Essay On Importance of Tree Plantation English For Student And Children

Essay On Importance of Tree Plantation English The significance of tree planting has frequently been emphasised. Due to the increasing environmental contamination, there is now an even greater demand for tree planting. To create forests and spread greenery, tree plantations entail moving young trees around. The practise of tree planting is crucial for the ecosystem for a number of reasons.


Essay On Importance of Tree Plantation English

Essay On Importance of Tree Plantation English (100 Words)

The process of relocating young trees from their native location and planting them elsewhere for various purposes is known as tree plantation. Forestry, landscaping, and land reclamation are the primary motivations for tree planting. Each of these reasons for planting trees is significant for a different reason.

Tree Plantations Are Important for Forestry

Forestry is one of the most popular uses for tree plantations. For the earth’s ecosystem to remain in balance, forests are crucial. Our earth is largely covered in trees. However, since the start of the industrial period, these have been drastically reduced. Although forests naturally expand, it is nevertheless important for us to do our part to support the growth of forests in order to make up for the loss brought on by deforestation. For this reason, tree planting is done. Forests can expand more quickly with the assistance of tree planting.

Essay On Importance of Tree Plantation English (200 Words)

The environment benefits from tree planting. Everyone is aware that trees provide oxygen. They breathe in carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen, which are essential for life to exist on earth.

Trees breathe in carbon dioxide but also absorb other dangerous chemicals like carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide. They also filter harmful pollutants from the air, giving us cleaner and fresher air to breathe. Only by planting more and more trees will we be able to reduce the rising levels of air pollution brought on by the smoke from factories and automobiles. However, this is not the only factor that makes tree planting significant. There are various other advantages. Growing trees has several benefits, some of which are as follows:

supplying fruits and leaves that are sustenance for humans, animals, and birds.
preserving biological diversity.
supplying raw materials like wood, rubber, and other materials required to make things like furniture, doors, windows, cutlery, stationary, and ornamental items.
water conservation.
habitat for wildlife and birds.
Environment Control.
soil preservation.
Despite the fact that trees have a plethora of advantages and are crucial for preserving the natural balance, we are brutally mowing them down. To make up for this loss, it is imperative to plant trees.

Essay On Importance of Tree Plantation English (300 Words)

The importance of tree planting can be attributed to many factors. The fact that trees exhale the vital oxygen that humans require to survive is one of the primary reasons behind this.

Life-giving oxygen is exhaled by trees.

Imagine if trees could transmit WiFi signals. We would plant so many trees that we could definitely save the earth. Unfortunately, they just make the oxygen we breathe. It is tragic that we have become so acclimated to technology that we fail to recognise the negative effects it has on the environment. Technology is not just destroying nature, but it is also dividing us from it.

If we truly want to survive and live well, we must plant more and more trees. Trees not only breathe out oxygen and take in carbon dioxide, but they also take in other dangerous gases from the atmosphere, which makes the air cleaner and fresher. The more a tree is covered with greenery, the more oxygen it will create and poisonous chemicals it will absorb. These days, pollution is at an all-time high. The only way to combat it is by expanding the number of trees. Villages and woods, for example, which are surrounded by trees, can brag of a cleaner environment. This is so that their exposure to contaminants is lessened. However, due to increasing pollution and a lack of nearby trees, the air quality in urban residential and industrial regions is bad.


Even though the value of tree planting is clear to see, very few people genuinely feel it is their responsibility to engage in this activity. The others are too preoccupied with their daily activities to realise that we wouldn’t be able to live long without enough trees in the area. It is past time for us to understand the value of tree planting and do our part to support it.

Essay On Importance of Tree Plantation English (400 Words)

Planting trees and other vegetation helps to improve the environment. It improves the environment overall in a number of ways, including air purification, water conservation, climate management, soil preservation, and soil preservation.

NGOs Taking Part in Tree Planting

There are businessmen and ministers who are blinded by wealth on the one hand. They just care about growing their company and making money. They have no problem felling trees, destroying forests, or increasing pollution.

