Essay On Greenhouse Effect In English For Student And Children

Essay On Greenhouse Effect In English The Earth’s temperature rises due to the greenhouse effect, which is caused by radiation being trapped in the lower atmosphere. Life on Earth can only exist as a result of the natural greenhouse effect. Because humans release these dangerous gases into the atmosphere, their effect as greenhouse gases is amplified. This raises the earth’s temperature, contributing to global warming.

Greenhouse Effect

Essay On Greenhouse Effect In English

Essay On Greenhouse Effect In English (100 Words)

Glass is used to construct greenhouses, which are intended to keep heat inside. Inside the greenhouse, there is warmth even on chilly winter days. Similar to a greenhouse, the atmosphere on Earth captures some of the energy that comes from the sun and prevents it from leaving the planet again. The chemicals known as greenhouse gases trap heat in the Earth’s atmosphere.

The greenhouse effect plays a crucial role in maintaining a warm, livable climate on Earth by absorbing energy. The issue is that as too many greenhouse gases are emitted into the atmosphere, the greenhouse effect is warming up quickly and causing climate change. Both naturally occurring greenhouse gases and greenhouse gases caused by human activity exist in the atmosphere.

Essay On Greenhouse Effect In English (200 Words)

The warming of Earth’s surface brought on by the presence of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is known as the greenhouse effect. Radiatively active gases diffuse their energy throughout the atmosphere, and some of these gases are also directed at the planet’s surface, warming it. The concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and the temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere both affect how intense the radiation is. Carbon dioxide, water vapour, ozone, nitrous oxide, and methane are the main greenhouse gases.

The greenhouse effect happens naturally, but it has gotten worse primarily because of human activity, such as cutting down trees and burning fossil fuels, which has led to global warming. Methane levels in the atmosphere have doubled since the start of the industrial revolution, while carbon dioxide levels have also grown by about 30%.

The increased atmospheric emissions of greenhouse gases have already changed our planet’s climate and have the potential to do so again. Extreme drought and rains will ensue from this, disrupting food production throughout many countries. Global warming brought on by greenhouse gases has a negative impact on biodiversity, ecosystems, and human life. The world is currently facing a huge problem with global warming, which must be stopped by urgent action.

Essay On Greenhouse Effect In English (300 Words)

Temperature rise on Earth and in its oceans is referred to as global warming. The greenhouse effect is caused by greenhouse gases, which absorb and emit infrared radiation, trap it in the atmosphere as heat, and raise Earth’s temperature as a result.

Global Warming and the Greenhouse Effect

Carbon dioxide (CO2), water vapour (H2O), methane (CH4), ozone (O3), and nitrous oxide (N2O) are the main greenhouse gases in the atmosphere that trap a lot of heat. The Earth’s atmosphere has an average temperature of 150°C (590°F), but it would have been 18°F colder without the greenhouse effect.

The main contributors to recent global warming have been human activities such as agriculture, deforestation, combustion of fossil fuels, and other human activities. It is causing glaciers and ice sheets to melt, which is raising sea levels. A warmer environment may most likely cause precipitation and evaporation. Additionally, as a result of global warming, the weather patterns change, making some locations drier and others wetter.

Natural catastrophes including storms, floods, and droughts might become more frequent as a result. The effects of climate change on environment and human existence are negative, and if greenhouse gas emissions keep rising, they may get worse. For the coastal regions, the effects of global warming will be severe. Temperature increases will cause the poles to begin melting, which will raise sea levels and possibly drown coastal cities.


Global warming’s negative repercussions are felt in every nation in the world. Global warming’s negative effects can be avoided by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Government and non-governmental groups need to take action to reduce the amount of harmful gases that are released into the atmosphere. It should be encouraged to use renewable energy more frequently and to plant trees rather than clear them.

Essay On Greenhouse Effect In English (400 Words)

The greenhouse effect is the term used to describe how the gases trapped in the atmosphere raise Earth’s temperature. It is normal and necessary to keep life on Earth alive. Unfortunately, since the industrial revolution, the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere has increased drastically. Due to human activity, it has multiplied. This has accelerated global warming and climate change.

