Essay On Fashion In English For Student And Children

Essay On Fashion In English Something that is fashionable is current. This specifically applies to attire, cosmetics, accessories, and footgear. People today are highly particular about dressing well, and as a result, they faithfully follow fashion trends. Every so often, several styles become popular all across the world. Since India is a country with a diverse culture, several fashion trends are adopted throughout the nation.


Essay On Fashion In English

Essay On Fashion In English (100 Words)

Following liberalisation in the 1990s, the Indian fashion sector prospered. The fashion industry in India has developed over the years into a multimillion dollar industry that employs thousands of people. The fashion capitals of India are Delhi, Mumbai, and Calcutta, however many other significant towns, like Bangalore and Hyderabad, have production and rental facilities.
Fashion is anything that becomes popular with the general public. Various fashion trends are flooding the market and dominating it. Particularly in the area of clothing, there are several people who follow changing fashion trends.
Nowadays, people love to dress nicely in order to appear professional in public. People update their wardrobes in accordance with the newest fashion trend to keep up with the times.

Essay On Fashion In English (200 Words)

Women are more likely than males to follow trends in fashion, so they keep an eye out for the newest styles. In style a few years ago were long kurtis. Almost every lady, especially those who resided in cities, was spotted donning long kurtis in a variety of styles, shapes, and patterns. Short kurtis were fashionable after a few years, and ladies immediately adopted this style. While shorter kurtis were in style, anyone wearing a long one stood out as odd. People have grown quite fussy about fashion in the present because it makes them feel like they belong. It enables them to blend in and avoid standing out from the crowd.

As a result, fashion has evolved beyond a trend and is now almost a requirement for everyone.
Students now place a lot of importance on fashion. The days when parents forced their children to wear plain clothing and kept them out of the fashion world so that they could concentrate only on their studies are long gone. Nowadays, parents push their kids to wear the newest trends in order to appear polished and attractive. For their kids, they purchase brand-new clothing and accessories, and they make sure they look presentable.

Essay On Fashion In English (300 Words)

Parents are to blame for students’ fashion obsession

These days, everyone wants to appear beautiful, and that is not necessarily a negative thing. However, too much of it might be harmful, particularly for kids. Parents frequently worry about their appearance when they should be encouraging their children to study and engage in extracurricular activities to discover their interests.

In our society, everyone likes to brag about themselves. People like to brag about how wealthy, attractive, knowledgeable they are about the newest fashion trends, and technologically advanced they are. They dress their children in the finest attire not only for social occasions but also when they visit the neighbourhood mall or park. They also buy their children the newest technology.

among college students, fashion

Students have always had the option to dress however they like in colleges. Everyone likes to appear beautiful, so they search for the best accessories, purses, shoes, and clothing that are current with fashion. Boys and girls can be seen wearing gorgeous, trendy clothing. They are also spotted using the newest, fashionable mobile phones and smart watches.

College students routinely buy to update their wardrobes and showcase the newest trends as fashion trends change constantly.


Students today have become extremely picky about clothing. They enjoy making a personal style statement while displaying the most recent fashion trends.
Like no previous generation, the youth of our nation closely follows fashion trends. Young people enjoy experimenting with their appearance, in contrast to older folks. They are not hesitant to embrace change and try new things. They constantly search for new fashion trends as a result.
vogue and youth

the organisational culture

Never before have young people in our nation been as concerned with fashion as they are now. Our nation’s culture is evolving at an accelerated rate.

Essay On Fashion In English (400 Words)

In the present day, fashion has assimilated into our society. We live in a society where appearance is given more weight than most other factors. Looking at a person’s outward appearance, one might determine both his social rank and personality. To feel and look good, as well as to impress others, people keep up with the newest fashion trends.

Fashion: Keeping Up with the Culture

People today are quite judgmental, placing more value on a person’s physical appearance than on his or her mannerisms or character. Everyone enjoys the company of someone who dresses in the newest trends and styles. Such a person is a popular friend to have. He or she serves as an example for others. People mistake this physical attractiveness for knowledge and turn to them for advice as well as social interaction.

