Essay On Hockey In English For Student And Children

Essay On Hockey In English A field game called hockey is played between two teams of eleven players each. Play is done with a ball and sticks. With the aid of hockey sticks, each team attempts to score a goal by striking the ball into the net of the other team. There are numerous varieties of hockey games, including bandy, which is played on ice, field hockey, which is played on grass or artificial turf, and rink hockey, sometimes known as roller hockey, which is played with five players on each team. Before 1272 BC, approximately 4000 years ago, people in ancient Egypt played games like hockey. Additionally, India’s national sport is field hockey.


Essay On Hockey In English

Essay On Hockey In English (100 Words)

Hockey is a national game of India however played all over the country. It is a fast game played between two teams against each other. Each team has 11 players. All the players aim to hit the ball in other team net in order to get more score. Our country has been the world champion of hockey in 1928 and had won 6 gold medals in the Olympics games.

The period between 1928 to 1956 is known as the golden era of Indian hockey. The brilliant Indian hockey players has made the country so proud of them as they have won Olympics games for hockey many times for India. They knew well the magic of playing hockey and won the heart of everyone.

Essay On Hockey In English (200 Words)

The national sport of India is hockey, one of the most played sports worldwide. We gain by playing it frequently in a variety of ways. By providing good health, it aids in enhancing body endurance. To continue, the individual practising and performing it must put up more effort. Indian youth often enjoy playing this outdoor game. It is not so simple, but consistent practise of this game can greatly increase your chances of winning.

Both teams have 11 players (divided as five forwards, two full backs, three half backs, and a goal-keeper). It is split into two 35-minute halves with a 5- to 10-minute break. The high level of interest and delight in the game quickly entices viewers to the hockey game. It offers the player a number of financial and health advantages. Anyone with an interest in this game can quickly build a rewarding profession.
The kids of the nation enjoy and play hockey, which is a great game. Other nations across the world also play it. It is the national sport of India, though, since India has received much praise from this sport through incredible victories. For a long time, India has held the title of hockey world champion.

Essay On Hockey In English (300 Words)

Despite other games and sports in India become more and more popular, hockey remains the country’s national sport (like cricket, badminton, etc). Though not recognised by the government, it was selected as the national sport. From 1928 to 1956, when its talented players won six straight Olympic gold medals for it, hockey in India enjoyed its heyday.

After the passing of hockey hero and star Dhyan Chand, the sport’s future fell into disarray. Many hockey-playing Anglo Indians immigrated to Australia at that time. However, there has been a slight increase in Indian players’ interest in hockey recently. Dhanraj Pillay, a former captain of the Indian hockey team, was another legend of Indian field hockey. He was recently named the Indian hockey team’s manager. For hockey, he had received an Arjuna Award.

Why Hockey Is India’s National Sport

Since hockey was so popular in India during its golden age, it was chosen as the country’s official sport (from 1928 to 1956). The Indian hockey team was performing incredibly well at the time, and because of their consistent success and exceptional talent, the decision was made to make this game the nation’s official sport. India actively competed and took part in 24 Olympic games during that era. The most astounding aspect was that it has won every game, scoring 178 goals while only giving up 7. It had received gold medals from the Tokyo and Moscow Olympics in 1964. (1980).


Hockey is a good sport that students enjoy playing the most. Hockey should be encouraged among kids to participate actively in schools and colleges in order to usher in another golden era for the sport. Children with talent should begin receiving comprehensive hockey instruction in elementary school. To maintain the honour of India, the government should arrange for the required cash and other amenities for students.

Essay On Hockey In English (400 Words)

Outside, two teams of eleven players each play the sport of hockey. Due to the country’s long history of hockey success at the world level, it has been selected as India’s national sport. As a result of India’s numerous hockey gold medal victories, even though it hasn’t been formally proclaimed the national sport, it is regarded as such. Throughout the world, it is played in a lot of nations. Any young person can play it as it is not pricey. This entertaining game has lots of action and suspense and is quite interesting. Because of the game’s rapid pace and frequent situational changes, surprises can occur.

Hockey in India is very important.

