Essay On Environment In English For Student And Children

Essay On Environment In English Our environment includes everything that is around us. It encompasses items that are natural, artificial, or both. We have trees, plants, gardens, rivers, lakes, air, and more in our natural environment. Ancient people were healthier and lived longer because they were more in touch with nature. However, the environment we live in today is one that we have artificially built for ourselves. Examples include buildings, air-conditioned rooms, streets, shopping centres, vehicles that release harmful gases, dust, etc.

It wouldn’t take much effort to see that our artificial, self-made environment is a dangerous invention. In our quest to become more materialistic, we are not only breathing pollution but also seriously harming nature, which makes the situation worse. Health and longevity decline as we become further removed from our natural surroundings. In the writings that follow, we’ll go into more detail on what the environment means, why it matters, and how to safeguard it.


Essay On Environment In English

Essay On Environment In English (100 Words)

The natural surrounds that support life’s growth, nutriment, and destruction on this planet known as Earth are known as an environment. Natural environments are essential to the continued survival of life on Earth and aid in the growth and development of people, animals, and other living things. However, our environment is being harmed as a result of some negative and selfish human behaviours. The ability to preserve the environment for all time and maintain the ecological balance necessary for life to survive on this planet makes it the most crucial subject that everyone should be knowledgeable about.

Essay On Environment In English (200 Words)

Environment refers to everything that is found in the natural world, including the land, the water, the animals, the plants, the solid waste, the sunlight, the trees, and other things. A healthy environment helps to grow, nourish, and develop all of the earth’s living beings. It also preserves the balance of nature. Today’s technological advancements, however, are degrading the environment in several ways, which ultimately disturbs the equilibrium or balance of nature. We are endangering both our lives and the continuation of life on this planet in the future.

If we violate the laws of nature, we disturb the entire environment, including the atmosphere, hydrosphere, and lithosphere. In addition to the natural environment, there is also the man-made environment, which deals with things like technology, the workplace, aesthetics, transportation, housing, utilities, urbanisation, etc. The natural ecosystem is greatly impacted by the man-made environment, thus we must all work together to protect it.

The elements of the natural world are used as resources, but they are also exploited by people in order to meet their fundamental requirements and pursue their goals in life. We should cease putting so much pollution or garbage into the environment and quit challenging our natural resources. Our usage of natural resources should be mindful of their value and natural order.

Essay On Environment In English (300 Words)

Nature has provided an environment to support life on earth. The environment includes everything we need to life, including water, air, sunlight, land, plants, animals, forests, and other natural objects. The existence of healthy life on earth is made possible in large part by our surroundings. However, as a result of man-made technical growth in the present period, our environment is deteriorating day by day. Consequently, environmental degradation has emerged as our major issue right now.

Our daily lives are being badly impacted by environmental pollution on a variety of levels, including socially, physically, economically, emotionally, and cognitively. Environmental contamination causes a wide range of illnesses that people can develop throughout their lives. It is a global issue that cannot be resolved by a single person; it is not a problem of a neighbourhood or a city. It could put a stop to daily life if it is not adequately addressed. The government’s initiative for environmental safety should involve every single regular person.

To make our environment healthy and safe from contamination, we must mend our errors and selfishness toward it. Although it is difficult to comprehend, even small positive changes made by everyone could result in a significant improvement in the current climate. By producing a number of diseases and ailments, air and water pollution puts our health in jeopardy. Today, nothing can be considered healthy because the harmful effects of artificial fertilisers, which lower and weaken our body’s defences against disease-causing germs, have already contaminated the food we eat. Because of this, even when we are well and joyful, any of us could get ill at any time.

As a result, it is a significant global problem that requires constant work from everyone. To actively engage in the environment safety event, we should join the World Environment Day campaign.

Essay On Environment In English (400 Words)

The natural elements that support life on earth include things like water, air, sunlight, land, fire, forests, animals, and plants. The only planet in the cosmos that has the conditions necessary for life to exist is thought to be Earth. We cannot predict the existence of life in our world without a healthy environment, thus we should preserve it for future generations. Every person who lives anywhere on the planet is accountable for it. Everyone should step forward and join the effort to protect the environment.

To keep the balance of nature, multiple cycles occur on a regular basis between the environment and living organisms. However, if such cycles are disrupted in any way, the equilibrium of nature is also upset, which ultimately has an impact on our life. Since the beginning of time, life has been growing, developing, and thriving on earth thanks to our surroundings. Since humans are thought to be the most intelligent creature that nature has created, they have a great curiosity about the universe, which has led to technological growth.

As our environment is slowly being destroyed, such technological growth in everyone’s life puts the possibility of life on earth in peril every day. It appears that as the natural air, soil, and water become more contaminated, it will eventually become so detrimental to life. Even now, it is beginning to negatively impact the health of people, animals, plants, and other living things. The land is being ruined by artificial fertilisers made with dangerous chemicals, which are then indirectly absorbed into our bodies through the food we eat each day. Because we breathe the natural air constantly, the everyday pollution of it by harmful smokes from industrial companies has a significant negative impact on our health.

We must always watch out for these kinds of tiny harmful behaviours in our crowded, hectic, and technologically enhanced lives. It is true that everyone can make a significant difference in our diminishing environment with only a tiny amount of effort. We shouldn’t abuse the natural resources for our own selfish ends or to carry out our harmful desires. Science and technology should advance for the good of our lives, but we must always ensure that doing so won’t harm the environment in the long run. We should make sure that the ecological equilibrium won’t ever be disturbed by new technologies.