It seems as though keeping up with the latest trends is necessary to stay up with society’s speed. Others like someone who is stylishly attired in the newest trends.

Different locations; various fashion trends

There are many different cultures in India. The fashion trends of a place are significantly influenced by its culture. Short kurtis and patiala salwars are fashionable in Punjab, while the Kanchivaram saree is in trend in Tamil Nadu. Similar to how lungis are popular in Kerela, tunics, churidars, and pherans are in style in Kashmir. People follow the most recent trends, and these outfits’ cuts and patterns change with time.

Celebrity-Inspired Fashion

While there are numerous fashion trends in different parts of India, people who live in the country’s major cities tend to adopt a common pattern that is largely influenced by Bollywood celebrities.

New motion pictures and television programmes give origin to new fashion trends. In order for the performers’ characters to appear differently in every new film, new looks are given to them. New types of clothing, hairstyles, and accessories are offered and quickly catch on with the populace.

The Bollywood stars are revered as style icons by the citizens of our nation. They monitor all emerging trends and make an effort to adopt them. Numerous occasions, the T-shirts, dresses, suits, belts, shoes, and jewellery worn by celebrities quickly gain enormous popularity among the general public. Their designer clothing is available in the market and sold like hotcakes as replicas.

After a few weeks or months, these trends fade away to be replaced by fresh ones. People don’t hesitate to update their clothes when trends change.

Essay On Fashion In English (500 Words)

Every season brings a new set of fashion trends. People who dress in accordance with the most recent fashion trends are seen as up to date, while those who adhere to the previous ones are referred to as being out of date. Our personal style and fashion choices nowadays mostly reflect our personalities.

Trends in Young Girls’ Clothing

When it comes to following fashion trends, young girls top the list. They are also the ones who have a wide range of options for stylish attire, accessories, bags, shoes, and hairstyles.

Young girls used to learn about the newest fashion trends via fashion magazines, the most recent television series, and movies in the past. Finding out what’s popular has gotten lot simpler in recent years. Much while the internet makes it simple, the rise of social media has made it even simpler. To stay current with fashion trends, young females read blogs and participate in forums. In order to see the most recent photos of their favourite celebrities, they also follow them on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. They attempt to incorporate the gorgeous outfits, hairdos, and accessories of the superstars as inspiration.

Since decades, young ladies have been wearing denim jeans, and the trend is still popular now. But there are a lot of brand-new western dresses that are popular right now. Girls can be seen sporting a variety of outfits, including skirts, spaghetti tops, short dresses, ripped T-shirts, crop tops, off the shoulders tops, and many more. The market is constantly flooded with various T-shirt types and dresses in various shapes and styles that are in style.

Young Men’s Fashion Trends

These days, young men have become increasingly fashion conscious. They also strive to look as cool as their favourite celebs on social media by following them. Young boys are visiting salons more frequently than ever these days. They get their nails cut short and their hair coloured.

Additionally, they search for the newest fashion apparel and dress accordingly. Watches and shoes are very popular among young men. They maintain tabs on the most recent timepieces released by various companies and flaunt them to spice up their style. They also keep up with and embrace the most recent shoe styles. Many men dress up like particular celebs they admire.

Trends in Clothing for Middle-Aged People

The middle-aged population of the nation shares a similar level of fashion consciousness with the youth. They regularly wear the newest fashions because they detest being referred to as outdated and aged. When it comes to middle-aged men and women, there are a tonne of possibilities, and these trends are constantly evolving.

While young people’s clothing and accessories are more colourful and boisterous, middle-aged people’s clothing and accessories are more subdued and give them an exquisite appearance.


Fashion trends are constantly evolving. While dressed in the most recent trends makes us appear nice, we must first make sure that the particular style suits us before mindlessly adopting it.