As the country’s national sport, hockey is highly revered in India because it has repeatedly helped the country win the global championship. Since it was established firmly in India by the talented hockey players, this game has a long and illustrious past. It is one of the most well-known Indian sports, but due to a shortage of skilled hockey players and necessary infrastructure, its foundation has become weak. Prior to the Ancient Games of Olympia, this game is thought to have existed for approximately 1200 years.

Field hockey, which originated in the British Isles in the 19th century, was previously played in a variety of ways, but is now most commonly seen there. But British Army regiments took it to India; it was a game played in English schools. It afterwards became well-known all over the world after being spread abroad. The London Hockey Association was established to oversee this activity and provide uniform regulations. Later, the International Women’s Hockey Federation and the International Hockey Federation were established (both in 1924) and respectively.

In Calcutta, the nation’s first hockey team was established (1885-86). In 1928 in Amsterdam, Indian hockey players made their Olympic debut, and they were a success, taking home the gold medal. It took place thanks to the genius hockey player Dhyan Chand from India. In front of the Amsterdam audience, he truly enthralled all the Indians. Over the course of its illustrious hockey history, India won 24 straight games and six consecutive Olympic gold medals. Dhyan Chand, Balbir Singh Senior, Ajit Pal Singh, Ashok Kumar, Udham Singh, Dhanraj Pillay, Baboo Nimal, Mohammed Shahid, Gagan Ajit Singh, Leslie Claudius, etc. were a few of the finest hockey players of that era.

Essay On Hockey In English (500 Words)

The most well-liked and fascinating sport practised worldwide is hockey. It has been selected as India’s national sport, but no official announcement has ever been made. There are two teams in this game, each with eleven players. In this game, players of one team attempted to score as many goals as possible against the opposing team by kicking the ball with a hockey stick against the opponent’s goal post. After winning six Olympic gold medals and numerous consecutive games, our nation has a stellar record in the sport of hockey. The “golden period” refers to the time when India won numerous consecutive hockey games (1928 to 1956). Hockey legend Dhyan Chand was referred to as the wizard of hockey because of his extraordinary accomplishments.

Hockey’s Origins and History

The game of hockey has been played for ages in India. It is played with a ball and a hockey stick. Before 1272 BC, it was played in Ireland, and before 600 BC, it was played in Ancient Greece. Field hockey, ice hockey, sledge hockey, roller hockey, street hockey, and other versions of the sport are only a few of the many that exist. Field hockey is frequently played today. Field hockey was modified into ice hockey to be played in Canada and the northern United States’ frigid climates.

What You Need to Play Hockey

Helmet, neck guard, shoulder pads, elbow pads, jockstrap with cup pocket and protective cup (to support or protect male genitalia), hockey stick, and puck or ball are some of the crucial pieces of equipment needed to play hockey safely.

Hockey variations

Air hockey, beach hockey, ball hockey, box hockey, deck hockey, floor hockey, foot hockey, gym hockey, mini hockey, nok hockey, pond hockey, power hockey, rossall hockey, skater hockey, table hockey, underwater hockey, unicycle hockey, and many more are other types of hockey that are descended from hockey or its predecessors.

India’s hockey future

As is well known, following India’s hockey’s golden age, the good times of the game were truly finished. It was because there weren’t enough talented and enthusiastic hockey players, and there weren’t enough facilities for kids to play the sport in the future. Due to the love, respect, and commitment of Indian kids to this national sport, it looks as though it would never end and hockey’s golden age will return.

To restore hockey’s golden age back to India, the Indian government must put in a lot of work and support the sport. The Hockey India League intends to use certain practical methods to increase the number of hockey teams (8 teams by 2016 and 10 teams by 2018). Hockey India and Hockey Australia have reached a satisfactory deal to compete in hockey over the next three seasons (6 match test tournament will take place from 2016 to 2018 in Australia).


India’s national sport is hockey. It is merely implied; it has not been formally proclaimed. It is now our duty to restore the game’s golden era and make it a formally recognised national pastime. By giving them all the facilities from the perspective of teachers, parents, and the government, it should be strongly promoted among kids from the start of the school year.