Essay On Gandhi Jayanti Celebration In English For Student And Children

Essay On Gandhi Jayanti Celebration In English To honour the birth anniversary of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, well known as Mahatma Gandhi, on October 2nd of each year, Gandhi Jayanti is observed. Mahatma Gandhi was a renowned liberation fighter and a mass figure who spoke up for the underprivileged and disadvantaged Indians during the British rule. His philosophy of truth and non-violence became popular right away, making him a well-known political figure all over the world. His nonviolent protest strategies involved every common Indian in the fight for independence. On June 15, 2007, the United Nations passed a resolution designating October 2 as International Day of Nonviolence. Thus, Gandhi Jayanti is more of a spiritual celebration of truth and nonviolence than a birthday. People recall his advice and values and make a commitment to put them into practise in their own lives.

Gandhi Jayanti Celebration

Essay On Gandhi Jayanti Celebration In English

Essay On Gandhi Jayanti Celebration In English (100 Words)

Celebration of Gandhi Jayanti in Schools

Schools in India specifically make a point to commemorate Gandhi ji’s birthday, often known as Bapu. Gandhi Jayanti is a national holiday, hence most school celebrations take place the day before. To fervently welcome the day, the schools are decked with a variety of ornamental materials.

Every year, a number of celebrations and events are held in honour of Gandhi. Students from the primary grades dress up like Gandhi ji and sing Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram, his favourite bhajan. On this day, special assemblies are held, and kids are urged to talk about this outstanding patriot and freedom warrior. Speeches about Gandhi are given by the principal and other educators.

Essay On Gandhi Jayanti Celebration In English (200 Words)

Gandhi Jayanti is observed annually on October 2. The legendary Indian statesman Mahatma Gandhi celebrates his birthday today. One of the three national holidays in our nation is Gandhi Jayanti, which is honoured with the same fervour as other Indian holidays.

Schools, in particular, invest a lot of work and extra effort into celebrating this day. Students participate in the occasion-specific decorating of the school. Students produce posters and occasion-related crafts with the help of their professors. The school is decorated with these items. Primary school kids frequently attend schools dressed as liberation warriors like Lal Bahadur Shastri, who shares the same birthday as Mahatma Gandhi, and Gandhi ji. Competitions for debate, essays, paintings, and fancy dress are also held.

Celebrations of Gandhi Jayanti are also held in workplaces and housing colonies. To honour our great freedom fighter, without whose sacrifices Indian independence might not have been achieved, people come together. Speeches are given and songs are performed in his honour. There is a strong sense of patriotism permeating the entire environment.

To pay respects to the late leader’s soul, many political figures go to the memorial in Rajghat, Delhi.

Gandhi ji is warmly recalled and will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Essay On Gandhi Jayanti Celebration In English (300 Words)

Gandhi Jayanti, observed on October 2nd each year, is a significant national holiday. Mahatma Gandhi is highly revered in India, and it is also his birthday. In India, it is observed in many different locations, including offices, institutions, and schools.

Show Mahatma Gandhi respect

One of the most admired and revered Indian liberation fighters was Mahatma Gandhi. He operated in a very distinct way from other leaders of his era. Mahatma Gandhi favoured the path of non-violence and truth while the majority of freedom fighters thought that violence and aggression were the only ways to expel the British. Mahatma Gandhi was able to have a significant influence on the British without using any force or actually hurting anyone. Many Indians joined him in his nonviolent yet effective independence efforts, and collectively they had a significant impact.

The beliefs of Mahatma Gandhi gained traction in his lifetime and are being practised now. Gandhi Jayanti is a method to pay tribute to this great man, who is very important to Indians.

Motivate the younger generation to be patriotic

Our younger generation is less patriotic and isn’t as aware of what freedom really means. This is due to the fact that they haven’t actually experienced the struggle that earlier generations underwent to achieve independence. The younger generation is mainly looking for possibilities to move overseas and enhance their lifestyle rather than being proud of the nation and serving it.

By educating the younger generation about our history, national holidays like Gandhi Jayanti can inspire patriotism in them. People are truly stepping forth on this day and embracing the spirit of patriotism. It evokes the sentiment of accomplishing something constructive for the nation.


Therefore, Gandhi Jayanti is a significant day for all Indians. It reminds us of the struggles and sacrifices made by Gandhi ji and other freedom fighters and motivates us to work arduously for the advancement of our nation in the same way that they did.

