Essay On History of Global Warming In English For Student And Children

Essay On History of Global Warming In English The continuous increase in Earth’s temperature brought on by the emission of dangerous greenhouse gases like carbon and methane is known as global warming. The atmosphere is getting warmer thanks to these gases. The beginning of the industrial revolution is largely responsible for the history of global warming.

The atmosphere of the Earth has always piqued the curiosity of man. It is claimed that even in ancient times, people thought that man might affect the global temperature. Numerous studies have been conducted in this area for almost 200 years, and it was at the beginning of the 20th century that scientists developed the hypothesis of global warming.

Global Warming

Essay On History of Global Warming In English

Essay On History of Global Warming In English (100 Words)

In the modern era, practically everyone is aware of the notion of global warming and how it affects the temperature of the planet. On the internet, news channels, and newspapers, it is frequently discussed. On this topic, scientists have been doing a lot of research.

Dismissal of the Global Warming Phenomenon in the Past

It took a few decades for the phenomenon of global warming to become well acknowledged. In actuality, the scientists and researchers who carefully examined the topic and proposed future climate change were not given serious consideration. Their theories were frequently discarded out of hand or casually. It was asserted that human activity couldn’t possibly have such a significant impact on the world.

Essay On History of Global Warming In English (200 Words)

Today, there is a lot of anxiety about global warming. This global issue is being brought on by the rise in pollution levels brought on by so-called urban development. The idea of global warming was not even understood a century ago, despite the fact that experts did not believe that human activity might eventually cause the Earth’s temperature to rise.

Researchers and scientists first suggested that the increasing levels of carbon emissions in the atmosphere were warming our planet in the 1930s. First-world nations that had fully embraced the Industrial Revolution at the time were noted to be suffering a significant rise in temperature. In the upcoming years, it was expected that the temperature will most certainly increase much more. The prognosis wasn’t taken seriously at the time, but scientists kept looking into future temperature changes that might occur and how they might effect the ecosystem of the Earth.

Due to the rising levels of carbon and other greenhouse gases, numerous programmes were launched to carefully track the changes in the environment. Since then, the Earth’s temperature has been rising steadily, and this change in climate is now often referred to as global warming.

Essay On History of Global Warming In English (300 Words)

The increase of carbon and other hazardous chemicals on Earth is what causes global warming. The rise in population, urbanisation, increased use of technology, and an increase in the number of factories are just a few of the causes of the growth in these dangerous gases.

Climate Change in History

Researchers expressed alarm about the increase in Earth’s surface temperature caused by carbon emissions around a century ago. Since then, the amount of carbon and other dangerous gases has increased, causing global warming. Since the middle of the 20th century, scientists have been compiling data and conducting in-depth research on the topic. The temperature of the Earth has dangerously risen during the past century, according to research.

Global warming’s effects

Our atmosphere has changed dramatically as a result of global warming. Here are some effects of global warming:

The melting of glaciers is an effect of global warming. Oceans and seas now have more water than before. For those who live along the coast, the rising sea levels are becoming a threat.
The pattern of precipitation is significantly impacted by global warming. While many locations are facing conditions like drought, other areas are dealing with severe flooding.
Since heat waves have become more intense, more people are experiencing headaches and other health issues including sunstroke.

The seas absorb the dangerous gases that are emitted into the atmosphere, which causes the acidification of their water. The aquatic life is now at risk because of this.
Many plant and animal species are unable to adapt to the shifting climatic circumstances brought on by global warming. Many of these species have vanished or are in danger of going extinct.
Several health issues are a result of global warming. Due to global warming, people are suffering from lung infections, vertigo, and numerous other major health issues.


Global concern is raised as a result of global warming. It is time for us to recognise how severe this problem is and come together to protect our world from its impacts.

Essay On History of Global Warming In English (400 Words)

The various modern human activities that cause global warming. Because humans were more in touch with nature and had simpler lives, our planet had been protected for ages. While technological development has, on the one hand, made life more comfortable for males, it has also had a number of detrimental effects on the environment. A prime example of how technology harms our lovely world is global warming.

Global Warming History

The Earth’s temperature may increase in the next years, it was noted in the late 19th century, and the rising level of atmospheric carbon dioxide would be the cause of this. However, there was little concrete evidence to support this. Data gathered over the previous 50 years were used to support the notion starting around 1938. These numbers unmistakably demonstrated that during these years, the planet’s temperature had increased. As interest in the topic grew, numerous scientists and researchers got involved in its investigation.

Through the 1970s and 1980s, a rise in temperature was seen, and at about the same time, the term “global warming” was developed. The Earth’s temperature has been increasing ever since.

The Impact of Global Warming on the Climate

According to research, our planet’s climate has significantly changed during the past century. NASA analysis indicates that since 1880, the Earth’s temperature has increased by about 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

Because more greenhouse gases are being released into the atmosphere, it has significantly increased since the turn of the twenty-first century. If the human activities that cause global warming are not stopped, this growth is concerning, and it is predicted that the situation will likely get worse in the future.

The last two decades have seen a lot of climatic shifts. Glaciers are melting as a result of global warming, which has raised the temperature in the polar regions. Warmer regions have also suffered greatly. The extreme heat waves that are currently being observed on our planet are unprecedented. Additionally, there has been a shift in the timing of the seasons, which has also been linked to global warming.


Global warming, which is brought on by different human activities, is warming up our globe. It is already known what is causing global warming. The remedy must be developed right now.

Essay On History of Global Warming In English (500 Words)

The harmful effects of global warming are being caused by an increase in Earth’s surface temperature. Several human activities are the root cause of this. Our earth is being negatively impacted by global warming in many ways. Despite the fact that the phrase “global warming” is frequently used these days, the average person is not truly aware of basic facts about this issue.

Global warming information

The following list includes global warming facts. Brief explanations of the reasons, consequences, and ways in which global warming has altered the planet’s climate are provided:

Around 1.62 degrees Fahrenheit have been added to Earth’s surface temperature over the past century.
The Earth’s temperature has increased significantly during the past forty years, which has accelerated global warming.
The combustion of fossil fuels, population growth, the buildup of trash, and deforestation are just a few examples of human actions that contribute to global warming.
The melting of glaciers and rise in sea level are both results of global warming. Floods are now more likely to occur in coastal areas as a result of this. People who live in such places experience constant anxiety about being swept away in a flood during the monsoon season.
Sea levels are expected to rise by 7 to 23 inches in the near future, according to researchers.
The severity of heat waves has also grown as a result of the temperature rise brought on by global warming. Problems like sunstroke are the result of this. In the past ten years, there has been a dramatic rise in the number of sun stroke patients.
Wildfires are also more common as a result of the Earth’s heat waves becoming more intense.
Because to global warming, the glaciers are melting quickly. In the recent decades, many sizable glaciers have melted. There are now only 25 glaciers surviving in the Montana Glacier National Park, which had as many as 150 glaciers in 1910.
In many places of the world, droughts, storms, and hurricanes are also brought on by global warming.
The negative effects of global warming have caused the extinction of more than a million species, and many more are in danger of doing so.
The Arctic ice is melting as a result of global warming, and by 2040, it is possible that the region could have no ice at all during the summer months. This is one area where the effects of global warming might be most severe.
In the years to come, global warming could lead to a food and water crisis, which could be extremely problematic for all life on Earth.
Many species are going extinct as a result of the planet’s colder regions becoming warmer. These regions are home to plants and animals that are accustomed to breeding and surviving in such a climate.


As a result, global warming is damaging our ecosystem and making it increasingly difficult for life to survive. It is time for us to stop the human activities that are causing global warming in order to lessen its effects.