Essay On Indian Farmer In English For Student And Children

Essay On Indian Farmer In English Farmers dominate India. The majority of Indians are interested in agricultural operations either directly or indirectly, which is why it is given that name. To argue that farmers are the foundation of our economy would not be inaccurate. The issues that Indian farmers are dealing with are discussed in the following pieces, along with my thoughts on the subject. I sincerely hope that my essays are useful.


Essay On Indian Farmer In English

Essay On Indian Farmer In English (100 Words)

My cousin brother was working in the fields, so I made the decision to join him. When I got there, I saw him and a few other farmers having a disagreement with some males. They were bank representatives, I was told, and they were there to formally notify the farmers of their failure to pay their EMIs. My cousin brother informed me that due to a poor crop this year, nobody in the hamlet was able to make EMI payments.

I had dinner and then went to bed. After a while, I woke up to get some water. My cousin brother’s son, Bantu, was reading by a candlelight when I found him. “Go to sleep, it’s late,” I commanded.

Essay On Indian Farmer In English (200 Words)

Indian villages and farmers are the heart and soul of the nation, someone once stated. That’s how I also feel. Agriculture is seen as a noble vocation in our country, and farmers are a respected group. They are also known by the name “Annadata,” which means “supplier of nourishment.” This reasoning would indicate that Indian farmers should be a contented and affluent group, but ironically, the situation is the complete reverse.

The lack of interest in farming among children of farmers is due to this. Approximately 2,500 farmers migrate to cities each day in search of employment, according to government statistics.
While I always believed that farmers benefited when commodity prices rose, the truth is that middlemen end up with the majority of the profits. This means that the farmer always loses. When there is a bumper crop, the cost of the goods drops, forcing the farmer to frequently sell his commodities to the government or to middlemen for a pittance. And when there is a drought or flood, we all know what happens to the poor farmer.

Farmers’ circumstances are deteriorating rapidly. Nothing will be left to be saved if something is not done immediately.

Essay On Indian Farmer In English (300 Words)

I believe that the farmer serves the same function for our nation as the spine does for the human body. The issue is that our farmer, who serves as our backbone, has numerous issues. Many of them occasionally struggle to pay for two full meals each day. Despite all the challenges they confront, they still have a crucial role to play. The list below discusses a few of them.
Indian Farmers’ Value

They are the nation’s food producers.
India was unable to produce enough food grains to meet its needs until the late 1970s. In other words, India wasn’t able to produce enough food grains on its own.

They even made threats to completely halt the supply of food grains. With the motto “Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan” and some drastic action, the then-prime minister Lal Bahadur Shastri accepted the challenge. As a result, India were self-sufficient in terms of food grains and even began exporting the surplus produce.
Since that time, India has never looked back. Despite the difficulties they face, our farmers have never failed us down. The demands of the expanding population have been met.

One of the largest economic contributors to India
In India, farmers make up about 17% of the GDP. They continue to live in poverty even after that. There are numerous causes for it. We stand a strong chance of seeing an increase in this percentage if we can get over the numerous challenges we face.

All Farmers Work for Theirselves
There is no other source of employment for farmers. They are independent contractors who also employ others.


Although we have gone a long way since Independence, much work remains. If we put in the necessary effort, I have no doubt that we will be able to solve the issues we are now dealing with, and, with any luck, our villages will eventually seem as lovely and prosperous as they do in Bollywood films.

Essay On Indian Farmer In English (400 Words)

People like me, who have spent their whole lives in cities, have a highly inaccurate perception of what life is like in a hamlet. They take as gospel what they see in Bollywood films. I was no exception. I also believed that women would be seen walking about in designer lehengas in rural areas. They gladly move from place to place while travelling to the well to retrieve water. I also thought that they would assemble in the evening and dance together to songs from movies like “sun mitwa” or “mere desh ki dharti.”

An Indian farmer’s daily routine

What a great life these village people have, I remarked to my father one day. My father grinned heartily at this and advised me to visit our ancestral village in Lucknow. I visited our village the last time when I was 4 years old. I had little to no memory of my previous visit, or perhaps it would be more accurate to say I had no notion what a community looked like.

I took a week off work and travelled with my father on the train. I was genuinely overjoyed. Our relative (my cousin brother) was waiting for us at the train station to welcome us. I questioned him, “How will we get home?” He displayed his bullock waggon on this. “What?” was my initial response to this. “Son, this is just the beginning,” my father informed me.

First, when I got home, I decided to heed the call of nature. So I inquired, “Where is the restroom?” I was then led to a wide field. I was informed that the community had no toilets and that everyone, even the women, must relieve themselves in an open field. I then made the decision to look around. I discovered men and women labouring arduously in the fields in ancient, ripped clothing (certainly not designer), in crumbling huts constructed of mud and bamboo.

Every home has a worn-out plough and a pair of weak bullocks as a reminder of the demanding lifestyle the residents lead. Most homes lacked an electricity connection, and even those who had utilised oil lamps because power was so uncommon. Since there was no gas connection, meals was cooked over coal or wood fires, which produced smoke and led to a number of respiratory illnesses.

I came across an elderly woman hacking. Are you taking your medications, I questioned her. She replied, “Beta, I don’t have money to buy drugs or visit a private hospital,” with a blank expression. Other people informed me that there isn’t a government clinic close by.

Essay On Indian Farmer In English (500 Words)

Indian culture is multifaceted. There are 720 dialects and about 22 major languages spoken in India. People from all major religions, including Sikhism, Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism, reside here. Although there are people here working in many other vocations, agriculture is the main industry. India is also referred to be a “Krishi Pradhan desh” because of this.

Farmer in India: What I Do

This explains why a sizable portion of our population relies on agriculture either directly or indirectly. It wouldn’t be inaccurate to state that farmers are the foundation of our country and the engine of the Indian economy. But the situation for Indian farmers is not good. They continue to lead a life of squalor and destitution. Nevertheless, they are crucial to the development of the country. Below is a discussion of some of the significant functions that farmers play.

National security depends on food security
As is common knowledge, food is a vital requirement for survival. This is why food grains were once stockpiled in great amounts in forts, ensuring that there would always be food available during times of war even if the enemy blocked the outside supply. The same reasoning still holds true today. We are “self-sufficient” in food grains, therefore no nation can extort us or threaten us. Only because of the diligent effort of our farmers was this made possible.

The Indian Economy’s Drivers
In India, farmers make up about 17% of the GDP. In 2016–17, Indian agricultural exports were about 33 billion US dollars.

There are problems with Indian farmers everywhere.

The value of the exports would lead one to believe that Indian farmers would be wealthy, but this is not the case. They are moving to cities, trying to quit their jobs, and committing suicide because they are unable to afford even two square meals a day.

There are a lot of things to blame, but one thing is certain: if the issue didn’t get better soon, we might switch from being a “food exporter country” to one that imports food.

The subject of agricultural concerns has come to light as a result of widespread protests and farmer suicides, but “are we doing enough”? The answer to that is the key question that has to be addressed. When our “Annadata” is being compelled to kill herself, there is cause for concern.

This is a highly delicate subject that needs to be treated with extreme caution, but are we doing that? That is a very difficult question. We must find a solution to this problem if we honestly wish to prevent our nation from destabilising since the problem is complex and its resolution is not easy. The warning signs that have been appearing for a while have gone unheeded. At this point, when the issue has grown enormous, we are looking for a rapid fix.

It will take time for the issue to be resolved, just as it did to grow. Therefore, rather than thumping our chests, it is imperative that we begin taking action.