Essay On Gandhi Jayanti Celebration In English (400 Words)

India’s schools all participate in fervent celebrations of Gandhi Jayanti. It occurs on October 2nd and is a holiday because it is one of our nation’s three national holidays. As a result, most schools observe it the day before the real holiday, which falls on October 1. For the commemoration of Gandhi Jayanti in schools, several events are scheduled. Both teachers and students eagerly anticipate these celebrations and actively participate in them.

Celebration of Gandhi Jayanti in Schools

The majority of schools require pupils to study according to a schedule during the first half of the day, while celebrations take place after recess. The school is decorated by a few teachers, students, and support staff members with tricolour balloons, ribbons, flags, and posters and phrases from Gandhi ji. Following are a few of the events scheduled to honour Gandhi Day:

Students are required to sit on the ground or in the school auditorium. The pupils are addressed by the principal and other staff members. They speak about Mahatma Gandhi. To motivate the kids and guide them down the right route in life, they discuss his views. They also discuss the difficulties Gandhi Ji faced and how he persevered in his efforts to realise his goal of India’s independence. The students are genuinely motivated by these speeches.

Competitions On this day, a variety of competitions are held, including ones for painting, debate, essay writing, and fancy dress. All of these contests have Gandhi ji and patriotism as their themes. The participation of students in these contests is encouraged. These contests are held with the intention of fostering a greater sense of national identity among the pupils. Competitions in fancy dress are extremely enjoyable. Seeing little children costumed as Gandhi and other liberation heroes is a pleasure.

Students that perform well are awarded prizes to promote increased involvement.

American Songs
Songs of patriotism are performed in Mahatma Gandhi’s honour. The entire school is shown to be engulfed with patriotism as students sing songs on stage and audience members join them. Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram, Bapu’s favourite song, is especially sung on this occasion. Students can be seen performing songs in honour of Gandhi ji during singing competitions.


The celebration of Gandhi Jayanti in schools is a wonderful approach to instil a sense of patriotism in the pupils. Inspiring the pupils to walk the path of truth and non-violence is another benefit of doing this.

Essay On Gandhi Jayanti Celebration In English (500 Words)

To commemorate the birthday of the Father of the Nation, which occurs on October 2nd, numerous festivities are planned around India. However, the nation’s capital, which includes the Gandhi Memorial, hosts the main Gandhi Jayanti event. On this day, garlands are placed on and around the sculptures of Gandhi ji located across the city. Markets, workplaces, housing colonies, and schools are decorated for the occasion with flags, flowers, and other colourful accents.

Politicians Go To The Gandhi Memorial

The Gandhi Memorial is situated in the centre of India’s national city. It is the location of Gandhi’s funeral, which took place on January 30, 1948. The memorial is a representation of Gandhi’s ideals of non-violence, honesty, and peace. The Indian Prime Minister and numerous other political figures visit the memorial to honour Mahatma Gandhi on the anniversary of Gandhi Jayanti. After presenting flowers and garlands at the Gandhi Memorial, visiting leaders are invited to a prayer meeting at Raj Ghat. During these devotional gatherings, bhajans are sung, and people reflect on Bapu’s motivating beliefs.

Students visiting the Gandhi Memorial

To honour the Father of the Nation, certain schools in Delhi and the NCR take their pupils to the Gandhi Memorial. The day before Gandhi Jayanti, students are typically brought to the location. At his monument, students leave flowers and say a prayer for his soul. During this brief excursion, teachers inform the kids of Mahatma Gandhi’s valiant actions.

Events on Gandhi Jayanti in the National Capital

On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, numerous large and small events are planned throughout the capital.

In order to instil a sense of patriotism, loudspeakers at markets play patriotic music. In the capital, live band concerts are also scheduled at a few locations. These bands perform patriotic music to enhance the festive atmosphere.
On this occasion, special performances are held in malls and other locations. The hosts of these programmes frequently solicit questions from the audience to encourage widespread participation. The majority of the questions centre on Gandhi’s life, legacy, and ideals. As a part of these activities, singing and painting competitions are also held. This is a suitable way to mark the event.
Residential societies also observe the day by holding modest gatherings at which speeches are made and Gandhi ji is remembered. Competitions in drawing and fancy dress are held during these occasions to entice kids to participate in the same.
Many political figures’ offices are seen to be decorated with garlands. Political leaders visit each other to exchange ideas and perspectives on this day because it is a national holiday and they both take time off from their jobs.
To commemorate this particular day, other workplaces and educational institutions in the capital are also decorated. Due to the holiday on February 2nd, Gandhi Jayanti celebrations are typically held in these locations the day prior.


The national capital’s inhabitants are renowned for leading busy lives. It is extremely admirable that they found the time to commemorate and pay tribute to our great Indian leader in the midst of the chaos.