Essay On Importance of Trees in our Life In English For Student And Children

Essay On Importance of Trees in our Life In English The existence of trees makes the planet suitable for the survival of humans and other living things. They give us food to eat, air to breathe, and shelter to live in. They are essential to our survival and ability to live comfortably. To preserve a clean, green environment and encourage healthy living, we must continue to plant more and more trees.

Trees in our Life

Essay On Importance of Trees in our Life In English

Essay On Importance of Trees in our Life In English (100 Words)

Deforestation: The Shocking Reality

In the interests of urbanisation and progress, humans are increasingly destroying forests. To make room for the expanding human population and to satisfy their ever-increasing material demands, many forests and green areas around the world have been cleared in recent decades.

Nowadays, a growing number of people are relocating from rural to urban locations. The residential areas in cities are being enlarged to make room for them, but this is being done at the expense of trees. Trees are being taken down, and their places are being filled by concrete jungles. Places that were were bordered by lush, lovely trees are now becoming the sites of factories, offices, and residential communities.

Essay On Importance of Trees in our Life In English (200 Words)

For us, trees are incredibly essential. We are able to thrive on our world due of plants and trees. Without the oxygen that trees breathe forth, it would be impossible for humans or other creatures to survive. But this is not the only benefit that trees provide for humans. They are very beneficial to both the environment and all living things. In addition to producing oxygen, trees also absorb a variety of hazardous chemicals from the air, which lessens the impact of global warming.

We can also find food and shelter in trees. Many trees provide the fruits that are consumed by animals and birds. People like a variety of fruits, including mango, apple, and banana, to mention a few. Medicines are made from tree bark, roots, and leaves. Both animals and people can find shelter in trees. Huge, dense tree forests provide home for wild animals and contribute to a diverse ecosystem. Many items required for a comfortable life are made with wood and other materials harvested from trees.

Additionally, trees create a serene and calm atmosphere. They aid in networking and socialisation. Young children and the elderly both like visiting parks that are filled with lush, green trees and vegetation. They frequently congregate here to partake in various outdoor pursuits.

To maintain a clean environment and encourage a healthier and happier existence, we must save trees and plant more of them.

Essay On Importance of Trees in our Life In English (300 Words)

The environment is not complete without trees. They enhance the habitat and make it suitable for the survival of numerous faunal species. Without trees, life on Earth would not be conceivable. They are significant to us in a number of ways. The statement that trees give us life is not incorrect.

We Get Oxygen From Trees
The availability of oxygen, which is a requirement for human living, is provided by trees. Carbon dioxide and oxygen are exhaled by trees. We produce more oxygen by planting more trees. This is the reason taking a morning stroll through a park full of lush plants and trees helps to refresh our senses and makes us feel young.

Trees Retain Dangerous Gases
In addition to absorbing carbon dioxide from the air, trees also take in hazardous chemicals like carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide. The trees also absorb a number of other contaminants. This procedure cleans the air and maintains a healthy atmosphere. By planting more and more trees, the increasing air pollution can be reduced.

Trees Offer Food
Fruits from trees satisfy our need. Different trees produce distinct fruit varieties that are nutrient-rich in specific micronutrients. Fruits are consumed in all of their forms, even dried and uncooked. Various food dishes are also prepared using the leaves, roots, and bark of trees, among other tree parts. Herbal medications that aid in treating a variety of disorders are also prepared using the leaves, fruits, and bark of trees.

Trees Offer Cover
For both people and animals, trees offer protection and shade. On a sweltering summer day, they provide a cool place to sit. Additionally, timber from trees is utilised to construct homes and furniture.


The saving power of trees. We can only have a nice life when there are lots of trees nearby. Instead than tearing down trees, we ought to plant more of them. We must also encourage others to grow trees in the area.

Essay On Importance of Trees in our Life In English (400 Words)

Our surroundings is made more attractive and spiritual by trees. They foster a vibrant sense of community. Compared to a neighbourhood devoid of greenery, one with green and shady trees radiates positive energy and is happier.

Trees Create a Calm Environment

Trees have the ability to uplift us and quiet our senses. We travel great distances to enjoy our vacations in the great outdoors. A tranquil setting with tall mountains, lush green trees, and rushing streams makes us feel refreshed. While we may not experience the same ambiance in cities, we can surely improve our surroundings by adding more trees.

