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Essay On Fit India Movement In English On Thursday, August 29, 2019, National Sports Day, Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi announced the “Fit India Movement.” It was unveiled at 10 a.m. in New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi Stadium complex during a festive ceremony. Among the activities were displays of Indian traditional dance, demonstrations of martial skills, and competitions in sports.

Mr. Kiren Rijiju, the Minister of State (Independent Charge) of Youth Affairs and Sports, as well as other 2019 sports award recipients and visitors from the film industry, attended the event. As the prime minister had stated, the major goal of the concept is to inspire people to engage in greater physical activity and sports.

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Essay On Fit India Movement In English

Essay On Fit India Movement In English (100 Words)

The government of India created the Fit India Movement with the intention of motivating its people to be more physically active and fit.

The opening event on August 29, National Sports Day, received extensive media coverage, and live broadcasts were screened in numerous institutions and schools.

The programme aims to alleviate health problems brought on by a sedentary lifestyle. It sends the idea that lifestyle disorders like diabetes, hypertension, cardio-vascular issues, obesity, etc. are brought on by inactivity, and that regular physical activity, whether it be sports or a simple walk, will help one stay healthy.

Essay On Fit India Movement In English (200 Words)

India’s Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, launched the Fit India programme on National Sports Day, which was on August 29.

The Prime Minister had urged the populace from the dais to adopt a plan that included regular exercise. A key component of everyone’s daily regimen should include yoga, he emphasised, because it has many physical advantages.

As he has stated on numerous occasions, Mr. Modi repeated that the growth in obesity, diabetes, and other illnesses is due to our society being more sedentary and inactive due to technology. He added that other nations have already begun such programmes in recognition of the importance of maintaining physical fitness.

For one to be successful, Modi continued, one must be physically fit and active, as this is a trait shared by all successful people in our society.

The young Indian athletes who have achieved success for their country were also honoured, and he praised them, saying that they are the future of an India that is more certain, youthful, and physically strong.

The campaign will be carried further by a committee led by Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju. Along with his fellow Indians, Mr. Rijiju expressed his confidence in his ability to further the movement.

Essay On Fit India Movement In English (300 Words)

The Fit India Abhiyan, also known as the Fit India Movement, is a government-sponsored initiative to address the health problems brought on by inactive lifestyles, which can result in conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, and other conditions.

The movement seeks to inspire individuals to adopt an active lifestyle for the sake of their future health. To stay in shape, people were urged to exercise frequently, participate in recreational sports, and practise yoga.

The Prime Minister launched the initiative during a lavish launching ceremony in New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi Stadium complex. At the launch were a number of other notable figures from politics, administration, sports, and the media.

The day was both Major Dhyanchand’s birth anniversary and National Sports Day, and the prime minister paid homage to the celebrated Indian hockey star.

The Prime Minister emphasised the need of maintaining physical activity in his speech in order to have a healthy and prosperous future. The Prime Minister said, “Adopting an active lifestyle is essential if one wants to succeed and be disease-free. Additionally, he highlighted his concern about the growing number of young people who are suffering from lifestyle diseases.

Mr. Kiren Rijiju, Minister of State for Sports, has been given the task of elevating the movement (Independent charge). Rijiju will serve as the chairman of the 28-member government committee, which also includes the secretaries of education, youth affairs, and sports.

The committee also includes representatives from the National Sports Federation, the Indian Olympic Association (IOA), business organisations, and a number of fitness advocates.

The Fit India programme was introduced on August 29 by Sri Narendra Modi, the Indian Prime Minister.

The official opening ceremony was held in the Indira Gandhi stadium in New Delhi in front of a sizable crowd of officials, actors, athletes, and members of the general public.

There were demonstrations of the indigenous martial arts of India, as well as cultural dance performances and yoga classes.