Essay On Farewell Speech for Seniors In English For Student And Children

Essay On Farewell Speech for Seniors In English Below, you’ll see a selection of college seniors’ farewell speeches. When the seniors leave the college after finishing their studies, the juniors can give them a farewell speech. Depending on your needs and requirements for the speech at the farewell party, you can choose any of the provided farewell speeches for your seniors.

Essay On Farewell Speech for Seniors In English

Essay On Farewell Speech for Seniors In English

Essay On Farewell Speech for Seniors In English (Speech 1)

To the esteemed dignitaries, esteemed professors, seniors, and my beloved friends, I say good evening. Today is our seniors’ goodbye celebration, as we all know. I’d like to speak at our seniors’ departure celebration on behalf of all the juniors. I, Vijay Dutta, a fifth-semester student in the computer science branch, feel extremely fortunate and privileged to have the chance to speak at my beloved seniors’ departure ceremony today. I want to congratulate all of my seniors on a successful and pleasant career. I wish them all a successful future and am confident that it will happen soon due to their diligence and advanced technological talents. They are, after all, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi students.

The students from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, are discovered, just as gold and diamonds are unearthed from the earth, for their exceptional aptitude, goodness, and intelligence. Their mind is clear and tranquil, and wisdom comes from it. Students must possess virtue and wisdom in order to be admitted here. Our seniors have consistently advised us about this priceless aspect of our college lives since the first day of classes when we took admission and moved into the dormitory.

Our seniors enable us to adapt to the drastically different atmosphere that is college, which serves as our new home. Of course, college and the hostel become new homes for all students because we only see our families at home, but in college we have to deal with numerous challenges, a wide range of pains, etc. that teach us to live without parents and other family members. Because of our seniors, we are able to adapt and live peacefully in such an odd situation. Our seniors were the ones who gave us the impression that we were like free birds and could do whatever we wanted in life.

My freshmen party, which our seniors celebrated by planning numerous cultural events, is still fresh in my mind. They began treating us like their buddies after the freshmen party, which really assisted us in putting our families aside and focusing on our studies. We immediately go to the elders’ room if we need anything and receive what we require there. They assist us with arrangements for any event held on the college campus, in the dorms, on the playground, in the lab, and in the library.

Because of our seniors, we were only able to learn many crucial lessons during our time in college. They explained to us the importance of having positive interactions with everyone at the college for the programme. Additionally, it assists us in overcoming homesickness and adjusting to college’s completely different environment. strengthening relationships with college seniors has instilled a feeling of responsibility and

usable craftsmanship They greatly aided our project work by waking up at odd hours. Our seniors have treated us in this college like friendly guardians, being incredibly encouraging, helpful, and caring. I want to reiterate to our seniors that you all have our best wishes for a prosperous future.

Thank to everybody.

Essay On Farewell Speech for Seniors In English (Speech 2)

All the dignitaries gathered here for my seniors’ goodbye party, nice evening. We thank you all for coming today and for your kind presence. On behalf of all the juniors, I Aditya Sharma from the MCA 5th semester have been chosen to speak at this farewell celebration. While our seniors are very glad that their studies are complete and that they will be joining IT businesses to further their successful and bright careers, it is a very sad time for all of the juniors as they are being split up from their seniors. I’m incredibly appreciative of the opportunity to speak at my beloved seniors’ departure celebration.

I get the impression that the day we met our seniors was only yesterday and that the three-year term is almost over. It is now time to bid farewell to this college’s seniors. Although it is really difficult, we must say goodbye since it is our duty to send them depart in a happy manner. I feel really lucky to be giving this farewell speech in front of my wonderful seniors, who took excellent care of me for two years and served as my guardians. They are the ones who force us to learn how to survive in a strange, difficult environment so distant from our homes and loved ones.

