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Essay On Indian Army In English Without further ado, the Indian Army. Everyone in the Indian army and among our soldiers has love, respect, and admiration for them. The Indian Army has a long and illustrious history, as we all know. Therefore, it is challenging to cover everything in such a constrained space. Even so, I made an effort to cover all the essential ground and to speak from the heart. I hope you can enjoy the essays and my efforts.

Indian Army

Essay On Indian Army In English

Essay On Indian Army In English (100 Words)

If you choose a random individual and ask him the birthdays of celebrities, politicians, athletes, etc. It is likely that he or she will be able to answer quite a few questions, but what if you ask them, “When and why is Indian Army Day celebrated”? He or she might very well be unable to respond.

We’ve taken far too many things for granted, which is the problem. One of them is safety and freedom. We have come to expect that there will always be someone on duty to protect our borders while we sleep comfortably at home or to defuse enemy or terrorist fire.

Essay On Indian Army In English (200 Words)

The three components of the Indian armed forces are the Indian Army, Indian Airforce, and Indian Navy. The Indian Army is the land-based division, the Indian Airforce is the air defence division, and the Indian Navy is the maritime division.

The Indian Army’s primary duty is to defend the nation from land-based threats. Additionally, it assists other organisations in fighting terrorism, managing national emergencies, and rescuing people in the event of natural disasters like floods and earthquakes, among other things.
General Bipin Rawat is the chief of army staff (COAS) at the moment (as of 2018). Indian Army is organised into regiments due to its size. Punjab, Madras, Rajputana rifles, Sikh, and other notable regiments are a few examples. It also has a separate intelligence division called “Military Intelligence,” or simply “MI.”

Before becoming independent, the Indian Army served in both World Wars (when it was ruled by the British). It also engaged in numerous full-scale conflicts after gaining independence, including the Kargil War (1999), Bangladesh Liberation War (1971), India-Pakistan War (1965), India-China War (1962), and the First Kashmir War (1947). Along with this, the Indian Army has also intervened in lesser conflicts like the Siachen Conflict (1984), Operation Polo (1948), the India-China Conflict (1967), etc.

Essay On Indian Army In English (300 Words)

the day honouring the Indian Army

I believe that while holidays like Army Day, Republic Day, and others are certainly moments for celebration and joy, I also believe that these days call for reflection. Why do most of us want to be doctors, engineers, lawyers, and other professionals but very few of us want to be soldiers?

The official Army Day event takes place in New Delhi at “Amar Jawan Jyoti,” India Gate, every January 15th. The day has been commemorated since 1949 through a variety of events, including military parades and cultural performances. Every army establishment also celebrates it. Army Day is also observed by several schools and nonprofit organisations.

The occasion for the holiday is the appointment of Lieutenant General K.M. Cariappa as our nation’s first army commander. The tale of his appointment is equally fascinating. The tale goes somewhat like this: Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was meeting with cabinet ministers and top army personnel. He recommended that as Indian commanders lack the necessary expertise to hold such a position, the first army chief position should be handed to a British officer.

This was rebuffed by one of the existing army members, who countered that since “we also lack the expertise of running a nation, we should pick a British person as our first Prime Minister.” When Nehru learned this, he realised his error and asked the man if he would like to become the first army chief. In response, he advised the presence of Lieutenant General K.M. Cariappa, who later assumed the role of first army chief.


It’s imperative that we change our habits and begin treating the military with genuine respect; else, there may come a moment when no one will be left to protect our nation.

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It’s comparable to speculating on the significance of the heart in a person’s body to inquire about the Indian Army’s role in India. The assertion that India would not exist without the Indian Army is not incorrect. The country is supported by it. Additionally, it is one of the few institutions still operating in the nation that may be regarded as totally impartial and trustworthy. When something major goes wrong in the nation, we look to the army for solutions, whether it is riot control, counterinsurgency, counterterrorism, combating Naxalites, or even winning medals at international sporting events.

