Essay On Health is Wealth In English For Student And Children

Essay On Health is Wealth In English  A well-known proverb that highlights the value of health to us and the fact that health is wealth is “Health is Wealth.” Wealth is meaningless to us if we are not well (feeling in a condition of physical, mental, and social well-being). We should always strive to maintain good health because it is a true asset.

Health is Wealth

Essay On Health is Wealth In English

Essay On Health is Wealth In English (100 words)

Health truly is wealth, and this is true. Only our healthy health accompanies us in both good and terrible situations. In difficult circumstances, no one in this world can assist us. Therefore, if our health is good, we can handle any difficult situations in life. One would undoubtedly have health-related or other issues in life if they are not healthy, rather than taking pleasure in it. We must heed the advice of our elders, parents, and teachers, eat a balanced diet, engage in daily modest exercise, breathe fresh air, drink clean water, keep excellent posture, and get enough sleep and relax to maintain good health.

Essay On Health is Wealth In English (200 words)

The adage “Health is Wealth” is well known and widely used. As true as our own lives, it. A feeling of total physical, mental, social, and intellectual well-being is provided by good health, which keeps us joyful all the time. We avoid illnesses and health problems while we are in good health. All happiness is lost when excellent health is lost. Mahatma Gandhi (also known as Bapu), a great liberation fighter, once observed that “health is real wealth, not pieces of money and silver.”

Our ability to live a decent, balanced life depends on our overall health. Numerous daily tasks are required for our healthy health. We require clean, healthy air, clean water, adequate sunlight, a balanced diet free of junk food, a green environment, morning walks, good education, and so on.

A healthy body need good food at the right time, which is only attainable with a diet that is well balanced. It supports our body’s optimal growth and development, maintaining our mental, physical, and social wellbeing. Our healthy health will enable us to overcome any challenging circumstances in life. We must always keep in mind that we require healthy food, clean water, fresh air, exercise, sleep, and rest on a regular basis.

Essay On Health is Wealth In English (300 words)

Nowadays, having good health is like receiving a gift from God. It is unquestionably true that life’s true currency is good health. A person’s good health is regarded as the most valuable asset they can have. One has lost all the attractions of life if they have lost their health. A good health can be used to earn good money at any time, but once lost, a good health can never be regained. We must practise regular physical exercise, yoga, meditation, a balanced diet, positive thinking, cleanliness, personal hygiene, frequent health checkups, sufficient sleep, rest, and other activities in order to preserve excellent health. One does not need to spend money on their health by purchasing medications or seeing doctors if they are healthy. A healthy individual merely has to regularly invest some money on his health. A lethargic, ill, or slow person, on the other hand, needs to spend more money over the course of his life.

Due to their idle and sluggish behaviours, people typically struggle to keep excellent health throughout their lives. When they realise their faults, they believe what they are doing is right, but time has already passed. A good state of health is one that keeps us mentally, physically, socially, and intellectually healthy. We are free from all sickness and diseases thanks to good health. A sensation of mental, bodily, and social well-being is referred to as good health. It is an expensive and priceless present that is essential to having a meaningful existence.

In good health, we can work longer periods of time without getting exhausted. The true charm and joys of life are found in excellent health. A sick individual is always concerned about physiological or bodily problems. Therefore, it is important to keep good health in order to eliminate any physical issues and successfully meet all of life’s obstacles.

Essay On Health is Wealth In English (400 words)

We all live in an incredibly fast-paced, congested, and hectic era. We must complete numerous duties throughout the day in order to make more money, but we often forget that maintaining good health is just as important for a healthy existence as breathing air and drinking water are for the body. To simply obtain some fictitious wealth, we neglect to consume sufficient meals in a timely manner, engage in daily exercise, get adequate relaxation, etc. We must always remember that the true richness of life is our health. Everyone should know that health is wealth.

A healthy body lowers stress levels and encourages a pain-free, healthy life. We ought to regularly check our health and be conscious of it. In order to maintain good health, we should consume a balanced diet that includes fresh fruits, salad, green leafy vegetables, milk, eggs, dahi, etc. A healthy lifestyle should also include regular physical activity, restful sleep, cleanliness, a clean environment, access to fresh water and air, and decent personal hygiene. Maintaining excellent health is a great notion so that we don’t have to rush from the hospital to our homes. Being healthy is a positive habit that should be developed with parental guidance beginning in early infancy.

Life wasn’t as chaotic in the past. In contrast to now, it was relatively easy and devoid of many difficulties, with a healthy environment. People were in good health since they had to carry out all of the necessary daily tasks with their own hands and bodies. But as a result of contests, living in the technology world has changed from being pleasant and comfortable to busy. Easy living is impossible today because everyone strives to improve their financial situation. Living nowadays is expensive, difficult, and harmful since everything—including the air, water, environment, food, etc.—has been poisoned, infected, and polluted.

In offices, workers must spend at least nine to ten hours seated still in their chairs with no physical activity. When they arrive home in the late evening or early morning, they are too worn out to do any housework or exercise. Once more, they wake up late in the morning, get ready for work by doing some required tasks like brushing their teeth, eating breakfast, etc. In this way, they live their daily lives only in order to make money and not so they can enjoy them. Earning money is essential for meeting some fundamental demands, but it’s also important to have a healthy, calm life, which requires good health.