Essay On Importance of Independence Day in India In English For Student And Children

Essay On Importance of Independence Day in India In EnglishOn August 15th, India celebrates its independence. The country gained independence from the British rule on August 15, 1947, and ever since, our nation has honoured this day in August as Independence Day. The Indian people place a special emphasis on Independence Day. They are reminded of the carnage and sacrifices made by independence warriors in order to achieve freedom. Independence was not something that could be attained quickly or easily. It was the result of long-term struggle by the Indian people, guided by their political elite and revolutionary freedom warriors. The significance of Independence Day comes in the fact that it serves as a reminder of the suffering and sacrifices made by our compatriots in order for us to gain independence.

Independence Day

Essay On Importance of Independence Day in India In English

Essay On Importance of Independence Day in India In English (100 Words)

Every year on August 15th, India celebrates its independence. Before ultimately escaping the British’s grasp and becoming an independent country, the nation had been ruled by them for for 200 years. Since then, the 15th of August has evolved into a holiday honouring the sensation of independence. It is also observed as a memorial to the freedom warriors who gave their lives so that we could live in a better world.

Each and every Indian citizen celebrates Independence Day with great fervour and bravery because it is significant to them. Here is how it is observed in schools and colleges as well as across the nation and why it is significant to both students and people in general:

Essay On Importance of Independence Day in India In English (200 Words)

Throughout much of the British occupation, India’s people endured. Indians were treated poorly by British officials who robbed the nation of its resources. The British inflicted severe suffering on India, once renowned as the “golden bird.”

Indian citizens were slaves under British rule. The Indians were forced to work extremely hard for little pay. In an effort to survive, the locals followed the British’s orders out of a sense of helplessness. But those who exhibited bravery and stood side by side with the British deserve our gratitude.

As they spoke out against the tyranny of the British, these Indian revolutionaries served as an example for many others. To voice opposition against British authority, numerous protests and rallies were held periodically. While some of these revolutionaries, like Mahatma Gandhi, chose the road of nonviolence to accomplish their objectives, others adopted a more aggressive strategy to combat the British and force them out. Together, both of these revolutionary groups were successful in achieving India’s independence on August 15, 1947. Since then, every year on August 15th, people celebrate their independence. In all of the nation, it is observed with tremendous fanfare and display.

Essay On Importance of Independence Day in India In English (300 Words)

For Indian nationals, August 15th, also known as Independence Day, is a particularly significant date. They are reminded of the liberation fighters’ sacrifices on this day. They develop a sense of patriotism and are motivated to serve their nation as a result of it.

Paying Tribute to the Freedom Fighters

India had long been ruled by the British. With time, the British maintained their tyranny. Numerous Indians volunteered to fight the British and force them out of the nation. The people of India banded together and battled for their independence under the leadership of liberation fighters like Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Mahatma Gandhi, Sarojini Naidu, Rani Laxmi Bai, and Subhash Chandra Bose. They were motivated by these leaders and gave their all to the freedom movement. Many movements were started, and there were numerous protests. During these events, many individuals lost their lives, and others were imprisoned, but this did not stop them from fighting the British. Independence Day has a unique meaning for the people who live in our nation since it serves as a reminder of their efforts.

While Celebrating Independence, Keep Your Ground

The Fourth of July is another opportunity to honour our independence. On the day when India gained independence, its population experienced actual freedom. They celebrated their newly discovered freedom, and every year, this day honours the same spirit. Even while we fly high and feel autonomous, it also serves as a reminder of the value of being grounded and close to our family and roots.


The people of India are grateful to those who battled to win their nation’s independence. Every year on August 15, which has been designated as Indian Independence Day, they commemorate their independence. For every Indian, today is a wonderful day. The manner in which this day is observed across the nation serves as a glaring example of this.

