Essay On Happiness In English For Student And Children

Essay On Happiness In English It’s challenging to put feelings of happiness into words. It is merely a sensation. A happy existence requires happiness, which is regrettably lacking in the lives of the majority of people today. Happiness means different things to different people. Some people think joy may be found in money, while others feel content and happy when they are in a good relationship, and still others feel thrilled when they are succeeding in their careers. Here are a variety of essays on happiness that you can use as study material for your test. You can choose any essay on happiness based on what you need:


Essay On Happiness In English

Essay On Happiness In English (100 Words)

Happiness is a state of being and cannot be acquired or maintained. People chase happiness their entire lives, yet they always come up empty-handed. They have been trained to think that obtaining admission to a reputable university, landing a well-paying career, or finding a compatible life partner will make them happy. All of them contribute to living a happy life, which is necessary, but they cannot bring happiness on their own. Happiness originates internally, not from things outside of oneself.

Happiness according to Buddhism

Happiness, according to Buddhism, is independent of possessions and personality traits. It is entirely dependent on your thoughts.

Buddha held that knowledge of the primary causes of pain is the first step toward pleasure. He has provided an eight-step plan to follow, which aids in mind control and finally results in happiness. This is not a one-time job, though. This must be done every day.

Essay On Happiness In English (200 Words)

The word “happiness” is fairly straightforward and frequently used. Even a little child can understand what happiness is. But how many of us actually understand what true happiness is and how to get there? hardly any! Most people try to find happiness elsewhere. They think that if they have particular things, are around specific people, or rise to a certain level professionally, they can be happy. Since they were young, this is what they have been fed. All of the aforementioned items are necessary for a decent life, yet they cannot make you happy.

The only person you can provide happiness to is yourself. You can achieve happiness if you decide to be happy and direct your thoughts in that direction. But it’s not as easy as it seems. You must endeavour to work on it. Second, it is a continuous process. To reach this state, you must everyday put specific things into practise.

Even while you should constantly seek happiness within, there are moments when you also need to ask for support from your loved ones. These days, a lot of people experience sadness as a result of their decision to handle their issues alone and without consulting others. That’s not right! To reach true happiness, it’s vital to seek within, but it’s also critical to surround yourself with good people.

Essay On Happiness In English (300 Words)

Bliss is a state of happiness. Your brain will remain in this state if you train it to do so. This is due to the fact that your mind accepts whatever you say. But it’s not as easy as it seems. You might occasionally feel happy, but it might take weeks, months, or even years for this feeling to stick around.

How to Get Happy and Keep it That Way

According to some recent studies, the following behaviours can help you find happiness and keep it around:

Be happy

You must practise turning these activated emotions—such as extreme excitement or depression—into deactivated ones, such as peace and contentment. These emotions are more wholesome and easier to maintain.

now residing

You need to put your past mistakes out of your mind. Nobody is perfect; everyone makes mistakes. Stop blaming or feeling sorry for yourself for all the poor choices you have made in life. Stop worrying about the future, too. Keep your focus on the now. Don’t fail to recognise the enjoyable moments.

Be Grateful

Keep in mind all the decisions and moments from the past that made you happy, and celebrate them. Be grateful to God for providing such happy times.

Develop a Positive Attitude

Your world is created by your thoughts. Optimistic thoughts and a positive outlook on life bring about similar experiences, whereas negative thoughts bring about the opposite. So, the only way to feel happy is to appreciate what you have.

Entourage Yourself With Positive Individuals

Avoid interacting with those who are negative or demotivating. Instead, surround oneself with optimistic people.


Due to a variety of factors in life, it is simple to become overwhelmed by negative thoughts and enter a condition of anxiety and stress. However, you must constantly remind yourself of your blessings and all the things for which you have to be grateful. This is a useful technique for turning a bad mood around.

Essay On Happiness In English (400 Words)

Happiness is essentially a condition of contentment and joy. Though numerous philosophers have expressed their opinions on this matter, the most popular one holds that one should not look for happiness outside of oneself but rather within.

