Essay On How I Spent My Summer Vacation In English For Student And Children

Essay On How I Spent My Summer Vacation In English Since they are not under the strain of exams or experiencing any mental stress, summer breaks are said to be the perfect time for students to learn more about themselves and their surroundings. This also provides them with the desperately needed relief from the sweltering heat.

The ways that various students choose to spend their summer breaks vary. While some people go to see their grandparents, others enrol in summer programmes, and still others prefer to stay at home and finish up their homework. For your exam topic, How I Spent My Summer Vacation, we have collected essays of varied lengths. It is written in language that is very simple to understand. You might use it as a better point of reference and include your personal experiences to make your essay the best it can be.

Summer Vacation

Essay On How I Spent My Summer Vacation In English

Essay On How I Spent My Summer Vacation In English  (100 Words)

My first overseas journey

My final academic year of high school was 2017. So my family gave me a comprehensive family gateway to far-off places before I started college. More couldn’t have been given to me. Our itinerary was the ideal combination of luxurious Hong Kong, enchanted Disneyworld, and Malaysia, an island home to many different ethnic groups.

The very following day, when my summer break started, I was searching for my aeroplane boarding card in terminal 2 of Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji airport and making updates about it on my social media sites. I was surrounded by my parents, brothers, and cousins. Everyone had a smile of joy on their face.

Essay On How I Spent My Summer Vacation In English  (200 Words)

All of the kids who have struggled all academic year with tests and homework look forward to summer break. They are no longer subject to the demands and limitations of their parents or teachers, and they are free to spend their days as they like. The majority of students choose to take trips to their village, a hill station, or other relaxing destinations with their parents, friends, or other family members. However, holidays can also be enjoyable when they are spent at home.

What I did while at home

Instead of going on a trip this summer, I made the decision to stay home for the summer. I enrolled in lessons to learn canvas painting, and I also started learning table tennis, so that I could spend my time productively. In the afternoons, I helped my mom in the kitchen and my dad with a few jobs involving the family’s finances. I never felt more connected to and involved with my family than I did at this time. I then went out with pals for the remainder of the evening. Additionally, I watched a few movies and web series. These TV episodes and films not only entertained me, but they also gave me some valuable life lessons.


As a result, I used my summer break to spend more time with my family and myself than I was able to during the school year. I came to understand how productive and fulfilling spending holidays at home can be.

Essay On How I Spent My Summer Vacation In English  (300 Words)

The most anticipated time of the year for students is summer vacation. It’s time to unwind and discover our surroundings. I chose to spend my summer vacation with my grandparents this time. Here is a quick story of my summer vacation stay at my grandparents’ home.

Our Grandparents’ Place Experience

This summer, my sister and I made the decision to visit my grandparents. They are locals of a small Gujarati village close to Kutch. Since we had never been to a village before and knew nothing about their way of life, we were unsure about this journey. However, as the days went by, we adapted to their way of life and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Our trip was quite enjoyable. My grandma told us amusing stories about my dad when he was a little mischievous and infamous child. She described how he loved to pull practical jokes on his teachers at school and their neighbours. She also described my sister and I’s behaviour as children. She claimed we were just as infamous as our father.

One day, my grandfather drove us to the Great Ran of Kutch, one of the world’s largest salt deserts, which is situated in the Thar Desert. We rode a camel and stayed there till dusk. We stayed there for a while before heading to the main market. My grandmother informed us of the distinctive handicrafts of Kutch and the several ladies who make a living by selling various stitched garments. We purchased mom a sari and dad an embroidered kurta. We then returned home and assisted grandma with dinner. The following day, our grandfather took us to a farm where he showed us different farming methods. It was a lot of fun. Every day, we indulged in a different activity.


One of the nicest excursions ever, we learned a lot about Kutch culture and tradition while also having a great time. I anticipate taking such journeys in the future.

Essay On How I Spent My Summer Vacation In English  (400 Words)

For those of us who reside in large cities, summer vacations involve watching movies and television shows, hanging out with friends, or simply browsing the internet. We spend all of our time on this. However, spending time at my aunt’s house in Bhiwani village this summer was a fascinating experience. I felt as though I was in an other world.