Greener areas provide a more tranquil setting. Here, the air is cleaner, and the environment is colder. Living in such regions makes residents happier and less stressed, which is the cornerstone of a vibrant local economy.

A Gathering Place for Young People and the Elderly

A park with gorgeous flora and lush trees brings the locals together. Beautiful parks in neighbourhoods attract crowds of people in the morning and evening throughout the summer as well as in the afternoon on chilly winter days. Particularly for children and the elderly, these parks function as a gathering place. It aids in their socialisation and ability to make new friends.

Location to Deliver Education

Children received school under the tree in ancient times. Numerous under-tree schools have opened in various locations. Students sat in a large classroom that had been built up under the tree where they listened to their teacher’s lectures. Such schools are still run in a lot of rural regions nowadays. These schools provide instruction at low fees, and occasionally even for free.

Travelers Can Find Shelter in Trees

Travelers can find shade from trees. They provide a pleasant area to sit and unwind. It is energising to slumber under a cool, shady tree. Travelers going in the same direction frequently converge around trees.

A Break for Farmers and Laborers: Trees

Farmers, labourers, and other hard-working individuals often eat lunch under the tree after a long day in the sun. As they sit in the shade of the tree, they talk with each other and get to know one another better.


We can see that trees promote happiness and facilitate social interaction. Beautiful parks that are surrounded by a variety of greenery are great places to meet new people. They are also a fantastic setting for enjoying outdoor activities with our loved ones and strengthening our bonds.

Essay On Importance of Trees in our Life In English (500 Words)

Trees are crucial for maintaining ecological balance.

The biological system of Earth is significantly balanced and maintained by trees. Greenery helps to regulate climate, purify air, prevent soil erosion, nourish wildlife, and fill the atmosphere with oxygen. Here’s a quick look at how trees contribute to each of these functions to maintain the ecological system.

Air Purification

There are several different dangerous gases in our environment, including sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide to mention a few. The amount of these dangerous gases in the atmosphere is rising due to an increase in the number of factories and automobiles on the road worldwide. Trees breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out the clean, fresh oxygen that is essential for human survival. In order to maintain a clean atmosphere, trees also absorb other dangerous gases. This explains why places with more trees have lower levels of pollution.

To sanitise and clean up our surroundings, we must plant trees.

encouraging biodiversity

The wild life has a home in the forests. Numerous bird and animal species find shelter in trees. They support biodiversity as a result. The loss of biodiversity is a result of deforestation, one of the major issues of today. Animals and birds are struggling to live as their habitats are being destroyed. According to researchers, continued biodiversity loss could negatively affect the ecological system. This is due to the fact that plants and animals rely on one another to meet many of their needs. Enhancing biodiversity and preserving the ecological balance can be achieved by planting more trees and preventing deforestation.

How to Stop Soil Erosion

The life of those who live in affected areas is disrupted by soil erosion brought on by heavy rainfall. As it rains, the soil is held in place by a tree’s roots, preventing erosion. Large trees effectively absorb water, which lowers the likelihood of river sediment buildup. Increased water levels in rivers and streams is just one of the issues brought on by soil erosion. This damages marine life and frequently even causes flooding. Trees contribute to the preservation of the ecological balance by avoiding soil erosion.

Reduce Energy Use

It is cooler in places where there are trees. People who live in such places do not need to constantly run their air conditioners. This promotes energy conservation. This is an effective way to lower the release of dangerous gases and contaminants.

the Water Cycle in Balance

The water content of the atmosphere is balanced in part by trees. A lot of water is released into the sky by large trees. Rain emerges from this process, which replenishes the clouds. All around the world, forests contribute significantly to the water cycle and support the upkeep of the ecological system. The water cycle can be balanced by planting trees, which is crucial for maintaining the environment’s integrity. On the other hand, deforestation disturbs the water cycle, which has unfavourable effects like drier soil, the loss of crops, etc.


As a result, trees are crucial for the environment. They enable life to exist on Earth and aid in preserving the ecological system. We improve our environment and benefit from it as we plant more trees.