Principal Causes of the Greenhouse Effect

Some of the main causes of the greenhouse effect are listed below:

Natural Origins:

Some naturally occurring substances on Earth, such as nitrogen oxide, which is present in small amounts in soil and water, and the gases carbon dioxide and methane that are formed when plants decompose as a result of forest fires naturally. There are no fluorinated gases in nature; only those created by humans.
A key component of the greenhouse effect is water vapour. The majority of the time when the air’s humidity rises, water vapour absorbs thermal energy. As a result, the atmosphere’s temperature rises.
Animals exhale carbon dioxide and methane gases while breathing oxygen from the atmosphere. It also contributes to the greenhouse effect naturally.
artificial causes

One of the main causes of the greenhouse effect is the burning of fossil fuels like coal and oil. Carbon dioxide, the main contributor to the greenhouse effect, is released into the atmosphere when fossil fuels are burned. Additionally, when gas, coal, or oil wells are dug, methane gas from the Earth is released into the atmosphere, polluting it.
Another significant factor in the greenhouse effect is deforestation. Carbon dioxide is reduced and oxygen is produced by trees. The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is increasing due to the removal of forests and trees.
Crops are fertilised with synthetic nitrogen, which is discharged into the environment as nitrogen oxide. The atmosphere’s nitrogen dioxide intensifies the greenhouse effect.
Globally, industrial gas emissions into the environment are very high. Gases like methane, carbon dioxide, and fluorine gas are examples of industrial gases.
Goats, pigs, and cows are examples of farm animals that produce greenhouse gases. Methane is created in their stomachs during food digestion and is discharged into the atmosphere through their excrement. The expansion of farmland for livestock raising requires the clearing of forests, which increases greenhouse gas emissions.


So, the primary cause of the increase in greenhouse gas emissions is human activity. Global warming, which is brought on by greenhouse gas emissions, has a number of detrimental repercussions on nature and human life.

Essay On Greenhouse Effect In English (500 Words)

By preventing radiation from escaping into space, greenhouse gases contribute to global warming by gradually raising the temperature of the Earth’s surface. According to NASA, the Earth’s average temperature of 150C (59 degrees) is what makes it habitable for people because of the equilibrium between the radiation that enters the planet and the radiation that is reflected back to space.

Without this equilibrium, the world would be either too cold or too hot. As a greenhouse likewise functions in a similar manner, the greenhouse effect is the exchange of solar radiation that raises the temperature of our planet.

Climate Change from Greenhouse Effects

Emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere have a significant impact on climate. Since industrialization, the atmosphere’s concentration of a variety of greenhouse gases has considerably increased. Fossil fuel combustion is the primary source of greenhouse gas emissions. The gases Nitrous Oxide (N2O), Water Vapor (H2O), Methane (CH4), Ozone (O3), and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) all contribute to the greenhouse effect.

The main greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change is CO2, which has grown by 40% since industrialization. The atmosphere’s gases can be absorbed by natural processes. For instance, carbon dioxide may be absorbed by the photosynthesis process, but the release of the gases progressively began to outpace the ability to absorb greenhouse gases through natural processes. The intensity of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has increased as a result of this imbalance between the ability of natural processes to absorb gases and the output of greenhouse gases.

We have used a lot of fossil fuels, felled a lot of trees, raised a lot of methane-producing cattle, and polluted our environment with harmful gases. There are too many greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which can cause changes in the climate. The biggest problem we are facing right now is global warming.

Consequences of Climate Change

The carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that is mostly to blame for global warming is greatly absorbed by forests. When trees are destroyed, more carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere, increasing the amount of greenhouse gases that cause global warming.
Floods and droughts may occur more frequently as a result of climate change’s impact on water systems. Water bodies all around the world are contaminated, and the water quality has declined as a result of excessive pollution and the presence of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. As glaciers melt, it affects freshwater habitats. Oceanic species is in danger due to the oceans’ rising acidity.
Many species are at risk from climate change. It is the reason why numerous species are disappearing. Animal species that reside in locations where climate change is having a significant impact are unable to adjust to the rapid changes in the climate.
Extremely hazardous climate change could arise from an increase in Earth’s temperature.


The previously done harm to the temperature and atmosphere of the Earth is grave and irreversible. Either we can adapt to the effects of climate change, such as flooding and sea level rise, or we can lessen the effects of global warming by putting laws in place that lower the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.