Essay On Female Foeticide In English For Student And Children

Essay On Female Foeticide In English Aborting a female foetus without consent is referred to as female foeticide. Female foeticide is still practised in India even though it is severely prohibited by law. The crime results from the society’s desire to avoid having a girl child because girls are seen as an additional burden on their parents. If female foeticide is not successfully eradicated, the nation’s ambitions for gender equality and women’s empowerment would remain just words. It has far-reaching effects on society as well, such as a larger male to female sex ratio. The illicit trafficking of girls from other regions to that region, known informally as the “meat trade,” is caused by there being fewer females than males in any one locality.

Female Foeticide

Essay On Female Foeticide In English 

Essay On Female Foeticide In English (100 Words)

Since the introduction of medical technology developments such prenatal sex determination in the 1990s, female foeticide has been practised in India. However, before this, female infants were being murdered soon after birth in various parts of the nation. It is preferable to kill off female children before birth in Indian culture since they are seen as a social and financial burden to their parents. Nobody will ever comprehend its negative aspects. In comparison to men, the female to male sex ratio has significantly decreased (8 males per one female). Even if we entirely end female foeticide in the upcoming years, it is difficult to compensate for the sex ratio.

Essay On Female Foeticide In English (200 Words)

Women have long been viewed as a plague on their families and society in Indian culture. Female foeticide has been a widespread practise in India since the advent of technology for these reasons. The ratio of females to men in the 2001 census was 927 to 1000. Prior to a few years ago, practically every couple employed sex determination tests to determine the gender of the child before birth. And if the baby was a girl, abortion was unavoidable.

In the early 1990s, advances in ultrasound technology gave rise to sex-determination tests. Indian society is accustomed to people having children continually till they have a boy baby by killing all the girl babies before the boy. The Indian government passed a number of laws and regulations prohibiting female foeticide and the rising trend of abortions following sex tests in an effort to reduce population growth and curb female foeticide. Abortion-related killing of a baby girl is illegal across the nation. Doctors found guilty of performing sex tests and abortions specifically for the purpose of eliminating girl babies will be expelled from their profession. A key tool in the fight against female foeticide is raising awareness of the value of girls in society.

Essay On Female Foeticide In English (300 Words)

Female foeticide is the deliberate preterm termination of a female foetus for no other reason than that it is female. The figures show that there were 102.4 men for every 100 women in 1961, 104.1 men for every 100 women in 1981, 107.8 men for every 100 women in 2001, and 108.8 men for every 100 women in 2011. It demonstrates that there are increasingly more men than women. The introduction of affordable ultrasound technology in India in the early 1990s nearly resulted in the beginning of female foeticide.

In India, ultrasound technology advanced in 1979, but it took a while for it to catch on. but spread widely in the 2000s. More than 10 million female foetuses have reportedly been terminated since the 1990s because they were female. Female foeticide has been practised, as may be seen from history and cultural context. Male babies were once thought to be superior since they would carry on the family bloodline and perform manual labour. Sons are valued as family assets, whereas daughters are liabilities.

Daughters are treated less favourably and with less importance in Indian society than sons has been since ancient times. They did not have the same access to school, healthcare, nourishment, play, and other activities as boys do. High levels of public awareness are necessary to counteract sex-selective abortions. With its inaugural episode of “Daughters Are Precious,” the most well-known TV show hosted by Aamir Khan has done a tremendous job of bringing awareness to the general population. Through awareness campaigns, this issue’s cultural interventions must be addressed. Recent campaigns to raise awareness of girls’ rights, like as Beti Bachao Beti Padhao or the Save Girls campaign, have been launched. Female foeticide is the practise of performing an abortion on a female foetus before birth after a sex assessment test such an ultrasound scan. In India, it is forbidden to do any sex tests or even commit female foeticide.

Essay On Female Foeticide In English (400 Words)

Female foeticide is the deliberate removal of a girl infant from the womb following a sex test. To gratify the demands of older family members who prefer to have boy babies first, girl children are often slain before birth. The entire procedure was influenced by family members, particularly the husband or in-laws. Unplanned pregnancy is the main cause of abortions, but families usually arrange female foeticide. In Indian civilization, it has long been customary to kill any unwanted girls.

People mistakenly feel that males are the key to maintaining their family tree, but they fail to realise that girls, not boys, are the ones who give birth to new life in the world.

Female Foeticide Causes

Due to certain cultural conventions and socioeconomic policies, female foeticide has been a practised since old age. The causes of female foeticide in Indian society are as follows:

Because sons are the primary source of income and daughters are consumers, the preference for male children over female children is a significant contributing factor to female foeticide. There is a social misperception that boys are expected to take care of their parents while girls are expected to leave them alone.
The traditional Indian dowry system presents a significant challenge for parents, which is the primary reason they steer clear of having girls.
women have a low standing in Indian society, which is controlled by males.
Parents believe that boys will advance their names in society while ladies are solely meant to manage households.
Another significant factor in the illegal sex determination and termination of girl babies in India is the legalisation of abortion.
The growth of medical technology has fueled the flames of female foeticide.
Effective Control Measures:

Female foeticide, as we are all aware, is illegal and detrimental to the advancement of women in society. We must be aware of the causes of female foeticide in Indian society and work to address them one at a time. The main reason for female feticide or infanticide is based on sex. Legal halting is necessary to gain control of it. All Indian nationals are expected to adhere strictly to the law. And if proven guilty of carrying out this horrible crime, one should unquestionably be punished. If this is discovered to be occurring, the licence should be permanently terminated. It is important to cease marketing medical devices, especially those used for unlawful sex matches and abortion. Parents who intend to kill their infant girl should face consequences. Young couples should be made aware through regular campaigns and seminars. To enable them to pay closer attention to their rights, women should be given more influence.