On the other side, there are people who genuinely care about the environment and work tirelessly to improve it.

To create a clean and green environment, they take part in activities like planting trees and cleaning up waterways. By working together, these individuals have established numerous non-profit organisations all throughout the world. Green Yatra, Grow Trees, Sankalp Taru, Green Life, Say Trees, Save Green, Kudumban, Being Green, and Go Sakthi are a few of these. These NGOs occasionally receive assistance from the Department of Environment. Many of these NGOs not only participate in the process of planting trees and other similar activities, but they also spread the word about the cause by performing street plays, updating their social media accounts, and visiting schools and universities.

Sensitization of School Level Population to the Value of Tree Plantation

In their environmental science class, students are provided with a brief introduction to the significance of planting trees and maintaining a clean environment. They learn the lesson in preparation for the test, but afterwards they forget it. This isn’t how things ought to be. Sensitize students to the value of cultivating plants and trees by holding special classes. During these lessons, teachers must emphasise the value of planting trees and explain to the children how they may contribute to a positive change in the environment. It is a smart idea for schools and colleges to work with some NGOs and take the kids on monthly clean-up and tree-planting projects. The impact of practical experience is always much stronger than that of academic knowledge. This will pique their interest in it and motivate them to put in an effort in it.

Additionally, if every student from every school and college in the nation participated in a tree-planting campaign every month, we would be able to grow a tremendous amount of trees.


We must continue to plant trees and inspire others to do the same. In order to act effectively in this area, it is best to join a local NGO that is dedicated to the topic.

Essay On Importance of Tree Plantation English (500 Words)

We are all aware that the planting of trees has several advantages for humanity. We are also aware of the significant impact any of us may have on the Earth’s environment by making just a small effort.

Growing the economy with tree planting

For the manufacture of numerous commodities, we are dependent on trees. Trees supply the basic materials—wood, rubber, etc.—used to make goods like furniture, utensils, papers, decorations, and other things. Houses are also constructed using it. In addition to producing raw or processed fruits needed to make jams, jellies, juices, sauces, and other products, trees also produce these fruits. The country’s enterprises and economy as a whole benefit from the export of many products made with raw materials obtained from trees. Our ability to generate more of these things will therefore increase as we plant more trees.

Animal and Bird Life Benefits from Trees

The habitat of many creatures, including birds, is found in trees. Koalas, flying lemurs, spider monkeys, tree kangaroos, tree frogs, and green tree pythons are a few of these creatures. The trees provide as both a place for them to dwell and a source of food. While some of these plants are loved for the fruits they produce, others are adored for the lush green foliage they produce.

Additionally, wild animals have a natural habitat in woods. Where they live is here. Numerous kinds of animals and birds have perished as a result of deforestation. The demise of numerous others is imminent. If humans take away their food supplies and destroy their habitats, it is only natural for the animals and birds to perish.

They can survive and dwell in peace if tree plantations are established. As a result, it is crucial for preserving environmental biodiversity. The ecological equilibrium of the environment depends heavily on biodiversity.

Compared to deforestation, planting trees

The need for wood, rubber, and other things made from trees is increasing, therefore while we must stop deforestation and protect trees, we can only do so to a certain amount given the growing demand for these products. It is impossible to totally prevent. The necessity for urbanisation has grown along with the growing demand for goods. As more people move here, forests are being hacked down to build residential zones in the cities.

In addition, industries are being built on the area. This is necessary at the moment in our rapidly evolving technological world. All of this is unavoidable, but we can make up for the damage by planting more trees. The planting of trees to make the city green is not the government’s entire responsibility. In support of this cause, we must also work.


Everyone is aware of how crucial plants and trees are to our existence and health. The question is, how many of us actually plant trees on a regular basis. If you aren’t already, now is the moment to start taking environmental improvement seriously and doing what you can to help.