You Can’t Buy Happiness With Money

The way individuals seek happiness outside of themselves is unfortunate. Money and happiness are often linked. If this were the case, then the wealthy would never have experienced sadness. Contrarily, we observe that the wealthy appear to be more worried, afraid, pressured, and frequently struggle with relationships and depression. Even while wealthy celebrities like preachers, singers, and movie stars have divorce rates that are significantly higher than those of the general public. These folks constantly worry about being pursued or struck, therefore they need security at all times. They worry more about the security of their kids. They are also more prone to theft and robbery than anyone else. Many of them have so much extra money that they are worried all the time about where to conceal it or invest it. On the other hand, those from lower socioeconomic groups tend to be happier and more relaxed.

This is not to imply that being wealthy is undesirable. Having money gives you access to a wide range of resources. Going on vacation, organising social events, buying nice clothes, buying a house, living in a pleasant neighbourhood, and doing a lot more all contribute to the feel-good factor, which is a necessary element for happiness. However, it is incorrect to think that having all of these things will make you happy. Although they can temporarily make you happy, materialistic items cannot help you find ultimate happiness.

Happiness originates inward.

It is true that when you realise all it needs to be happy is “you,” you will discover true happiness in life. True happiness comes from within; it is not found outside of oneself. This point has already been made countless times. However, most people disregard it as unimportant. It’s important to realise that happiness is really a mental condition. The things we see outside cannot help us get there. Positive emotions, which are triggered by good thoughts, provide us the ability to produce it.


Essentially, our thoughts are what cause our emotions. Therefore, in order to achieve true happiness, we must endeavour to develop positive thinking and a positive outlook on life.

Essay On Happiness In English (500 Words)

Everyone wants to be happy, but only a small number of people actually manage to do so. As easy to define as it is, achieving it is equally challenging. This is due to the fact that many people connect it with both people and objects. You are the source and the destination of your own happiness. The only people who can find true happiness are those who understand this.

The Philosophy of Happiness by Aristotle

One such philosopher who wrote extensively on happiness was Aristotle. He held the view that we are responsible for our own happiness. According to him, the primary goal of human life is happiness. He claimed that virtue determines happiness and that it is a goal in and of itself. Aristotle’s virtues, however, are less generally societal virtues and more personal.

Aristotle believed that in order to live a truly happy life, many requirements must be met, including having good physical and mental health. In Nicomachean Ethics, one of his most well-known books, he introduced the philosophy of happiness. Even today’s situation makes sense in terms of Aristotle’s thesis. According to him, happiness is the goal that satisfies all requirements. He claims that practically everything we want, including successful relationships, wealth, success, and power, is something we want because we think it will make us happy. This suggests that happiness is a goal in and of itself, and everything else is only a means to that end.

The Joy of a Relationship

Many people link happiness to having money, while others link it to having good connections. They fail to realise that if they are unhappy with themselves, they will never be truly happy in a relationship. We anticipate too much from the other person, which is the main cause of the fast increasing number of relationship issues. We anticipate that they will make us joyful. We tell ourselves lies like “we’ll be happy if our spouse buys us this dress” or “we’ll be happy if our partner organises a surprise for us” to trick our minds into believing these things. Not only couples are at fault. Every relationship, whether it is a brother-sister, parent-child, or friendship, has the same characteristics.

Here are some suggestions for fostering wholesome and contented relationships:

Self-care is important.

Self-care is important. Don’t put the other person before yourself, and let him to do the same. Giving excessively and receiving nothing in return is a surefire way to end up disappointed.

Take the Lead

Plan your own trip if you wish to go there. Do not hold off until your spouse, parents, or kids will drive you there. Tell them you would be thrilled if they joined you. Do not, however, become discouraged if they object. Maintain your plan’s course.

Give room

Building a successful relationship requires both giving your spouse space and demanding that they respect your personal space.


We have inflated expectations of the people in our lives and assume that they will behave a specific way if they actually care about us. This is wholly incorrect. Instead of improving the relationship, this just worsens it. You must realise that the only person who can truly make you happy is you.