Essay On God Helps Those Who Help Themselves Essay In English For Student And Children

One of the most well-known and frequent proverbs is “God helps those who help themselves,” which means that only those people who are diligent, disciplined, and dedicated to their goals in life receive assistance from God. Students frequently have to write a few paragraphs, an entire essay, or merely express their opinions on a certain topic in class. Teachers give their students essay writing assignments to help them develop their writing abilities and boost their confidence.

God Helps Those Who Help Themselves

Essay On God Helps Those Who Help Themselves Essay In English

Essay On God Helps Those Who Help Themselves Essay In English (100 words)

An old saying goes, “God helps those who assist themselves,” which suggests that God never helps us when we merely keep expecting help from Him and doing all the effort ourselves. People who merely desire to have fun or avoid hard labour or heavy workloads are never helped by God.

He always lends a helping hand to those who help themselves, which is to say, those who work hard and sincerely in the correct direction. People who are unafraid of arduous work and high workloads are always blessed by God and achieve positive outcomes. God constantly favours those who regard their labour as an act of worship.

Work is worship because one is always judged by the quality of their deeds. Only hard work will get us to the top and establish our reputation. Therefore, if you want to achieve in life, work hard and in the proper way. This will bring you fame and the blessings of God.

Essay On God Helps Those Who Help Themselves Essay In English (200 words)

God only helps us when we help ourselves, which implies that we must conduct our work with full devotion in the right direction in the field in which we wish to succeed. This is the meaning of the proverb, “God helps those who help themselves.” God will be pleased if we don’t put forth much effort and only adore Him, but He won’t ever grant us success. Only our diligent efforts will enable us to ascend and receive God’s blessings. Here is an intriguing tale about two frogs that explains the true significance of the proverb:

Two frogs formerly lived together and enjoyed rainy days. They slowly hop to the house and flop into the large milk container. For a while, both frogs tried to escape the container, but one of them eventually gave up because he had lost all chance of swimming. The second person shown great patience and never gave up. To get out of it, he proceeded to swim and circle around in the milk.

He slowly turned the milk into butter, climbed to the pat, and then leaped out of the churn with the aid of the butter. This story teaches us to never give up on our dreams and to work diligently and patiently until a satisfying outcome is achieved. It is established that “God assists those who help themselves” in this way.

Essay On God Helps Those Who Help Themselves Essay In English (300 words)

In our daily life, most of us generally get hopeless whenever we have to face difficulties and problems. We start praying to God during those times instead of following some tricky solutions to get out of those problems. We should continue working hard and never get afraid of such problems in order to get result in favor. Some people blame their luck and complain to God for their misfortune instead of doing something. ‘God helps those who help themselves’ is a famous proverb which teaches us an important lesson in the life. It is not enough to only worship the God; we need to work hard in the field we want to succeed.

The story of a farmer can help us better to understand the theme of this saying. Once, a farmer was riding his cart to the market in order to sell his hay. Roads were very muddy due to the whole night heavy rain and it was really difficult for his horses to drag the load. Suddenly wheels got stuck into the mud. He started looking for someone to get help however no one was there. He became hopeless and cursed his bad luck instead of doing some efforts to get out of that. He looked up at the sky and started shouting at God for being unlucky. He prayed to God that ‘please help me’.

God appeared before him and said ‘why you are looking for someone to get help, you can yourself be out of this problem very easily’. Have you tried even for a while to get the wheels out of the mud instead of shouting at me? No one can help you until you help yourself. He ashamed of him and started trying to got the wheels out of mud through his shoulder. He got success in his first attempt and thanked to God for teaching the lesson of self help. Thus, it is true that ‘God helps those who help themselves’.

Essay On God Helps Those Who Help Themselves Essay In English (400 words)

People who work hard and are persistent may need to wait for the desired outcome, but they can never fail in life. And those who are lazy and don’t want to put in the effort usually scream at God and bemoan their misfortunes. The adage “God helps those who assist themselves” highlights the value of self-initiative and hard work.


It was created in classical Greece and is extremely important to us today. The tale of two brothers and their mother will help you better comprehend the significance and meaning of this proverb. In a village, there was a family of four people—three brothers and a mother. They were content with their lives until a flood arrived and wiped out the entire community. Nevertheless, they were able to relocate in the village of their mother’s brother because she owned some property there. Their mother begged her brother to get her share once they moved there. Because of his extreme selfishness and greed, he only granted her a small plot of land with no nearby water sources.

Despite their disappointment, they made the decision to remain and construct a shelter. However, they persisted in their laborious efforts and readied the field for cropping without lamenting their ill luck. One of the brothers lost hope, while the older brother was very diligent, optimistic, and a devout Christian. One day, one of the brothers noticed new reed grass growing in a land corner, which was a sign of a water source. For several days, they dug there extensively before finding water. They were delighted to see the fruits of their labour.

The proverb’s lesson

This narrative shows us that when we make the correct choices and have faith in God, our efforts will be rewarded with both the desired outcomes and God’s blessings. Anyone’s difficult times eventually turn into their good times; all we need to do is work hard and be patient instead of complaining about our luck and shouting at God. According to the saying, “God helps those who assist themselves,” God only aids those who work through their issues on their own, never cursing their misfortune or placing the blame on others. Therefore, we should never give up when things are bad and instead attempt to work through issues with a cool head and diligence since they will undoubtedly be resolved quickly with plenty of happiness and confidence.