Awareness of Village Culture

Even if the houses in the hamlet are as large as palaces, everyone there is nonetheless emotionally connected and aware of what is happening in one another’s lives. A beautiful village life is made up of a few simple things like eating together, understanding other people’s circumstances and viewpoints, and cooperating.

The majority of villagers have a morning routine that includes getting up early. They stay healthy and have a busier day as a result. Therefore, everyone in the house must be awake by six in the morning, which at first looked like a curse. Every day at seven in the morning, my uncle opens his utensil store in the hamlet. Every morning before seven, he headed for work. Around the same time, most people were spotted leaving for work.

I spent my mornings in the kitchen preparing breakfast and lunch alongside the other women of the house. After the kitchen jobs, I assisted them in cleaning the house. My brother and I visited the village in the afternoon and also brought my uncle’s shop lunch. After eating a substantial lunch and engaging in a lot of gossip, the remainder of the afternoon was spent sleeping.

I looked forward to the village’s evening hours with great anticipation. We visited the village well one evening where women would go to get drinking water. It was impressive to watch them walk backwards while balancing water-filled pots. The best part, though, was watching the assurance and joy on their faces. The community also included a sizable playground that was frequently crowded with children in the evening.

Additionally, our aunt and uncle drove us to a farm to demonstrate the lovely process of cultivating fruits and vegetables. It was amazing to watch the farmers working so hard to collect their crops and their faces at that time.

I also went to a panchayat that was taking place in the village under a banyan tree, where problems with the village were being resolved by the elders with the approval of everyone else in the village. I saw a modest demonstration of democracy here.


The beauty of village life is found in its simplicity. Every time I visit the village, I am taught compassion and how to love my family.

Essay On How I Spent My Summer Vacation In English  (500 Words)

The summer season is primarily recognised for the heat waves it brings and the holidays it grants us students. It’s a fantastic opportunity for students to take a stress-relieving excursion and get outside, something they can’t do with their busy schedules throughout the year.

We Made a Decision to Visit a Hill Station

This year, our family made the decision to take a summer vacation, and that too to a hill station. Mussoorie, Ooty, Wilson Hills, Kufri, Nainital, Manali, Kerala, and Rishikesh are just a handful of the stunning locations in India that are well-known for their natural beauty. We debated for a while about which hill station to visit before deciding on Shimla.

Shimla Visit by Us

We all travelled there by automobile and arrived there in the morning. We then immediately departed for the motel that we had reserved. Shimla has everything to entice travellers, from opulent hotels to gorgeous settings, from mall road to shopping alleys teeming with people from many cultures.

The excursion was five days in the making. The Mall Road and Jhaku Hills, two of the city’s most popular tourist destinations, are where we headed in the evening of our first day of travel. There are a variety of evening activities taking place there. Seeing Shimla’s nightlife firsthand was incredible. We went to the Footloose Discotheque, which was packed with lively individuals and hummed with excellent music.

The toy train ride on the next day was part of our itinerary. From Kalka to Shimla, this miniature railway travels. In our nation, there are only 3 such trains, and this one is. Despite the fact that they move quite slowly, it is amusing to pass through them. We engaged in some winter sports in the evening, including skiing and bungee jumping.

The following days were spent touring Shimla’s neighbouring towns of Chail, Kufri, and Chitkul. Along with taking in the breathtaking scenery, these locations can be visited for some snowy fun.

For culinary enthusiasts like myself, Shimla is also a great delight. There is no middle ground when it comes to Shimla’s food; either there are teeny, tiny cafés or diners serving only fast food, a variety of teas, and cold drinks, or there are upscale restaurants with expensive booze on the menus. At Beekays, we enjoyed wonderful salami burgers.

We used to get quite exhausted at night from all of these long days with a tonne of things to do, but the nightlife there or even just gazing up at the stars used to make us feel incredibly happy and reenergized. Tall trees that are standing upright, winding roads that make one look at those picturesque hills from all directions, and the entrancing melody they produce all combine to give for an unforgettable experience.


After five days of nonstop pleasure in Shimla, we returned to Delhi. I can still clearly remember this vacation. The queen of the hill towns is Shimla, in fact. I would adore going back there.