Essay On Environment Protection In English For Student And Children

Essay On Environment Protection In English Our ecosystem is deteriorating for a number of reasons, including global warming, deforestation, and an increase in many types of pollution. Concerns about environmental protection have increased.

For humans and other living things to survive, the environment must be protected. To maintain healthy living, it is our responsibility to do everything in our power to protect the environment.

Environment Protection

Essay On Environment Protection In English

Essay On Environment Protection In English (100 Words)

Environmental and Pollution

The natural world itself is essential to human existence. From the smallest pin to the most intricate man-made structures, we rely on nature. The environment has benefited us in every aspect. Ayurveda, a system of medicine that dates back to ancient India and is entirely based on natural herbs, is in crisis as a result of the disappearance of many plant species. Various animal and plant species have either gone extinct or are in danger of becoming extinct because humans have unnecessarily disrupted the ecosystem.

The ozone layer, which shields our atmosphere from the sun’s UV radiation, is being eroded by the rise in hazardous substances that pollute the environment. The pollution is growing as a result of the rising demands of the growing human population.

Essay On Environment Protection In English (200 Words)

In the last few decades, people have been destroying the environment and its resources in the name of technological advancement. Unknowingly, we are further lowering it in the pretext of raising our level of living. Because of how far we’ve come, nowadays the issue is simply how to live in the present.

The ability of nature to regenerate itself after being altered by both natural and man-made forces is incredible, but it also has a saturation point that we may have already reached. We have irreparably damaged it. We have caused enough deforestation to throw off the balance of carbon dioxide needed, and we have polluted the water supplies with so many dangerous contaminants that they are unable to further purify themselves. The soil has been damaged to the point where it is no longer cultivable. There are far too many issues, and no ideal answer has yet been discovered. It is now too late because we have gone too far. We won’t have tomorrow to make amends if we don’t go to work right away. It is now more important to safeguard us from greater danger than it is to protect the environment. It’s time to make peace with nature so that we can continue to live as humans on Earth for a few more centuries.

Essay On Environment Protection In English (300 Words)

Every person on this world has a moral obligation to safeguard the environment, but doing so goes beyond physically defending the ecosystem to also shielding ourselves from serious harm. When it comes to matters affecting our survival, how much ignorance can we afford?

How to Talk About Our Environment and Advice for Environmental Protection

Following are some actions we can take to protect the environment:

Use latex paint instead of oil-based paint while painting your home to prevent the discharge of hydrocarbon fumes.
Instead of driving your own car, consider taking the bus or a bicycle. Vehicle traffic is a significant source of smog and noise pollution.
Because fertilisers wash into streams with rainwater when it rains, try to use less fertiliser or substitute organic fertilisers.
Avoid littering the waterways; instead, join forces with other organisations to regularly clean them.
Try to fully load washing machines or adjust the water level to the load when using them. Nearly 40 gallons of water are used by washing machines.

Instead of using a hose, wash cars or other vehicles with a bucket. because it consumes a lot of water for the hose to be running while you work.
Instead of watering the lawn, place a sprinkler there to help conserve water.
When not in use, close the faucet when brushing, washing, or taking a shower. Every minute that the water runs from the faucet, 5 litres of water are lost in the drain.
When not in use, try to conserve energy by turning off the lights, fans, and other electrical devices. Your bill will be significantly reduced as a result of this as well.
Replace your mercury thermometer with a digital one if you have one. Since mercury is not biodegradable, it accumulates in the food chain and poses a substantial threat to human health.
Consider using a plastic or paper bag from the store. Better still, bring your own reusable canvas bag with you when you go grocery shopping.
These little actions can significantly contribute to environmental preservation and protection.

Essay On Environment Protection In English (400 Words)

Because of environmental degradation, fewer living things have a chance of surviving on Earth. However, some individuals still have the persistent belief that since the environment is naturally deteriorating, it will also organically recover or return to normal. This idea is completely false. There is a very real potential that we won’t be able to save humanity in the future if we don’t begin safeguarding our environment right away.

Let’s think about the possibilities that may result from environmental degradation in order to seriously address this issue.

