fuel, food, and other necessities is due to systemic corruption. Weak economic growth and unequal income distribution are also results of our leaders’ corrupt behaviour.

Unfortunately, whether knowingly or unknowingly, the whole populace is joining in on the unscrupulous activities. Bribery is one of the obvious examples of this. While we accuse government officials and ministers of accepting bribes, we often forget that we ourselves actively encourage it by accepting bribes in numerous settings in order to complete our tasks efficiently.

It is time for us to work together to eradicate corruption from our nation. Raising one voice in unison is the only way to transform the political system for the better. We must understand that our strength is in our unity, and we must use that strength to strengthen the system.

Let History be Repeated

We must band together once more with the same fervour and sense of patriotism to fight against corruption and the crooked politicians, just as the Indians did when they stood unified against the British. To further a greater good, each of us must rise above our own grievances. It is time to implement changes and put an end to the corrupt behaviour of those in positions of authority. Why can’t we do the same if our forefathers were willing to strive and make such great sacrifices for our better future?


India’s politicians are parasites that are devouring the nation. We must now take action to overthrow this corrupt system rather than only criticising and continuing to support it. To combat corruption and enact changes, Indians must band together.