Essay On Importance of Independence Day in India In English (400 Words)

All Indian citizens hold Independence Day in high regard and celebrate it with tremendous fervour. On this day, the Indian flag is flown at a number of locations across the nation. Numerous small and large events are planned throughout the nation in workplaces, educational institutions, residential communities, and other locations. The following are the main events that marked these Independence Day celebrations:

Hoisting the Flag
At the start of the celebration, the tricolour Indian flag is raised. The national anthem, Jana, Gana, Mana, is played when the flag is raised in front of the crowd, who are all standing. When the national anthem is played, people show respect by standing at attention.

The principal guest or another member of the organising committee will typically speak next. The principal often gives the speech in schools and universities. The lecture focuses on how India gained its independence from British rule as well as the difficulties faced by those who lived in colonised India.

Poetry reading
People celebrate the occasion and honour the great souls who selflessly gave their life so that their fellow citizens might live in an independent country by singing patriotic songs and poems.

On this day, debate and quiz contests are held, and participants take part in both. These tournaments have Independence Day as their theme. This increases both the athletes’ and the spectators’ sense of patriotism for the nation.

cultural pursuits
Numerous cultural events are held to enhance the atmosphere of this event. Competitions for singing and dancing are held. Participants typically display various state-specific dance styles. They are seen wearing vibrant gowns that go with the dance style they choose. During these performances, the entire environment is brimming with joy.

Distribution of Sweets
On Independence Day, giving out sweets is a tradition that dates back as long as the holiday itself. On this day in the past, laddoos were provided, but nowadays, various sweets are given out to the populace. In the market today are lovely and delectable tri-colored candies. To commemorate the occasion, these are delivered at various locations.


People are frequently seen wearing ethnic clothing in shades of saffron, white, green, or a combination of these. These days, wearing wristbands, hair bands, and tri-color batches is also fashionable. There is a strong sense of patriotism permeating the entire environment. On this day, the entire country is standing together.

Essay On Importance of Independence Day in India In English (500 Words)

We, as citizens of a free India, adore our nation and are pleased to call it home. The 15th of August, when we commemorate Independence Day, has unique meaning for all of us. In numerous schools, colleges, offices, and other locations across the nation, it is observed with considerable fervour. We commemorate those who gave their lives so that we might become an independent nation on Independence Day, and we also celebrate the freedom that has been granted to us. These aren’t the only causes for the large celebration on this day, though. The different justifications for our celebration of Independence Day and its significance to us are listed below:

Honor the Freedom Fighters
Remembering the freedom warriors who gave their lives so that we might live freely in an independent country is one of the key motivations for celebrating Independence Day. The event serves as an homage to all of those noble individuals. Speeches are given to recount the valiant actions of our liberation warriors and to express gratitude to them for releasing our nation from British rule. On this day, a number of cultural events are devoted to them and songs are performed in their honour.

To Show Gratitude and Humility
People who witnessed the massacre that took place during British rule and the types of challenges encountered at that time are more modest. They appreciate the good times since they have experienced life’s true hardships. The younger generation lacks this attitude of gratitude and humility. The Fourth of July celebration is a time to remind people to be thankful for what they have and to become more aware of real-world issues.

Celebrate the freedom spirit.
The real meaning of freedom and independence is also commemorated on Independence Day. The happiness of the people of our nation knew no bounds as they achieved independence in 1947 as a result of the liberation fighters’ sacrifices. They had genuine freedom, and every year we commemorate this spirit of genuine freedom.

Keep the spirit of patriotism alive
Around Independence Day, a sense of patriotism permeates the entire nation. A wonderful method to express love and respect for the nation is to dedicate a particular day to the celebration of the country’s independence. It serves as a means of preserving our passion for our nation.

Encourage the next generation to serve the country
The Fourth of July holiday is an opportunity to motivate the next generation to serve the country with the same fervour that previous generations did. The youthful generation is instilled with a sense of patriotism and is motivated to serve the country in any manner they can thanks to the brave actions of the freedom fighters and their love and loyalty for their country.


Independence Day is thus observed for a number of reasons. To be more exact, the holiday is observed to honour independence while still preserving the spirit of patriotism. Since Independence Day is a national holiday in our nation, it serves as a good opportunity to spend time with loved ones and commemorate the occasion together.