Let’s start by imagining a world without pure air. Dust and other hazardous particles, which may be solid or gaseous, are present in polluted air. There will be haze, a mixture of smoke, dust particles, and other dangerous substances. This will make it difficult to see, which will increase the risk of car accidents and, in the worst circumstances, fatalities.
The ozone layer will continue to deteriorate due to increased CO2 and CFC levels, or it may eventually go extinct. In this scenario, dangerous UV radiation will infiltrate the earth’s atmosphere and may result in diseases like skin cancer.
The pollutant carbon monoxide is also extremely deadly. If it enters the body, it combines with haemoglobin and hinders the blood’s ability to carry oxygen, which causes us to feel lightheaded. If there is an excessive level of CO consumption through the air, mortality may result.

Acid rain will happen more frequently as a result of a rise in airborne acids and other dangerous gases. Every living thing, from microscopic organisms to enormous creatures, is harmed by acid rain. Both disease and death may result from it. Through soil and water, it can cause toxic elements to infiltrate the ecosystem.
Acid rain-affected soil will lose quality over time. This kind of soil won’t have the necessary mineral content and water holding capacity, which will result in a decline in crop yield and crop quality. Humans will be immediately impacted if food yield or quality declines since they won’t have the energy to function due to a shortage of nutrition supply. This might halt the development of the entire civilisation.
Overexposure to acid rain or CO2 will have an adverse effect on marine life, which will eventually have an adverse effect on the entire ecosystem.


Even if we realise how critical it is to preserve the environment and save the planet, failing to contribute in any way to these efforts would be a grave error on our side. It is our duty to raise awareness of this issue and do everything in our power to protect the environment.

Essay On Environment Protection In English (500 Words)

A healthy environment is necessary for life to exist on Earth. There are obvious evidence that it is deteriorating. To prevent the situation from being worse than it already is, there are still no discernible adjustments in our habits. Things that are harming the environment, including working in factories or industries, driving fuel-powered cars for transportation, using air conditioners, etc., have become indispensable parts of our daily lives. There is no other option to the quantity of energy we are now consuming. The following is a sobering reality check on how, despite our complete knowledge of the need of environmental protection, we are the primary cause of environmental degradation:

Overpopulation: There are too many people on our globe in many areas. More demands and less supply result from an overpopulated world. As a result, the ecosystem becomes unbalanced and disturbed, and the habitats of animals and birds that provide protection for humans are being destroyed. Additionally, this increases the use of fossil fuels and the damaging effects they have on the environment.
Pollution: As the population grows, more garbage must be produced in order for supplies to be used at the appropriate rate. This waste quantity causes pollution of the air and water. There are currently 2.4 billion people without access to clean, potable water due to the extreme pollution. Polluting the soil, water, and other nonrenewable resources—which take millions of years to replenish—is a continual practise of humanity. Human activity is also to blame for noise, radiation, and light pollution in addition to contamination of the air, water, and soil.

The main contributor to global warming is the rise in CO2, which is brought on by an increased rate of fossil fuel use. Measurements of CO2 levels currently reach 400 ppm, shattering all previous records going back 400,000 years. And this has caused the earth’s temperature to rise, which causes the glaciers to melt and the ocean level to rise.
Non-Vegan Diet: Humans have a long digestive system, similar to that of herbivores. But the majority of people still eat meat and other animal products. One kilogramme of wheat can feed two people, yet many kilogrammes of wheat are needed to grow a hen weighing one kilogramme. Therefore, this non-vegetarian diet is quite costly to the environment.
Deforestation is necessary to make space for human-made structures like roads and dwellings. This results in the habitat of wild animals and birds being destroyed. Additionally, since there are no trees to absorb this gas, it lingers in the atmosphere and contributes to global warming.
Use of unnecessary goods in excess Without considering the effect it has on the animals, we utilise products derived from their skin, such as leather shoes, belts, and coats, for the sake of vanity. Because of this, animals suffer while we wear ornaments made from their tusks and nails.


We are aware that people are to blame for both the destruction of the environment and the extinction of humanity. It’s time to recognise the significance of preserving our environment and to take steps in that regard.