Our elders end up serving as our finest protectors away from home. When we become ill, they provide us with everything we need, including a doctor, in our hostel room. They take good care of us, much like our older brothers do at home. It is difficult to forget them and the difficult things they did for us on the college campus and in the dorms. We keep them all dear to our hearts and miss them all terribly. Whether or not we cross paths outside of the college in the future, all of my happy and unhappy moments with you will be in my heart.

Together, we had a great time celebrating any occasion, including parties, festivals, and other events. The most valuable thing to us is our friendship, which will last forever. Nobody can predict where their life will lead them, but with dedication and hard effort, we may be able to reach our goals. I want to wish you everyone a successful job and a happy life.

Many thanks

Essay On Farewell Speech for Seniors In English (Speech 3)

Good evening to the dignitaries you honour, Principal Sir, the educators, the seniors, and my cherished colleagues. I’d like to welcome you everyone and thank you for coming out in such a large number to the farewell celebration for our seniors. I’m crying and feeling awful since it’s time to say goodbye to our seniors. Nevertheless, I’m grateful that I got to give a farewell speech here. I’d want to thank our seniors for their support of this college on behalf of the juniors.

After completing our 12th grade year, when the time comes to enrol in IT colleges far from home, most people have anxiety over a variety of issues, including how to enrol, how to live in a dorm without parents and siblings, how to study without guardian support, and many more. Perhaps the path to knowledge is paved with effort and labour, but the fruit that comes from it is incredibly pleasant. I want to let my seniors, who are leaving us today, know how I feel. Every time we were sad because we missed our parents in the hostel, our seniors would tell us that we had to leave a lot of things in order to gain something better. Someone has to lose their life, their money, and their health, they claimed. And we are doing the same thing by relocating far from our family and friends in order to succeed and have a successful profession.

Our seniors help us realise that our main objective should be to learn as much as we can so that we can fulfil our future obligations to our family, society, and country. They advised us to never give up in the face of adversity and to constantly attempt to battle and struggle in order to achieve our goals in life. I owe a lot of gratitude to all of my seniors for their guidance and assistance over the years. I wish them a successful life filled with joy.

Thank to everybody.

Essay On Farewell Speech for Seniors In English (Speech 4)

Good morning to all of the dignitaries, instructors, elderly, and valued coworkers that you honour. I’d like to extend a warm welcome to you at my seniors’ goodbye celebration. I appreciate all of you coming in such large numbers to support this festivity. My dear friends, it is a party to bid our seniors farewell. How quickly the time has arrived when we must go from them. It appears that we met yesterday and will shortly part ways. I must give a farewell address for our seniors here on behalf of all the juniors. As they are leaving us, we won’t be able to meet our seniors like we used to tomorrow. The fact that they have finished their studies and are beginning their careers, however, makes it a pleasant moment for them. We shouldn’t be so dejected when we say goodbye to them.

We spent three years in this college together and had a lot of fun during that period. When we arrived to the hostel as newcomers, it was our seniors who met all of our needs. We have stored every happy and sad memory in our minds, just like a camera that periodically triggers memories. We passed the time by reading books in the library, playing football on the college campus, dancing, or listening to music in the dorms, all of which are quite memorable activities.

I want to share with you a personal account of my experience living with elders in a hostel. I remember being quite frustrated at the hostel because I felt homesick. I seldom talked to anyone and preferred to be very quiet and worn out. One day, my senior questioned me the reason in a very nice manner, and I explained my entire situation to him. Then, he gave me a lesson in life’s moral principles and explained to me my obligations to my family, the wider community, and the nation. They offered us a lot of encouragement and support. When I find them all missing from the dorm and college, I shall really miss them all.

I want to thank everyone, but especially those of you who participated in cultural events here in celebration of our elders. I hope you enjoyed the dance, music, and other cultural events. I want to express my sincere gratitude to my seniors for all of their support, love, care, and inspiration over the years. Today is a particularly difficult day for us, yet we must say goodbye to each and every one of you. I kindly ask that you all stay in touch with us since without your invaluable counsel, we cannot do our very best. I hope you have a prosperous future and a peaceful existence.

Many thanks