India’s Army is important

Of course, protecting our nation from threats both domestic and external is the Indian army’s first duty. Many times, it has demonstrated its mettle. It has engaged in five major wars since gaining independence, and it has also effectively resolved numerous lesser conflicts. Even when the enemy possessed better weapons, it has fought and won wars.

As an illustration, Pakistan possessed Patton tanks in 1965. (gifted to them by America). At the time, everyone thought they were unbeatable. These Patton tanks were superior to whatever the Indians possessed. However, in the fight of Asal Uttar, the Indian forces managed to outlast the tanks of Pakistan.

By himself, Havildar Abdul Hamid destroyed six Pakistani tanks with his jeep-mounted recoilless rifle before dying while attempting to take out a seventh. India’s highest military honour, the Param Vir Chakra, was given to him in recognition of his actions. Americans are thought to have travelled to India in order to learn how their unbeatable Patton tanks were defeated and what tools were used. Their plea is thought to have been denied by India.

The 1984 riots, the Godhra riots, the Mumbai riots of 1992, and other riots were all successfully put under control by the Indian army. Jammu and Kashmir as well as some north eastern states are currently being attacked by terrorists.

Furthermore, it is a great place to work. In addition to the 9.6 lakhs in reserves, there are currently 1.23 million people on the active registers. Several well-known athletes who have won awards for our nation have also come from this region. They include Vijay Kumar, Milkha Singh, Major Dhayan Chand, Rajya Vardhan Rathore, and others.


A top-tier force in the globe is the Indian army. Any internal or external threat can be handled by it. Overall, we may say that the Indian Army represents the very essence of our nation.

Essay On Indian Army In English (500 Words)

When I was younger, I was curious about how a soldier’s life is. I thought it must be a bed of roses in comparison to my life, which was like hell because I had to go to school, complete my homework, memorise the answers, take tests, and had no time to play. On the other hand, I believed that a soldier just needed to walk about occasionally while wearing his sharp green uniform and carrying a rifle. The issue is that many adults, including many adults, share these feelings without realising how incorrect they are. Most people mistakenly believe that it is a typical 9 to 5 work, however this is not the case.

soldier life

I used to say to my father that I wanted to join the army and become an officer like him (he served in the Territorial Army as a junior commissioned officer). “Why did I wish to be an army officer,” you asked? My reply was, “I would obtain a rifle and a strong stick and with that I would beat up the bad guys”. On this, my father used to chuckle heartily.

I see how wrong I was now. The truth is that it is one of the most challenging workplaces and unquestionably not a bed of flowers. The media gave me a general impression of the workplace in the army, but I soon found that it was only partially accurate. Speaking with the genuine “Faujis” was the only way I could learn the truth. Fortunately, my dad and a few of his army-serving pals were eager to share their experiences.

He explained to me that because the new environment was so dissimilar from the one they were used to in the civilian world, their training days had been particularly difficult. In the civilian world, reporting at 6 o’clock means 6.15 or possibly even 6.30, but in the army, 6 o’clock means exactly 6 o’clock. My father and his coworkers were frequently reprimanded for arriving late. Typically, the punishment was very challenging. Typically, it involved jogging miles in full gear or something like.

Physical endurance training began after P.T. in the morning and continued for a few hours. Most of the trainees typically viewed the instructors as evil. After a ten-mile run, my dad and his coworkers were once denied water. They reacted as one would anticipate. At the time, they had jokingly wanted to murder the instructor.

After that, theory classes began. Playtime was in the evening. All kinds of games, such as basketball, football, and volleyball, were played by cadets. It was a formal dinner. There, they made a lot of pals. After some time, my dad’s training was complete.

He was assigned to numerous locations, but he felt that one was the most difficult. He even received a gallantry award for it.


My father advises joining the military if you want to be stretched to your limits and live a little more adventurously. However, if you desire a normal existence, staying in the military is not for you.